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  1. Cache Property in Pentaho Mondrian Cube
  2. Mondrian Cube not showing in Pentaho 4.1.0 stable
  3. Mondrian and Luciddb index
  4. Removing values from counts
  5. SQL querys opening xml in Pentaho Schema Workbench
  6. mondrian.properties file
  7. Schema workbench and sql server 2005
  8. Schema Workbench Exception
  9. How to disable the automatic grouping of members stpivot
  10. PAD aggregation tables outside source warehouse?
  11. Another Newbie Question
  12. shema must be set message
  13. Error "schema must be set"
  14. Connection in Schema workbench
  15. Poor performance in virtual cube
  16. publishing a schema (NEWBIE QUESTION, PLEASE HELP)
  17. mondrian connection string for sqlserver
  18. Error in JNDI connection
  19. Dimension key error
  20. Delete Schema:Cube from Report Analyzer
  21. olap4j include all children
  22. Problem with measure in schema workbench
  23. Viewing a Cube from the PUC Problem
  24. Saiku error: request body has been consumed by the servlet
  25. Schema Workbench very slow against Oracle11G
  26. olap4j can't find measures hierarchy
  27. Maximum number of users to access Pentaho User Console
  28. MDX for duration and time of day
  29. Error in where condition
  30. Please help PUC error(not sure where to go now)
  31. To modify the data connection
  32. Including provided fix of 441 in next Mondrian/Pentaho release
  33. Order issues
  34. Excel 2010 Pivot using Simba O2X and Mondrian on Tomcat - only one Measure, no filter
  35. CurrentDateMember not fetching data
  36. avoid exception page
  37. Displaying an OLAP CUBE without the Pentaho Skin
  38. Wrong Drill Through with a MDX query filtered on a period
  39. OLAP Navigator Error When Filtering
  40. Dimensions and fact tables in different Schemas/Catalogues - MS Sql Server
  41. Publish a schema in new pentaho console
  42. Publish a schema in new pentaho console
  43. Multitenancy and Aggregate Tables
  44. Save Analysis View to PDF Language problem
  45. Schema with filter
  46. Saiku analytics can be filtered by user profile?
  47. Level Properties
  48. Using Excel Slicer with Simba O2X driver to connect to Mondrian 3.2
  49. Olap navigator error when filtering(please help)
  50. Calculated members on a dimension other than Measures in Schema Workbench
  51. Filter rows from a dimension table based on the user roles
  52. CalculatedMember with ampersand in member or formula name
  53. Schema workbench 3.3.0 and SQLite problem
  54. Install Documentation Suggestions for Mondrian 3.3.0 (without Derby)
  55. calculated member that includes distinct count across two fact fields
  56. Using dimensions from one cube in another
  57. Exception while Loading MySQL from a file on Windows XP
  58. Calculated Member
  59. H2 Database & Mondrian
  60. Schema workbench error
  61. Calculated Members in Analyzer Report don't work in certain cases
  62. Olap4J difficult algorithm reading axis positions
  63. How build dimension
  64. How build dimension with 3 table need for joining
  65. Mondrian Schema Workbench - Test MDX error
  66. Not able to publish the Cube from schema workbench
  67. problems when multiple users connect trough XML/A
  68. How to Group By Dimensional Attribute?
  69. Installation issue
  70. Aggregator based on dimensions?
  71. Pentaho Analysis View VS Pentaho Analyzer - Confusion Need Help
  72. Join and Closure together with Multiple Level Hierarchy?
  73. Mdx query design doubts
  74. Mondrian 3.3 debug log - how to get info about mondrian processing time
  75. May create cube with a database without pre-defined schema
  76. Create shema
  77. Time demension not acting like a time demension in Analyzer Repot
  78. Easy Drill Down implementation
  79. Mondrian performance
  80. How can i get all Children from a level Hierarchy
  81. Data Source Model vs Mondrian Schema
  82. Dimensions Column names in jpivot.
  83. Sorting of Dimensions/Measures within an AnalyzerBusinessGroup
  84. Error while trying to select fields in jpivot.
  85. mondrian source code-installation in eclipse
  86. Advanced MDX into Mondrian Cubes
  87. ParallelPeriod function does not support leap years.
  88. Mondrian Error:Internal error: Error while executing query
  89. Upgraded Pentaho, Schemas disappeared
  90. MySQL query error in Analyzer while adding a field in the analysis
  91. Order in jpivot items.
  92. Does analyzer support SCD2parentchild without closure tables?
  93. Date dimension based on 2 date columns
  94. mondrian documentation - small fix
  95. OLAP Navigator not working
  96. Analyzer time dimension: date output format
  97. Mondrian 3.3 and Roles
  98. cube cannot see any dimensions
  99. How to null out value if a date is greater than the current date
  100. Schema Workbench behaves erratically on OSX Lion?
  101. Replace empty cells with 0 or other value
  102. Measures by Time dimensions YTD, QTD, MTD
  103. Internal segment rollup concern
  104. Pentaho EE Analyzer - Sorting integer levels
  105. Trying to read date feild into a time dimension
  106. Creating a Period Over Period Measures in my schema?
  107. Measure from a table other than the fact table
  108. Help with simple DateDiff using TimeDimension
  109. XML as datasource
  110. Mondrian ignoring dimension data which are case sensitive
  111. Best way to handle Numeric information on a dimension
  112. Time dimensions and YTD MTD WTD
  113. mdx course in europe?
  114. Non Empty with Costants
  115. How to apply date ranges in mdx without a time dimension ?
  116. How does on define a median in a schema
  117. How to write a compound primary key in Mondrian Schema
  118. Multivalued dimension working example?
  119. Fact Table Data as XML
  120. Mondrian error: Handling XML/A message
  121. MDX: how to get measure value from a Dimension at a particaular level
  122. Mondrian not applying filters at SQL level with join ( snowflake ) constructs
  123. Dimension table join with column name expression
  124. Schema Workbench Seems to execute wrong query
  125. Jpivot multiple filters removed in 3.10
  126. Table Join Question
  127. Mondrian SQL tracing [without execution]
  128. Data crunch issue on Report analyser
  129. Product Under Multiple Categories
  130. Having trouble implementing MDX MEDIAN
  131. StackOverflowError :: Recursive loop in CalculatedMember
  132. Differences between distinct-count and distinct count Schema Workbench
  133. Unable to load Hive schema from Pentaho Schema Workbench
  134. Excel / Simba / Mondrian / Jasperserver
  135. half year annotation in TimeDimension
  136. Roles in Mondrian schema
  137. Combined closure and aggregate tables doesn't work
  138. Using Schema in Dashboard Designer
  139. Slow performance on Filter function with high cardinality dimension
  140. basics question on star schema design: sum and distinct-count measures
  141. fetching data from multiple tables
  142. Mondrian XMLA SOAP requests
  143. Flushes members in the member cache -- MondrianException must contain measures
  144. Flushes CrossjoinRegion in the cell cache, but query Data isn't the latest in DB
  145. calculating a difference between 2 columns in Pentaho AnalyzerReport
  146. Working with aggregate tables
  147. Error when using cube in pentaho
  148. XMLA Servet not working on Demo
  149. Snwflake Schema
  150. simple java client cannot connect to mondrian
  151. Agg table do not match( I have used many ways to solve it but still do not work)
  152. MDX - multiple filters on different dimension with OR condition
  153. MemberGrant and non-existing members
  154. workbench is hanging when trying to connect to oracle db
  155. Mondrian 3.4.1, Schema Workbench and Agg Designer stable available on SourceForge
  156. How to create multiple connections in a Schema workbench
  157. Beginner Star Schema
  158. Mondrian Error:Internal error: Error while instantiating dialect
  159. Mondrian Error:Internal error: Error while instantiating dialect
  160. union role
  161. Fore_color
  162. Schema workbench tutorial
  163. Accessing Component from Desktop
  164. Access control on cubes with saiku plugin
  165. Access Control: Mondrian-One-To-One-UserRoleMapper
  166. Geo map not displaying any data
  167. MDX compare data from different months
  168. Automation Pentaho analysis view to excel
  169. Excel / Mondrian
  170. Passing multiple parameters betwen Analyzer reports
  171. In usage of hierarchy '[Store]' in cube 'Store', you must specify a foreign key
  172. how to model in MDX data that does not inherently have a time dimension
  173. Any way to define measure to facttable from dimenstionttable column..?
  174. sql generated for certain aggregations
  175. Row level Security Implementation :
  176. Mondrian Error:Internal error: Error while creating SQL connection
  177. Mysql timestamp in a cube multi level dimenson date and time
  178. Mondrain Cube Designer/ Mondrian Schema Workbench
  179. count the number of days using filter
  180. MongoDB JDBC for Schema Workbench
  181. Convert Seconds To hh:mm:ss format in mondrian
  182. PostgreSQL case sensitive queries
  183. Degenerate dimensions and related SQL statements/performance
  184. Roles in mondrian to restrict data
  185. SQL Syntax error on drilldown of the level of date dimension SQLCode -214
  186. Calculated measure by attribute
  187. problem starting/launching Schema Workbench
  188. semi additive measure
  189. Flushing Mondrian Dimension Cache
  190. It's taking to long to access Oracle
  191. Data Localization/Internationalization
  192. Mdx count
  193. Parametrized MDX at runtime
  194. problem with Geomap and Latitude-Longitude
  195. MDX query as parameter ${myMdx} in CDE DataSource
  196. distinct-count and null values
  197. Reports are blank when published
  198. Saiku Error: What is it saying?
  199. Period to date calculation taking long
  200. Problem with Hierarchy Grant in Schema Workbench
  201. Request about Hierarchy and Member Grants
  202. Time Out Error 300 while submiting a report in PENTAHO USER CONSOLE 4.0
  203. Get the data from the column as oppossed to nameColumn
  204. Questions on "what-if analysis"/cell-writeback
  205. Geo Map not working at a state level
  206. Patching mondrian version in pentaho ce
  207. Aggregate table not being called
  208. Debugging Aggregation Designer Error
  209. Notifications on a Cube
  210. Order with SCD type II dimensions
  211. Time dimension on both axis... Month and Year at X and Y
  212. Problem with various Mondrian Caches, Sharing, Cache Control and Security
  213. Aggregating calculated measures
  214. Mondrian Segment Loader and SQL
  215. How could I make a join between fact table and dimension
  216. How to calculate average on rows dynamically
  217. quotation mark
  218. how to use aggregate table and fact table together in jpivot
  219. Mondrian 4, XMLA
  220. Can't select my worbench schema
  221. Pentaho Performance Improvement
  222. Can We show the string value as a measure on mondrian olap
  223. Need advice on modelling dimensions based on multiple key-value pairs
  224. Issue with Mondrian Cache
  225. Group / Organize Degenerate Dimensions
  226. Scaling x-axis with date value
  227. Installing Mondrian on Windows 7 Professional 64 bits
  228. Testing XMLA?
  229. Clear Mondrian Schema Cache per Cube
  230. YANQ - Modelling issue
  231. Mondrian - Using Partitioned Tables as Fact
  232. MDX - Default Member
  233. How to do the query the result between two dates in Mondrian MDX query?
  234. Average Aggregation and where clause
  235. Mondrian is not recognizing same aggregate table defined across multiple cube
  236. Is this BI tool what I'm looking for?
  237. Calculated members formula
  238. Problem with Jboss-EAP_5.1 and Analysis EE
  239. capture logged in user name in analyzer report
  240. DOMException: WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR: A node is used in a different document than the...
  241. Support for Oracle Timesten Database.
  242. Support for Oracle Timesten Database.
  243. mondrian api for blue query(BQ)
  244. Published Schema isn't shown on Unser Console
  245. Published Schema isn't shown on User Console
  246. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
  247. java.math.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String exceptions with numeric fields
  248. Where can I get JPivot source code compatible with Mondrian 3.3?
  249. Calculated Member from column on dimension table
  250. Error trying to implement KeyExpression for Level