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  1. Saved Analisys Views doesn't update
  2. Database recommendations for large amounts of data
  3. Mysql subquery performance problem using <View>
  4. Embed Mondrian + Saiku in existing web application
  5. Can Aggregation designer be run using a java API?
  6. javadocs for Aggregation designer?
  7. MDX: "EXISTING" Keyword -- Need Syntax Help
  8. MDX Query problem : useing where and filter() at the same time !!
  9. XMLA response from Mondrian does not recognize CaptionColumn
  10. MDX Valid Measure Formulae not being applied ,when levels used in the filter axis
  11. Create OLAP-Cube in Pentaho
  12. Question about Saiku
  13. small(but important) RoleImpl fix...
  14. schema workbench - cannot get the list of fields
  15. Authentication error when publishing from Schema Workbench.
  16. Quick Newbie Question: Starting up Mondrian Schema Workbench
  17. Problem width XMLA when I try to obtain the cubes.
  18. Distribution Chart query
  19. Aggregation
  20. Unique Level Names in a shared Dimension
  21. Mondrian group by problem
  22. Question: Tables in Schema Workbench ( Picture included )
  23. JNDI Connection
  24. Newbie Question on Which Software to Download
  25. Calendar using saiku
  26. YTD() and QTD() how to make them work ?
  27. Newbie Question on Publishing Schema
  28. Mondrian always querying for full dimension data
  29. Suppress Empty Rows/Columns
  30. Is it Possible to define Custom Roll ups for dimensions in Mondrian
  31. How to make Q1 of a year being the value of the past year more the value of Q1 ?
  32. InlineTable destroys performance on mySQL
  33. [Mondrian XMLA] Retrieve Data Urgent
  34. Mondrian XMLA and ADOMD.NET
  35. How to get current row value in a WITH MEMBER calculation ?
  36. [XMLA] Parse XMLA
  37. 3.8 belches on my calculated measures that work in 3.5
  38. function Order() malfunction when I use 'WHERE' in MDX
  39. How can I get a set of all cousins of a given member ?
  40. Filter option in Analysis View
  41. Measure Expression With SQL?
  42. Multiple Role Issue
  43. Connecting to MS SSAS Cube
  44. User Hierarchy Security
  45. Mondrian filter is applied only for Mondrian Cached data and not in Mondrian_sql
  46. MDX date range performance
  47. Aggregate table not picked for parent child hierarchies with closure table.
  48. Aggregate table not picked for parent child hierarchy with closure table.
  49. Missing eigenbase.resgen.ShadowResourceBundle$MyPropertyResourceBundle, key Internal
  50. SQL generated by SqlTupleReader.readTuples do not include measurefilters
  51. Possibility of writing a Hibernate dialect for translating HSQL query to MDX query
  52. Can’t get Connection working in Schema workbench, also Mondrian arch questions
  53. self built mondrian has no working xmla
  54. Regression from 3.2.1 to 3.2-SNAPSHOT: Virtual file is not readable
  55. Mondrian reports migration problem
  56. specifying aggregation for calculated member in using schema workbench
  57. Multiple hierarchy issue in aggregate table
  58. Role based view
  59. SUM-OF-MIN aggregate function ?
  60. Defining NULL values
  61. Books on Pentaho Analysis
  62. Dimension Based on Expression
  63. Can't see the tables in JDBC explorer
  64. Static Text in Analysis View
  65. What happened to the preferences Option in schema workbench??
  66. Need Help on MDX: "NOT IN"
  67. Calculated moember does not work in 3.2.1
  68. Adivice on how to filter dimension
  69. Table Dim (my dimension table) is invalid trying to get simple functionality to work
  70. What does table is invalid mean? Please help!!
  71. Jpivot Config OLAP Table - Languages files
  72. working at schema workbench with Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster)
  73. Testing Roles Error
  74. Error opening custom map file -- "Missing entries in line 2"
  75. How much memory should I set for java
  76. Can't use CurrentDateMember as the parameter to YTD()
  77. When Publishing in schema workbench: a schema already exists with the specified name
  78. Data not fetched for children for parent-child relation.
  79. Inserting an SQL Expression into the nameColumn of my dimension
  80. Can anyone explain the exact steps to be followed to implement Internationalization
  81. Mondrian not generating the correct sql
  82. Virtual cube measure disappears -- Urgent
  83. Rows without lower dimension levels are not included in Analysis result set
  84. Advice on how to navigate cubes using Pentaho Community Edition
  85. Error Session ???
  86. dynamic measure name dan column
  87. Seriously, pls help! there is no tool in Community Edition to browse/navigate cubes!
  88. Mondrian - how to set more JDBC connections
  89. Is it possible to use aggregate table with parent-child hierarchy?
  90. Advise on creating a Purchase cube (not showing dimensions/hierarchies)
  91. problems with setting up non-embedded Foodmart demo
  92. MDX gets expanded dimension members listed individually when time dim. member added
  93. Basic MDX with Mondrian
  94. How to write MDX for a non additive ,Snap shot report
  95. how to get the distinct count if a column value is non zero
  96. Convert nulls to zero
  97. Grouping sets like feature for Netezza
  98. how do you add new schemas to Analysis Views? any way to navigate to the schema
  99. substract two years
  100. Adding a filter in schema workbench
  101. log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (mondrian.olap.MondrianProperties).
  102. How to apply forced filter on facts table depending on user/role?
  103. help with real schema example with hierarchy tree (using closure table)
  104. Schema workbench password error when Publishing, how to change repository password?
  105. How to represent complex aggregation
  106. when browsing cube using User console, can only see first level within each dimension
  107. Hide Value For Cell Based On Dimension Filter
  108. AggGen Error?
  109. Error While using 'Non Empty' function in MDX
  110. MDX Query can take a very long time with small data sets
  111. Using the Aggregate function for Time dimension
  112. Exception while creating new Analyzer Report
  113. How is this (database) schema supposed to work?
  114. Member name filtering of a multiple-level dimension
  115. How to null out value if a date is greater than the current date
  116. Union in MQL
  117. Using aggregate for Time dimension with interval in MDX query
  118. lost time dimension with weekly aggregate table doesn't summarize correctly
  119. Syntax error at line 16, column 9, token 'String'
  120. Generated cube with the Pentaho Agile BI
  121. XML/A Authentication
  122. color problem
  123. Mondrian problem in iframe
  124. Best way to apply filter in MDX query
  125. Depth of a parent child
  126. Update cube data on the fly
  127. Drill Through Table stopped working ...
  128. Roles in Pentaho Mondrian
  129. XML/A header content type error
  130. How's this XML/A supposed to work?
  131. Massive difference between result displayed in analyzer and excel export
  132. JPivot had an error ... Error while creating SQL connection
  133. Can we have clickable for measures
  134. Analysis report error
  135. Bug? Ordering breaks under certain 'where' clauses
  136. Format date in mycube.mondrian.xml
  137. Using semi-additive measures (account balances) in Mondrian Cube
  138. Saiku query fails sporadically
  139. Help with simple Measures and Schemas
  140. Calculated Member using value from Time Dimension
  141. Mixing percentage and absolute values in same column
  142. How to query from hierarchy other than default hierarchy
  143. Mondrian 3.3, Schema Workbench and Agg Designer stable available on SourceForge
  144. Oracle Hint
  145. Parent Child Hierarchy Doesnt work with closure tables in Virtual cube in analyzer
  146. Can't choose more than 1 value in a filter anymore?
  147. Error "mondrian.mdx.MemberExpr" when using ".Members" expression
  148. New oracle error in existing analysis reports in pentaho 4.1 GA
  149. Using date interval in MDX where part makes the processing terribly slow
  150. Achieve Internationalization without updating datasources.xml
  151. How can pentaho recognize new data (e.g. new fact record) without restart?
  152. Organizing Measures in different folders
  153. Is it possible to schedule dynamic analyzer reports(dynamic based on current date)
  154. Saiku can't see successfully published mondrain schema
  155. problem agregating values in two diferent mondrian versions
  156. how can i sort the Dimension
  157. Aggregation designer with Oracle
  158. OLAP cube ok but MDX ORA-01722 invalid no error
  159. hiding total row in a chart
  160. calculated measure containing 2 columns from the fact table
  161. JPivot gives Resultset Overflow Occured
  162. Mondrian adding Time eventhough I didn't explicitly set it?
  163. Accented characters
  164. Mondrian Role fails with aggregate table any reason?
  165. Mondrian with JPivot in German?
  166. Installation problems (Mondrian + JPivot + embedded Derby db)
  167. aggregate table ignored
  168. MDX empty values
  169. Glassfish 3.1.1 + Mondrian 3.3 XML/A
  170. Add named set to query using olap4j
  171. Add new user
  172. Consideration of sub-selection in aggregation
  173. Workaround to "HAVING" clause with "CoalesceEmpty( , )" ?
  174. HOLAP ROLAP or MOLAP: How is Mondrian in Pentaho?
  175. NullPointerException configuring a role in Pentaho - Jpivot - Mondrian
  176. Is there any construct like caption Expression similar to key and name expression
  177. How to use Mondrian to set connect with database,i'm new to dataware housing?
  178. Set context in a Virtual Cube
  179. Mondrian Server
  180. Hide Analysis according to user role. Is it possible?
  181. Omit tuples with NON EMPTY Dimension PROPERTIES for each child
  182. Aggregate tables
  183. [JPivot] More infos on "Sort options"...
  184. [JPivot] Pagination problem on drill-through table
  185. JNDI Connection
  186. Using Mondrian as XMLA provider
  187. Is it possible to deny access to a mondrian schema by default
  188. Error ORA-12505
  189. JPivot gives error while running analysis report.
  190. Mondrian Error on Include in webapp
  191. download of Pentaho Analsysis EE
  192. Using Functions with Query Class
  193. Palo Analyser with Mondrian
  194. Dimension Level value
  195. Analysis of Saiku saved after opening up blank.
  196. Error compile mondrian
  197. Deleting cubes from Saiku dropdown
  198. Mondrian Schema File Discussion
  199. Trying to find Saiku log
  200. Fact Table
  201. Schema option in Connection settings (Schema Workbench 3.3)
  202. Filtered Dimensions as Measurement
  203. Help me! install Mondrian Pentaho
  204. Help me! install Mondrian Pentaho
  205. Expire data in memcached
  206. ParallelPeriod - result discrepancy in Mondrian 3.2
  207. Materialized View
  208. Showing the value of a measure from the last time period
  209. XMLA and Mondrian 3.3
  210. MDX query
  211. Condition where
  212. Aggregate Table and Time
  213. Does Mondrian support Netherlands number format (switching , with . and . with ,)
  214. Schemas Workbench MDX Problem
  215. Sum on a filtered set
  216. Fact and Dim Tables in Analysis Report
  217. Expandable hierarchy as in JPivot: which tool to use?
  218. How filter a cube with a period?
  219. Trouble publishing the Mondrian schema with snow flake model.
  220. schema workbench: getting http error 505 and broken pipe errors
  221. Localizing Mondrian schema and saving cube view
  222. Mondrian 3.3 ampersand utilisation
  223. Invalid SQL generated with Mondrian 3.3.0 on oracle
  224. XMLA - Discovering MDSCHEMA_PROPERTIES does not return MEMBER_UNIQUE_NAME
  225. Subselect in MDX for Excel connecting to Mondrian over XMLA; MDX2005 in Mondrian?
  226. FoodMart database installation problem
  227. MDX Query Question
  228. Mondrian can not use Aggregate Table
  229. Apache Cassandra DB source for Mondrian
  230. Pentaho report design erroe
  231. Not Avaliable: Spaces
  232. Mondrian bugs? MDX returns spurious rows
  233. What does "WEB-INF directory of your webapp" mean?
  234. Is it possible to configure more than one XMLA catalog?
  235. save button in jPivot (integrate how-to?)
  236. Need to restart server for Saiku to see amended cube.
  237. wrong values when drill down
  238. Measures in schema workbench
  239. Parent/Child Dimension & Analyzer Report
  240. Schema Role Access using Role Union
  241. mondrian.olap.fun.MondrianEvaluationException: Could not find an aggregator in the cu
  242. Row limitations in Analyzer Report
  243. Amount of data analyzer report
  244. Performance problems when using NON EMPTY
  245. Mondrian and Hadoop
  246. Cache Property in Pentaho Mondrian Cube
  247. Mondrian Cube not showing in Pentaho 4.1.0 stable
  248. Mondrian and Luciddb index
  249. Removing values from counts
  250. SQL querys opening xml in Pentaho Schema Workbench