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  1. Calculated member for fact table
  2. mondrian3.5 install error (anybody help!)
  3. How to remove the duplicate rows in Analysis Report
  4. Push Login details of BA serer into cube
  5. How to achieve joins in fact tables in pentaho cube reports
  6. Unable to connect in JNDI while creating new Data source in bi server
  7. What is the current version and issue tracker?
  8. Dimension Order (Pentaho 4.8)
  9. Dynamic Security with Mondrian and Saiku 3.3 stable versioin in Pentaho CE 5.2.
  10. Formulas for Grand Totals in Saiku
  11. url for opening a cube in saiku
  12. Virtual Cube not showing values for a dimension with hierarchy
  13. MDX query filtered by secondari hierarchy (Mondrian 4)
  14. Mondrian/Saiku larger data perfomance
  15. performance question
  16. Improve performance of statistics calculations
  17. Problem while creating virtual cube to join two fact table
  18. Mondrian, ROLAP and type 2 dimensions
  19. Slowly Changing Dimensions
  20. Get Age from DOB?
  21. How to open chart in pop window
  22. standard deviation in mondrian cube?
  23. Performance issue with Mondrian / Olap4J.
  24. Change Listener in Mondrian
  25. Mondrian Error:Internal error: [Date].[2015].[7].[30] not found among siblings
  26. Mondrian Scheme Not accessable in CDE
  27. How to display save button in Analysis report(opened in new window)
  28. Showing only cities that appear in the fact table
  29. Reading tuples from aggregates?
  30. How to force use of aggregates?
  31. Slow MDX query when it contains 2 or more levels of the same dimension
  32. Schema Workbench freezes after ODBC connection
  33. about partitioned cube feature in Mondrian Olap
  34. Publishing a basic test cube
  35. Performance Issue: Fast Exec, Slow Fetch but there are feel rows
  36. How to reduce the cancellation time of a query
  37. MDX: Mixed row aggregation measures within single period column time aggregation
  38. query as dimension usage foreigh key
  39. Unable to filter using data range in Pentaho Analyzer
  40. Mondrian Confusion
  41. How to create dimension member with name and key ? #
  42. MDX Query result join(?)
  43. Mondrian cache security issue
  44. Slow performance with calculated members (
  45. Adding Measure in Saiku 3.1 CE
  46. Saiku adhoc report is not save with pentaho CE 5.4
  47. Pentaho Analysis Schema in Arabic shows ???
  48. Updating schema on the server
  49. How To pass the From Date and Todate in Saiku ad-hoc Reporting with pentaho 5.4 CE
  50. Comapring Adjacent cell values and color coding them in mondrian
  51. Operating difference between Cube cache and mondrian cache
  52. Set and Member in WHERE CLAUSE in MDX ?
  53. Dynamic schema processor
  54. Need help in creating a basic cube
  55. Execute mdx query withou using segment cache
  56. How to create programmatic roles?
  57. Visibility of levels from shared dimension across multiple cubes.
  58. Help updating mondrian version
  59. Mondrian and Apache Spark
  60. Create distinct total measure
  61. ZScore and calculated facts (voluntarily provocative)
  62. Degenerate dimensions are not available in pivot4j , excel
  63. Passing Parameter in Calculated Member
  64. Mondrian much slower in BI-Server than in Schema Workbench
  65. Error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
  66. Mondrian: loaded 0 system properties
  67. Saiku MDX SubQuery throws NullPointerException
  68. Is it possible to use aggregate tables with calculated members?
  69. Referring to dimension attribute from within calculated member formula
  70. Avoid to repeat the same SQL query (reuse) in UDF
  71. Error "Failed to load all aggregations after 10 passes"
  72. Using the LinRegSlope() function in Mondrian MDX
  73. clear_mondrian_schema_cache.xaction
  74. Problema consultas guardadas SAIKU
  75. ¿Donde se guardan el repositorio de consultas guardadas de Saiku Analitycs?
  76. MDX version of Mondrian.
  77. demographic analysis
  78. mondrian.native.topcount.enable doesn't work.
  79. Calculated Member summatory of a dimension level property
  80. Query won't finish with too many members
  81. Drillthrough: org.olap4j.OlapException: Cannot do DrillThrough operation on the cell
  82. SQL Server Connection in Schema Workbench
  83. Fillter with OR Condition
  84. Heirarcy Question
  85. Error using Mondrian 4 aggregate tables
  86. How to freeze header in Saiku Dashboard
  87. Query dividing multiple statements when running Saiku
  88. Timestamp Datatype predicate with .0
  89. Optimize a query with multiple crossjoin on were clause
  90. Complex calculations
  91. Too many queries when cube with roles using mondrian in hadoop
  92. Mondrian Member Formula Sum Error - Bug?
  93. Schema Workbench working with aggregated tables
  94. Overcoming the sub query limitation to support filtering
  95. Reading row data together with Aggregation tables
  96. Calculated measure made unavailable
  97. Mondrian XML/A server setup
  98. Error Loading the Cube for Analysis Report
  99. Issue with the dimension discovery request(same SQL query is generated over and over)
  100. Mondrian 3.x or 4.x for basic MDX/XMLA use cases
  101. Level required in MDX set expression to reference member in hierarchy
  102. Mondrian 4 Schema Editor recommended
  103. Missing documentation for Dimensions
  104. Authentication on Mondrian 4.2
  105. How to implement a user defined function
  106. Error while instantiating dialect java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
  107. Access control in Pentaho user console with Saiku
  108. Pentaho CDC and mondrian cache
  109. Boolean Level for Hierarchy
  110. how to write now() functions in Where Clause in MDX quries
  111. OLAP4J Connection SLOW
  112. olap4j connection postgresql
  113. Mondrian Role Parsing and Dynamic Role
  114. How to use Crossjoin() in place of *
  115. CDE - MDX Problem with special character
  116. Appropriate values for approxRowCount in Schema Workbench dimension attribute
  117. Any tutorials on how to implement Schema Workbench Calculated Member / MDX formula?
  118. Mondrian design guidance
  119. Define measures on basis of dimensions
  120. Remove Image Saiku at PDF/PNG chart
  121. Exception thrown when using ROLE based connection string via Microsoft ADOMD
  122. MDX Aggregation at root account level
  123. mondrian error: hierarachy for calulated member not found
  124. Is it possible to create OLAP schema using Excel 2013?
  125. SEVERE [http-apr-8080-exec-3] on SAIKU (or Mondrian configuration)
  126. MDX. Running total by custom dimension set.
  127. Schema workbench is not running
  128. Measure to calculate the sum of distinct values
  129. Shared mondrian cache and Pentaho 6.0
  130. What happenes during a query using mondrian?
  131. Can't get AggForeignKey to work
  132. Measure aggregator
  133. Semi-additive measure problem
  134. How to use parameter(s) for schema in PSW & Saiku ?
  135. .item(0) takes time
  136. Mondrian 4 physical schema table linked to more than 1 referenced table not working
  137. ReservedCharacters returned a response status of 404 not found
  138. MDX Using Member_Key
  139. Query dimension contents?
  140. ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
  141. Aggregate table with mondrian schema to execute in saiku
  142. Format Time [HH:MM] in CalculatedMember
  143. Total Value wont update after filtered its members
  144. Getting Started With Mondrian
  145. Mondrian large dimensions pre filter
  146. constrain fact table in saiku with mondrian 3 schema?
  147. How Mondrian generates the sql queries?
  148. logicalRoleMap keep deleted roles with the permissions this had when it was deleted
  149. MDX with YTD
  150. geo maps
  151. Programmatic Role
  152. Can not found member among its sibling
  153. Calculated Member
  154. How to designe fact/measure for multiple selection field
  155. Schema Workbench Double foreign date key
  156. Performance issue with MDX query
  157. Problem with publish schema
  158. Snowflake schema returns empty results
  159. Cube visibility based on logged user
  160. Schema Workbench Freezes after Connection Options.
  161. custom DelegatingRole - methods never called (?)
  162. The absolute uri: http://www.tonbeller.com/jpivot cannot be resolved
  163. Complicated Measure
  164. Map measures of dimesion 1 & 2 to dimesion 1 based on 1:n mapping of Dimension 1& 2
  165. cube permission question
  166. Mondrian Export Report to excel generate a warning
  167. how step way to create user login link in mysql
  168. Saiku: Error executing query. Please check the server logs or contact your administra
  169. how to implement OLAP if measure value is at parent level of dimensional hierarchy
  170. Range selections in front-end tools
  171. New Mondrian user - Help with request
  172. Connect MongoDB with Schema-Workbench
  173. Distinct-Count not work well
  174. asking about the normalization data
  175. Unable to use IIF function in MDX
  176. Get Session Attributes
  177. Accessing properties in dimensions
  178. error in using olap4j to access pentaho xmla service
  179. Format String for Measures
  180. Mondrian 4 SQL based schema example
  181. Which the Mondrian version runs on Pentaho BA - CE 6.1
  182. Changing with set to member
  183. Custom Formatter for Dimension : Class Implemenation
  184. How to change aggregation type based on dimension
  185. Custom connection not applied
  186. How to hide non-existents members in dimension?
  187. Duplicate rows in saiku
  188. Calculated Member returns wrong values
  189. Unique user per connection vs shared connections performance?
  190. Count only unique members in sets
  191. Hierarchygrant with not existent member exposes all data?
  192. Set default schema in Pentaho Schema Workbench for Redshift
  193. Schema Workbench Dimension
  194. DynamicSchemaProcessor is failed in Pentaho CE
  195. Show only dates winth join in fact table
  196. Where is MondrianFoodMartLoader class?
  197. Dynamic Schema Processor and MongoDB
  198. Mondrian and Teiid VDB
  199. Create New Analyzer in pentaho user console is taking longer time to load datasources
  200. Create conditional calculated measure
  201. Getting started
  202. Unable to display measure that have measure expression CDATA query using a dimention
  203. BI 6.1 - Aggregations + Hierarchy Level Properties
  204. Measures change order when expand dimension
  205. MDX Order not working!?
  206. Strange behavior on avg measure in aggregate table
  207. Non-aggregated (or semi-aggregated?) measure for "Targets"
  208. Problem on Installing Mondrian and/or downloading Schema Workbench 3.12.0
  209. Problem with drill down and hierarchy if I write mdx query directly in Saiku
  210. Publishing cube settings
  211. Error in log "ERROR BatchLoader$Batch:1432 - AggGen failed"
  212. ParalledPeriod with parameter for period
  213. How do you delete/unpublish a Mondrian cube?
  214. Explicit Filter
  215. Default Filter
  216. NullPointer on jPivot with Calculated Members
  217. Cubes
  218. “All” grouping includes filtered measurement values
  219. Duplicate names merged but not summarized (schema)
  220. Saiku Cache Clear Functionality - Schema - Cube level
  221. Select Members in rows if the user select all in parameters
  222. How to study & configure Schema Workbench
  223. Problem publishing a cube from Workbench
  224. Mondrian build faililure
  225. Mondrian Tests Hang
  226. Problem with Hierarchies and Levels
  227. Calculated Member for Non Measure
  228. Mondrian Pentaho 7
  229. Mondrian Error:Internal error: member [X] not found among its siblings
  230. how to show all values
  231. Can't find Schema Workbench published cube
  232. Publishing a cube from Schema Workbench not working !
  233. Classloading issues with Mondrian driver on WildFly 10
  234. Mondrian Test Failures - AssertionFailedError
  235. Does Pentaho support Data Virtualization?If yes then how?
  236. Query Timeout in Saiku - Where to change it?
  237. How to handle translate MDSCHEMA_KPIS for CalculatedMembers with KendoUI?
  238. [Saiku] User login count exceeded for unnamed user
  239. User Level cubes based on assigned tree structere to that user.
  240. one to many relationship between fact and dimension table
  241. How to avoid error in case of not existing member
  242. Cube Publishing Error
  243. Use connection parameter in MDX
  244. Fixed Measure - descendant from a dimension
  245. Pentaho Analyzer Mondrian - return all 2-dimension values independent from facts
  246. Enable Relative Date Filters using a language other than English
  247. Upgrading from mondrian 3.5 to 3.12
  248. nameColumn composite of two columns
  249. Missing FoodMartCreateData.sql
  250. How the Mondrian providing XML/A support for newer version, after 3.5.0 version?