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  1. MDX Query without measure
  2. Custom MDX connection to dynamically change roles
  3. Query regarding: Mondrain interaction via MS ADOMD Provider - XML/A
  4. Query regarding: Mondrain interaction via MS ADOMD Provider - XML/A
  5. Query regarding: Mondrain interaction via MS ADOMD Provider - XML/A Service
  6. Openi Plugin for Pentaho not working with mondrian roles
  7. Cell Formatter issue
  8. Where to publish a star schema
  9. Mondrian - Redshift
  10. Drilling across
  11. How to disable Mondrian automatically find aggregate table
  12. Snowflake Dimension Referencing Same Table in Mondrian 4
  13. Sum of measures for calculated members
  14. Read Mondrian Cache Issue
  15. Aggregate doesn't use the best table when use with <SQL> inside <Table>
  16. Left join in virtual cubes
  17. Problem with shared dimension names in virtual cubes
  18. Disjunction function in Pentaho Analyzer
  19. Cube publishing in pentaho server
  20. Several questions about Pentaho Mondrian
  21. Mondrian 4.0.0 pom has dependencies for jsp-api and servlet-api and should not
  22. When will Mondrian 4 be released?
  23. Operate over range date - Guidance
  24. In My situation how to design the schema.xml
  25. Creating Datasource / Cube with PSW or PUC
  26. Error in opening Schema workbench
  27. Mondrian Error:WHERE clause expression returned set with more than one element.
  28. Hierarchies in Schema Workbench
  29. Dbout about calculated members. Counting the number of facts that match a condition
  30. Dynamic Schema
  31. MDX Query execution on Mondrian 3.5 version with Microsoft ADOMD Client reference
  32. How to replace xml file with a variable in Data Model in pentaho analysis viewer ?
  33. FoodMartCreateData.sql not found in mondrian-3.5.0
  34. How to map this schema
  35. How to manage User Security in Pentaho Community Edition ?
  36. How to solve if dimension table has composite key.
  37. How to generate SQL statement with ANSI Join Clause
  38. Mondrian.war deployed in EAP6/AS7 - CLASS PATH ISSUES
  39. Embed report into webapplication(java based)
  40. Where condition for Measure in MDX Query
  41. Mondrian Query
  42. Left outer Join in Mondrian Schema?
  43. Time dimension column type Date in oracle
  44. Problem with Mondrian XMLA
  45. Need to develop a client java app that can connect to Mondrian server
  46. MDX Set as a single Component
  47. Using Dates
  48. Is a pure javascript olap cube pivot UI component possible?
  49. Array Index Out of bound Exception
  50. Proof of concept with large mondrian cube
  51. how to get Median of dimension AGE by MDX Query
  52. How to get Hive schema from Mondrian (Schema workbench)
  53. MDX Query to return all values if parameter is not set
  54. Inline tables
  55. How could I let one schema file include other schema?
  56. Hire Pentaho Consultant / Hire Pentaho Developer
  57. Mondrian Roles Security does not work
  58. Generating XMI Files
  59. Schema Workbench: why is the CI latest appearing as v3.1.5?
  60. How to model - Snowflake Dimension with multiple columns and its join with Cube
  61. PAD "eats" degenerate dimension!
  62. Show only one Date
  63. MDX: How to sum Measures taking into account a weighted factor on a bridge table
  64. Why does a calculated member not belong to the level I define it?
  65. Password encryption in a Mondrian XMLA connection
  66. How to handle multiple currency measures with mondrian and analyzer
  67. Implementi Slow Changing Dimension in Cube
  68. Cache manager - schedule query
  69. Correct forum for help with extending Mondrian
  70. Select two preivuous years and next year from given date
  71. Localization/Internationalization
  72. Chart problem
  73. Visualize Named Set on Saiku
  74. Create Expression on a Dimension
  75. Mondrian failed to support subselects with arbitrary shapes
  76. How to invoke IRR function in Modrian MDX?
  77. Help on MDX query
  78. flush API not working as expected
  79. How to return caption in DRILLTHROUGH?
  80. I can't create model files
  81. Mondrain Performance
  82. Query with Different hierarchies of the same dimension
  83. How does olap engine work for SQL queries???
  84. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.scannotation.AnnotationDB
  85. How does Pentaho Aggregate Designer Works
  86. Schema - Restricting access permission is not working.
  87. mondrian aggregate the last value
  88. Add Aggregate Fact Count' is greyed out in Schema Workbench
  89. Global/Config variables in Analytics drill url
  90. Long MDX Query question
  91. ­Only 8 values IN Clause in generated SQL
  92. Interval Measures
  93. mondrian.rolap.RolapConnection cannot be cast to org.olap4j.OlapWrapper
  94. Using measures in different axis / row calculations
  95. handling many to many relations in mondrian
  96. Dimension based on range
  97. Schema Work bench throwing error while publishing the schema
  98. schema workbench, problem to assign roles to virtual cube
  99. Measure, Dimension names not displaying Polish characters
  100. Problem in launching Pentaho Schema workbench
  101. Drill through option in dashboard
  102. Count facts between two values
  103. Combining data across two cubes
  104. SAP Infocube to Pentaho cube conversion
  105. This page cannot be accessed directly. It must be linked to from other pages
  106. Role Union?
  107. rollupPolicy in Schema Workbanch
  108. Where to find mondrian 3.6
  109. Three level hierarchy in Schema Workbench
  110. Schema workbench issues
  111. Configure XMLA for Mondrian server
  112. problem with JPivot "clickable" tag
  113. fact table saldos does not exist in database
  114. workbench instalation
  115. Mondrian connect to database but can not show tables
  116. unable to execute sql statements
  117. Virtual cube with all cube dimensions
  118. can we Add dynamic Measures to the existing schema
  119. Not able to flush mondrian cache
  120. cube error
  121. Percentages :Cube design Formula to get Count with group by
  122. Passing date range to mondrian.spi.UserDefinedFunction implementations
  123. Schema Workbench and JNDI connection
  124. Does Mondrian use the same DB for aggregate data and fact tables?
  125. one to many relation issue in cubea
  126. Mondrian error
  127. strange sideeffect (bug?) on calculation if hasAll is false
  128. Wrong measure calculation
  129. XMLA Discover unparse results error fault actor=Mondrian
  130. Star and Snow Flake Schema
  131. publish pentaho schema by command line
  132. Create an UDF in Pentaho Workbench Schema
  133. connection refuse conect
  134. Cache Control -- Flushiing Dimension Cache
  135. Connecting schema workbench with mongodb
  136. Mondrian 3.5 + MS Excel 2010 + Simbao2x
  137. Average of Last 90 days data, but for each hour samples in a day
  138. Analysis socket write error after some downtime
  139. Count distincts and agg tables
  140. getting a "No Table found for fact name" message
  141. Problem with properties of cube hierarchy level
  142. Time Stamp Degenarting
  143. how to make fact-table PK as a dimenstion.
  144. Probably wrong log4j version in Mondrian 3.5.10 build
  145. Configure formatString of a measure for German number format
  146. Virtual cube Info
  147. PostgreSQL 9.3 materialized views as aggregates
  148. ADOMD Client. Error 404
  149. Virtual cube Error
  150. "ant workbench" failed
  151. [Schema Workbench] how to set a connection's role?
  152. Setting Roles
  153. Mondrian usage from java
  154. InfiniDB connection on port distinct to 3306
  155. Customize GeoMap
  156. How get org.olap4j.metadata.Cube from Mondrian OlapConnection
  157. Subtotals and Grand totals with Mondrian
  158. CUBE file loading problem in PSW
  159. complex calculated member whit mondrian like median
  160. [Schema Workbench] don't start
  161. good star schema and measures calculations
  162. Problem in Mondrian Roles Implementation
  163. Reports with error
  164. Control of data presentation
  165. Mondrian + Postgresql Internal error: while building member cache;
  166. [Schema Workbench] Null Error when Publish
  167. [JPivot] Prblem to view data
  168. Schema workbench jdbc db2 driver does not list database views or mqts
  169. Getting different/wrong results in version 3.5 while correct results in 3.4
  170. Data security over the role base access
  171. How Mondrian XML/A provide multiple datasources in mondrian 3.3 or higher version
  172. mdx query in Analysis View
  173. mondrian error
  174. Mapping version field of kettle with the Dimension lookup / update step
  175. problem with saiku reporting
  176. Dynamic schema processor
  177. how to use Modified Java Script ?
  178. Mondrian schema xml namespace and url
  179. find difference between start and stop time using Modified Java Script Value
  180. find difference between start and stop time using Modified Java Script Value
  181. Difference of using Saiku with Pentaho and as a standalone
  182. How to Integrate Microsoft SSAS cube in pentaho BI Server 5.0 (analyses report)
  183. convert xaction (mdx) to xanalyzer
  184. Saiku Cubes show in pentaho user console
  185. How to get last x days data in the Analyzer report with or without parameter ?
  186. Time , date Dimension
  187. How to design cube with snowflake modeling using schema workbench
  188. Group Measurement to Dimension in Mondrian
  189. Measures dimension
  190. Support for CellSetListener?
  191. Easiest way to design MDX query.
  192. Implement Role for XMLA
  193. formatting Dates
  194. Formatting in Drill Through
  195. Update cell value into database and cube cache
  196. MDX: Different levels of Dimension in different axes
  197. mondrian cube connection to no sql databases
  198. setup foodmart with h2 database : mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Nam
  199. Join of joins
  200. Date/month not working for Saiku analysis when filtered by year
  201. MDX. Get data between two dates
  202. Report error on first click, on the second click, the report is displayed
  203. Swap measures from columns to rows
  204. Is Mondrian the tool I'm looking for?
  205. shared dimension between three cube and different level
  206. lot of readTuples query for single mdx query
  207. Aggregatting tables -> who succeed??
  208. Compile a dynamic Schema Processor
  209. How can we optimize MDX and mondrian performance
  210. Ad hoc reports
  211. saiku + mondrian using star schema, boolean column showing all results, not unique
  212. Silly question - what happens when i upload a new schema?
  213. Saiku showing empty result, Even If query is returning some rows
  214. 1:many relationship
  215. Attributes independent of any hierarchy in Schema Workbench
  216. mondrian empty result
  217. Dimension Group for all Dimension..
  218. Download Report in ppt
  219. BI 5.0.1 Restrict OLAP Schemas Per User
  220. views with postgresql is not working
  221. How can I hide one dimension or level to a particular user ?
  222. day is 0400 to 0400 of next day in cubes
  223. wired error while launching analyzer report - Pentaho & Impala
  224. Dynamic Role Modification: can't compile
  225. Calculation of Average in a MDX query
  226. Locale dependent numeric format
  227. Dynamic Role Modification: how to do it in Saiku?
  228. Error in pentaho.log: Invalid connection properties
  229. Multiple databases on the same connection?
  230. How to set aggregation type of measure in mdx ?
  231. Filter non aggregate values by condition
  232. boolean value displayed as Yes No
  233. Could not get the slicer value null
  234. xmla cache issue
  235. Dynamic Schema Processor
  236. Dynamic MDX for querying all the levels of Hierarchy
  237. Can't save analysis view as a new view from shared users
  238. Pentaho Schema Workbench 3.6.1 not getting tables from Impala/Hive
  239. Mondrian 2.4.2: AggTable/AggMeasure vs CalculatedMember
  240. Mondrian 4 release date?
  241. Problem while creating MDX query
  242. YAMFork (Yet Another Mondrian 4 Question)
  243. Views instead of Tables
  244. Release notes for 3.6
  245. Creating buckets by comparing Dimension member against Measure using MDX
  246. Error in pentaho.log: Invalid connection properties
  247. How to get a Cube name in getAccess(Dimension | Hierarchy) methods of the Role class
  248. Integrate Mondrian with Excel using MS OLEDB driverMondrian changes to
  249. M4.0 Generating MondrianResource.MondrianProperties in Eclipse?
  250. Books or Material