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  1. Using Cubes
  2. Pentaho 5.0 & clear_mondrian_schema_cache.xaction
  3. Data modelling for semi-additive measures
  4. [Mondrian] Multi-grain fact scenario
  5. Help MDX Query - CurrentMember fo Range Date
  6. pentaho 5.0.2 -Geo Map
  7. How to calculate 'Days unitl Expiry' (as Measure) in Mondrian Schema
  8. M4.0 Connect XMLA server to Mondrian engine via olap4j
  9. Mondrian stops returning data
  10. I got a bug,Forum admin please pay attention
  11. Mondrian database error after usage lull.
  12. is there any current or planned support for Redshift using Mondrian?
  13. MDX Query Help - Or cube concept?
  14. Upgrade to mondrian 3.6.1 inside BI-Server 4.1
  15. Trying to build Mondrian 4.0 (Lagunitas?), getting compile error: cannot find symbol
  16. What is valid Mondrian Parameter syntax with a NUMERIC parameter?
  17. Exceptions while connecting to mondrian
  18. Exceptions while connecting to mondrian
  19. Saiku Analytics Drill Through on Cell Return Empty Result
  20. Dynamic Schema Processing
  21. Mondrian Error:The number of concurrent MDX statements that can be processed simultan
  22. DSP In pentaho 5.0.2
  23. Problems with Cross-Join
  24. [Mondrian] <Attribute> vs <Level>?
  25. How to join two Stars
  26. Mondrian & Jpivot: doubts
  27. Poor performance with query based on modrian cube
  28. Where to specify the cache size of Mondrian
  29. How to dynamically restrict the dataset in a cube based on a parameter
  30. Best approach to maximize performance on semi additive measure
  31. Error generated by New JPivot View
  32. MDX Documentation
  33. Problems with Schema for Time-Dimension
  34. Virtual Cube Error in Saiku Anaytics
  35. Drill Down on sum(id) data in cross tab
  36. Mondrian 4 Query with (Calculated)ColumnDef, possible?
  37. Mondrian 4 MemberFormatter, how to set it in the mapping?
  38. Mondrian 4: Closure table how to map?
  39. MDX Formula
  40. How to compile DynamicSchemaProcessor java
  41. clear Schema cache
  42. Using LinRegSlope() function
  43. Query with Just Attribute and no measure fails
  44. Schema grant issue
  45. Vertica query translation error
  46. Mondrian and Pentaho CE 5.0
  47. Mondrian Error:More than one function matches signature
  48. Mondrian query execution time (Saiku stuff?)
  49. Order function does not work with calculated members
  50. Schema Workbench freeze after establishing a connection in db
  51. Help Instaview
  52. Issue with LastNonEmpty
  53. Enable Filter Between Values
  54. Aggregate CopyLink in Mondrian4 doesn't work
  55. Mondrian error while instantiating dialect with simple schema
  56. Mondrian 4 : Measures accross multiple table facts with different granularities
  57. Manually editing Mondrian schema in Pentaho CE 5.0
  58. IndexOutOfBoundsException when using a parent-child hierarchy
  59. how to rename/refractor pentaho project
  60. Which is better option for ordering on attribute column .Value or .Name?
  61. [LocalizingDynamicSchemaProcessor] why Mondrian Locale is not updating?
  62. Schema Roles
  63. Mondrian FoodMart example issues
  64. Intermediate Fact with mondrian
  65. Use created cube in MSSQL
  66. excel can access mondrian cube
  67. #ERR: mondrian.olap.fun.MondrianEvaluationException: Expected value of type NUMERIC;
  68. Creating semi-additive measure on parent-child hierarchy
  69. Mondrian frontend web client—Smartbi Analysis
  70. Pentaho reports are very slow using MDX
  71. Duplicated records on the filters
  72. How to consume a named set into report
  73. Unable to create log directory
  74. Mondrian Installation
  75. MDX change aggregation type of measure
  76. How to connect to Mongodb using schema work bench
  77. VirtualCube in Database JOIN
  78. Pentaho 5 CE and XMLA
  79. MSSQL Date Error: org.olap4j.OlapException: Unable to find a member with name Date
  80. Mondrian Installation doc - out dated?
  81. Can not connect Pivot4j with any Database Table type data source
  82. [Saiku] measuresCaption not working
  83. Analysis Report Filtering
  84. Calculated Measure - Display "NA"
  85. Install Error: Could not find or load main class test.loader.MondrianFoodMartLoader
  86. Calculate members in mdx
  87. Issue with publish schema workbench
  88. Update mondrian cube frequently
  89. What is the solution for a many-to-many dimension in the schema
  90. Data Source Manager - How to change Date format ?
  91. Data access restrictions issue (Mondrian)
  92. Schema Workbench: MySQL no schemas available
  93. Unable to publish Schema to BI Server with SSO CAS enabled
  94. Mondrian 3.6 Issue with drill member
  95. Question about including a boolean variable in a MDX query/schema design
  96. Filter Date in MDX Query - PRD
  97. Custom Aggregator
  98. Creating Columns Even If No Data?
  99. Mondrian on Impala
  100. MDX Date Filter
  101. Analyzer Report prompt value after refresh
  102. Need help in converting this Business logic into MDX
  103. Attribute Level at the schema xml
  104. Saiku 3.0 unable to cancel running query
  105. Histograms
  106. Dimension with non hierarchic Levels/Members
  107. Pivot4J create new expression using two measures
  108. Dimension/ Measure as Customer Age or Customer Age Group
  109. Calculated Member by partly shared Dimension
  110. Time dimension and SQL Server
  111. Concurrent similar queries - Different result
  112. create measure off dimension table
  113. LEVEL_NUMBER in Mdx QUery
  114. Mondrian appears to connect to jdbc every second
  115. Row size or Row count
  116. Aggregation Designer working with HIVE / IMPALA
  117. Dynamic filter on date dimension
  118. MondrianOlap4jMember.isChildOrEqualTo throws exception
  119. running cmdrunner with a different schema
  120. Mondrian Error while interaction dash boards
  121. Pentaho Community Edition - Solution/Help required
  122. How to add more than two attributes in rows in Pivot4j
  123. Aggregating column in multiple different ways in same report
  124. Calculated members issue when Slicer dimension is used
  125. subcubes implementation
  126. Mondrian schema xml. Cube from sql query
  127. Database connection : filter more than 1 oracle schema tables
  128. OLTP tables VS RDBMS tables - Designing OLAP cubes - Peformance factors
  129. Partitioned Fact Tables - Infobright
  130. limitation in using attributes in Pivot4j
  131. Mondrian schema deployment to bi-server 5 ce
  132. Clear cache with Pentaho 5
  133. List of problems while using Pivot4j in Pentaho BI Tools
  134. Setting up Mondrian for BI Server and MySQL
  135. How to add an "Attribute" using Schema Workbench?
  136. PyMondrian: Python schema generator
  137. Schema fails to load in Pentaho BI Server 5: "Publish to Server General Error ..."
  138. Creating a Database Table Data Source (Reporting and Analysis)
  139. [Tutorial] Getting Started With Pentaho BI Server 5, Mondrian and Saiku
  140. How to use Dimensions in if else statement in calculated measure
  141. Creating tables and OLAP
  142. Performance issue with calculated Members
  143. Join Tables - Dimension Table
  144. Analytics on Cassandra
  145. Aggregation tables - custom totals for hierarchies
  146. Cannot save saiku report with filters on query
  147. Formatting numbers in JPivot with condition
  148. Schema Workbench Cube Measures
  149. SSL Mondrian connection to mysql database
  150. Join closure level with another level
  151. Time , date Dimension---aggregate values very slow response
  152. problem with calculated member/measures and hierarchy level
  153. YTD, PeriodsToDate functions ignoring NON EMPTY operator
  154. Mondrian and aggregate tables with Impala
  155. Pentaho_ce_5.0_Saiku Analytics_Cube
  156. Need measure on Standard deviation
  157. MDX query to get the number of users that done some action
  158. How to have Dimension Usage on Composite keys
  159. Excel button on JPivot is not working
  160. Schema Workbench - Saiku - UTF8 problem
  161. I want to perform the sum on a dimension containing a hierarchy pareny child
  162. how to convert seconds to Time in format hh:mm:ss using MDX
  163. "Tree" hierarchy
  164. Differentiate Measures based on constant value in other column
  165. how to convert seconds to Time in format hh:mm:ss
  166. How to work with Pentaho Analyzer
  167. Mondrian seems to ignore FORMAT_STRING on time dimension calculated members
  168. Measures based on Dimension Column
  169. Can a entry in a fact table point to two entries in the same dimension ?
  170. Custom functions in mdx
  171. Axis function replacement
  172. validate xml schema generated manually
  173. Ho to customize a role in mondrian Olap cube
  174. MDX expression for aggregation by SUM of one level above lowest?
  175. Calculated Member on non Measure dimension
  176. [Tutorial] Mondrian Schema for OLAP Cube Definition ft. Google Analytics and Saiku
  177. Date key and time key behaviour strange with measure max value
  178. Date Dimension with One Table
  179. Members consolidation
  180. MONDRIAN-884 - Missing XMLA fields
  181. Repeted values on filter (On Analyzer)
  182. How to get cube name from a Member object?
  183. Getting error while trying to establish connection pooling for olap
  184. Implementing a snowflake model in schema workbench.
  185. Sorting in OLAP Navigator (reverse Order on Date Dimension ?).
  186. sorting with the dimension name
  187. Calculate difference between column values
  188. Filter on a range (not just date ranges) using pure olap4j api calls
  189. Jpivot/ Analysis View over HTTPS
  190. Filter using labels from table A, get the value from the stored field in fact table
  191. ClosingPeriod with refresh olap selector
  192. Custom Roles
  193. Avoiding querying a full dimension when using snowflake schemata and aggregate tables
  194. SQL Dialect = Postgres
  195. Aggregate tables and dimensions with multiple hierarchies
  196. CmdRunner - AggGen
  197. Data Design Question: How to compare Measures to KPI's at different granularity
  198. Mondrian Community Edition
  199. CmdRunner - Error while submitting MDX query
  200. Calculate measure, filter non aggregate values
  201. CmdRunner - Schema version not supported by Mondrian version
  202. Jpivot integration PHP
  203. Pentaho Initialization Exception
  204. Compilation problem on TestContext on master branch
  205. Dimension Dim_date has a foreign key only valid in Private and dimension usage
  206. Mondrian Error: MDX OBJECT Measures.ltv_subtotal doesn't exist
  207. Schema Workbench - Issues connecting to an Oracle 12c
  208. Calculated measure based data range value records
  209. NullPointerException
  210. Un able to publish file
  211. Mondrian 4
  212. Aggregation Designer + Pentaho Big Data Plugin + Impala
  213. Mondrian - Delay between query and rendered output
  214. Question about MDX Developer tool
  215. Mondrian Error:Hierarchy appears in more than one inde
  216. mondrian roles management
  217. Specifying a Mondrian database dialect via Pentaho CE?
  218. jfree report help
  219. Exclude a measure from a level in a hierarchy
  220. I can't get Aggregate function works
  221. NPE when using Tuple.Item(0) function
  222. How to represent variants of product in a cube
  223. mondrian caching api: problem when flushing cache segments
  224. Unable to publish cube on splice server using schema-workbench
  225. Having trouble setting up XMLA
  226. Mondrian and Columnar DB - Suggestion adn advice
  227. calculated measure using previous member of selected dimension
  228. Creating Mondrian cube
  229. Mondrian 3.7 consumes a lot more memory than 3.3
  230. Calculated Member problem
  231. Filter data by session variables
  232. Report/cube dependency
  233. Error with decimal Number on a level property
  234. Schema Workbench: when Publish I receive this error: 401 Unauthorized
  235. PSW Role does not bring back data
  236. Mondrian XMLA Query Cancelling initiative
  237. Mondrian Cube on latest live data.
  238. join table on two columns (how to use key expression?)
  239. How to set external segment cache with stand alone Mondrian
  240. Published Analysis keeps changing
  241. Writeback for What If Analysis
  242. Measure with expression and Aggregate table
  243. XMLA Discover unparse results error + The Mondrian XML: java.lang.NullPointerExceptio
  244. XMLA Discover unparse results error + The Mondrian XML: java.lang.NullPointerExceptio
  245. ADOMDClient Error while retrieving Cube.Dimensions
  246. Workbench not working after Ubuntu updates
  247. Preparing a course on Pentaho and Mondrian - Questions about versions and related doc
  248. Preparing a course on Pentaho and Mondrian - Questions about snow flake schemas
  249. Accessing SSAS cubes from Pentaho/Saiku-Plugin through IIS-Webservice throws 401 Erro
  250. Can Mondrian work together as a cluster?