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  1. Mondrian Error:Failed to parse query
  2. Steps to test mondrian with hive
  3. Problem with workbench schema
  4. Pentaho Mondrian caching mechanism - how it detects data changes
  5. Mondrian vs Pentaho BI Suite
  6. How to define an indicator from a secondary table?
  7. ERROR_0004 - No connection info specified or could not establish a connection to the
  8. How to add a calculated member on a Pentaho Data Source?
  9. I can't find Create Query Tools for Business Users on Mondrian
  10. How to integrate mondrian with hive
  11. Pentaho Analyser performances
  12. No metadata schema dimensions for catalog: gzyb and cube: medi
  13. XMLA Discover unparse results error in Mondrion/xmla.jsp
  14. Open Source ODBO Connector
  15. Is it possible to add a named set to a cube/schema using Mondrian API at runtime?
  16. Is it possible to add a named set to a cube/schema at runtime?
  17. schema workbench multi join
  18. schema workbench multi join
  19. How to hide a level in the schema definition
  20. SqlMemberSource getMemberChildren
  21. design
  22. Order() method in MDX
  23. Mondrian single cell value query
  24. Mondrian + Postgres HOWTO?
  25. Memory issues using Mondrian 3.3.0
  26. pentaho report analysis
  27. Calculated Members issue
  28. OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space while drill down on dimension
  29. Virtual cube MondrianException
  30. Mondrian produces inefficient SQL
  31. How to add few dimensions from the same table?
  32. MDX-Where-Clause
  33. MDX filter not in firstchild and lastchild
  34. How to merge two rows??
  35. Mondrian examples do not work out of the box
  36. Mondrian 3.4.0 - MonetDB 5 11.11.11 - Foodmart - SUM aggregator / Decimal Column Type
  37. [PAS V.4.5 EE] Drilltrough when filters disabled
  38. MS SSAS Problem to connecto via XMLA
  39. Custom Member Reader
  40. too many sql queries generated with Mondrian 3.4.1
  41. too many sql queries with mondrian 3.4.1
  42. MDX Or statement
  43. How do I add simple attribute to a Cube ?
  44. Where can I download Cube designer
  45. MDX query - FILTER statement produces irrational results
  46. hasAll=false
  47. Schema Workbench : Table is invalid?
  48. java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown LCID 3082
  49. parition pruning issue with postgres - can mondrian save me ? :)
  50. how to set jdbc properties on Mondrian's xmla datasources.xml
  51. How to add more caption columns in Cube?
  52. Querying a dataCube with JAVA
  53. Mondrian configure MDX logging
  54. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: MondrianFoodMartLoader
  55. MDX - read DIM metadata from cube definition
  56. Schema change
  57. Schema change
  58. How to filter records in schema workbench?
  59. Creating a "range" dimension based on order count (measure)
  60. Sorting Day of Week in Analyzer
  61. Two fact tables with different granularity and some shared dimensions
  62. Two fact tables with different granularity and some shared dimensions
  63. MeasureExpression not hitting aggregate tables
  64. Querying non-SQL multidimensional store
  65. Embed Mondrian in my existing web application
  66. One cube versus many cubes?
  67. Initial Setup MDX Query Execute Failed
  68. Running sum over Hierarchy
  69. OLAP4J and DateTime Range Filtering
  70. OLAP4j Level properties
  71. How to append two columns into one column.
  72. How to customize the toolbar of Jpivot dynamically with an xaction ?
  73. Flexible Value Range
  74. Flexible Value Range
  75. Configuring XMLA on Mondrian derby embedded install
  76. Mondrian frontends
  77. Configuring Pentaho CE to use CDC for External Cache
  78. Snowflakeschema with two dimension-tables AND three level
  79. Aggregation Designer - Error connecting / validating Data Source
  80. Member Name and &
  81. Non Collapsed Snowflake Agg joins on wrong column
  82. want to call MDX from a Java program
  83. Mondrian MDX to SQL query conversion taking time with multiple value filters
  84. Data fetching in Mondrian engine
  85. SqlTupleReader.readTuples Slow
  86. invalid schema name - importing cube into user-console
  87. Dynamic Mondrian Schema Member grant in Roles
  88. OLAP cube gets published successfully but no seen in the server repository
  89. Mondrian cube error
  90. Drillthrough Not Working
  91. OLAP working too slow.
  92. Mondrian Glassfish
  93. Mondrian as XMLA provider
  94. Mondrian with Excel
  95. Data in filter not sorted!
  96. MDX Query Error (Schema Workbench)
  97. How to create Count measure that uses COUNT(*) instead of COUNT(field_name)?
  98. Mondrian 3.5.0, Schema Workbench and Agg Designer stable available on SourceForge
  99. Utility Aggregation Designer
  100. Mondrian 3.2.1 performance tuning
  101. Pentaho Business Analyser(4.5) Generate Mxd throws errors
  102. DrillThrough and SegmentCache SPI
  103. Schema Workbench problem Oracle Database
  104. Is there a way to Clone Mondrian cache ??? Very urgent
  105. Mondrian with Hibernate
  106. Publish Error: null (Schema Workbench)
  107. MDX Query: DrilldownLevel
  108. Issue with JPivot?
  109. Git Pre-commit hook to verify classes with checkFile
  110. Use dimensional attribute in OLAP calculation to analyze run-off triangles
  111. Comparison of Planned and Actual Data - Different Fact Tables
  112. using mondrian for BITWISE operations (on bitmask columns)
  113. Fill up Mondrian Cache by xaction
  114. about display chinese in mondrian
  115. How to schedule the report and send via email without public scheduler ?
  116. Strange behaviour and security issue with mondrian roles and pentaho ACLs
  117. the changed schema file have no effect!
  118. Flushing one cube form schema
  119. schema publish error null
  120. xmla of version 3.5.0 not working
  121. Calculated measure not online
  122. org.postgresql.util.psqlexception error subquery in from must have an alias
  123. Building aggregate tables on a star schema - design Qn
  124. How to skip DB scan for implicit aggregation tables
  125. Can not set up mondrian
  126. How to Optimize mondrian when running mdx with multiple members(more than 20 )
  127. verifyError with the MondrianFoodMartLoader
  128. help with aggregate tables or optimizing a fact table
  129. DTD issue with 3.3.0/3.4.1/3.5.0
  130. Mondrian XMLA, JPivot and number format locale
  131. Can not connect oracle 11g.
  132. JPivot error
  133. [MONDRIAN] SCHEMA WORKBENCH - confused.
  134. grave accent character surround names in mondrian xml
  135. Can't run the FoodMart demo , with NoSuchFieldError: HSQLDB
  136. Can't run demo with Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: HSQLDB
  137. Dimension Usage or Dimension question
  138. mondrian error: syntax error at line 1 column 1 token ' '
  139. mondrian error: syntax error at line 1 column 1 token ' '
  140. MDX query for newbie
  141. Date Dimension, Range query - problem with week numbers
  142. mondrian+hive+hbase
  143. Mondrian queries are waiting forever after certain threshold ( version 3.4.1)
  144. MDX running slower in 3.4.1 than in 3.2.1
  145. Cache Invalidation not working as expected
  146. Is 150 single atribute dimensions too much for Aggregation Designer?
  147. Named Set does not show up in Saiku
  148. How long does Mondrian keep the cache in memory
  149. How can i have current date ?
  150. Firebird + BI Server
  151. SQL Query for Measure Expression
  152. Error Script cache.html:9280
  153. Help Needed To Resolve Mondrain Internal Error
  154. To Load FoodMart - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  155. Limit on result size of SQL queries
  156. Result limit on SQL statements
  157. Suggestion on finding totals and averages against non additive measures
  158. Mdx: aggregate over lover level
  159. Establishing security in a cube filtering a database table
  160. Median Query in MDX
  161. Problem with calculated member on querys
  162. Avoid "mdx object not found in cube" without enabling ignoreInvalidMembersDuringQuery
  163. Avoid "mdx object not found in cube" without enabling ignoreInvalidMembersDuringQuery
  164. parent child hierarchies error
  165. how to display zeroes instead of nulls in MDX
  166. Dimensional Modelling
  167. Mondrian 3.4 is not displaying charts
  168. xmla error with pentaho 4.8
  169. Dealing with slicers, why it gives timeout
  170. install mondrian
  171. dojo-analyzer: how to set reverse to default?
  172. Time dimension response delay with Mondrian 3.5 as compared to 3.3
  173. Cache invalidation for MondrianXmlaServlet
  174. Mondrian and agregate tables Missing documentation
  175. mondrian does not use aggregate tables
  176. Problem with FILTER in a MDX query
  177. MDX: group by with LastPeriods group by, Mondrian Schema: levelType hours
  178. MDX Query: Saving sate of .CurrentMember before executing Filter()
  179. MDX: group by with LastPeriods group by, Mondrian Schema: levelType hours
  180. Advanced settings mondrian aggregate tables
  181. ordinalColumn ignored
  182. Mondrian What-if analysis ?
  183. mondrian What-if analysis
  184. Strange SQL with dimension with multiple hierarchies
  185. Strange SQL with dimension with multiple hierarchies
  186. Possible bug in Order() (Mondrian 3.5)
  187. Report analize , schema Workbreanch
  188. formatting a date in a level
  189. Pentaho getting killed
  190. ordinalColumn ignored
  191. Mondrian Error:MDX object '[Status].[NotOK]' not found in cube 'Handovers'
  192. Schema question (hierarchy)
  193. Drill through query, additional columns
  194. Why does Mondrian create SQL with double quotes sometimes but not other times
  195. how would i write this in mondrian mdx?
  196. Performance of MDX
  197. How to define Measures with multiple levels?
  198. How to define Measures with multiple levels?
  199. How to define Measures with multiple levels? (Cont)
  200. Performance of MDX
  201. Geometry data type in mondrian...
  202. geomondrian vs mondrian
  203. Muiltiple values in Dimension
  204. Problem with view data (time dimension)
  205. Problem with view data (time dimension)
  206. About NativizeSet, Is this a bug?
  207. About NativizeSet, Is this a bug?
  208. days from last transaction datediff
  209. Dynamically refresh cubes
  210. I want to show Grand Total as a column in Analyzer Report
  211. Pentaho 4.8 Report Analyzer does not work in IE9
  212. Order dimension don't work over mondrian
  213. use MDX to calculate stdev
  214. How to get Level from a Multi arity from a Set ?
  215. How to get Level from a Multi arity from a Set ?
  216. Calculated Measure spanning over multiple Dimensions
  217. How to use environment variable in metadata business model
  218. Schema Workbench, foreign key attribute's value don't shows column name
  219. Schema Workbench, foreign key attribute's value don't shows column name
  220. Snwoflake schema with multiple levels
  221. Is it possible to hide a column you want to sort by in Analyzer?
  222. Avoiding Fact Count Column
  223. Cumulative Distribution calculation
  224. Connecting Schema Workbench with HSQLDB
  225. Can I use the SQL Queries in Petaho Mondrian OLAP server ?
  226. drill through possibiities of mondrian+saiku with hierarchies dimensions
  227. Mondrian XMLA
  228. Cube in Report Analyzer
  229. Performance issue with oracle
  230. Mondrian performance problem - Loading segments of result set
  231. Views in Schema Workbench.
  232. Columns in Report Analyzer
  233. Filter for Date or Time in Pentaho Analyser
  234. put a default value to measure?
  235. Export to PDF in Pentaho Analyzer
  236. Problem with accents on the mondrian schema
  237. Roles and dependent dimensions
  238. Using <SQl> inside
  239. publish error http 500
  240. tenant aware datasource and XMLA
  241. Life cycle of Pentaho Analysis services
  242. How many cubes can I fit in a virtual cube?
  243. XML for Analysis tester: can't connect to the database
  244. Pentaho schema workbench cube error message after being published
  245. TimeDimension defined Year-Month crashes when "Current" or "Previous" etc. are used
  246. Too slow MDX queries
  247. How to do report with same month and different years?
  248. Why is Mondrian pre-aggegating before calculating Average?
  249. Handling Boolean Type in Calculated measures
  250. How to combine / join Cube Facts