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  1. How to use CDE table Component display large amounts of data?
  2. edit table
  3. CDE Connection problem
  4. break CDE dashboard layout on IE8
  5. how to use CDE table component of Paginate server-side
  6. Bullet Chart - setting x-axis start value.
  7. font bar chart
  8. set update field in MySQL via CDF
  9. Map component zoom change handler
  10. xAxisLabel_text
  11. select a component
  12. Table Component column type 'Data Bar'
  13. hello
  14. How to sql query result set to Parameter in the CDE?
  15. Excel Export CDE
  16. rename the Export file
  17. use sql over sqlJndi to query a CSV file
  18. Date Format Using No SQL (Mongodb)
  19. CDE query issue + utf-8
  20. table component problem
  21. Dynamically Set Series Titles for Chart
  22. CDG - Creating Other Measures
  23. CGG and links with parameter
  24. Hide Chart Outline
  25. baseAxisFixedMin value for time series stacked area chart
  26. BarChart clickAction Table: Highlight more than one bar
  27. Unable to view Marathi data in Dashboard
  28. Fill full page for Dashboard
  29. IE CDF/CDE/Ctools rendering issues
  30. Saiku Analytics
  31. axisComposite on bar chart
  32. CDA with Pentaho Data Integration and REST client fails
  33. custom component with data source
  34. CDE -- Navigation Menu Component
  35. Null Interpolation Mode - CCC Line Chart
  36. Metric Dot Chart with Series Grouping
  37. CDF How to start
  38. From Metadata Editor to CDE using row-level security
  39. empty cda file
  40. GreedyStepWise threshold
  41. How to set the Pie chart color, based on the query result set?
  42. d3
  43. @HREADER@ content in Clean.html coming from ?
  44. Unable to Apply Layout on New dashboard
  45. Traffic Component
  46. CDF Date Input Component
  47. V1 properties - Some CCC Bar Charts have them, some don't
  48. Can not save dashboard when using CGG
  49. Wild behaviour in CCC Chart components Advanced properties
  50. How to get Parameter via URL in CDE
  51. save as widget?
  52. Create a bar chart with shaded background range
  53. Refresh entire Dashboard
  54. Trasnfer of solutions between BI Servers
  55. New Map Component Blank in Pentaho 4.8 + Ctools
  56. Cde templates
  57. Issue adding a connection to datasource table in hibernate
  58. google maps in cdf
  59. Import Data from File to DW
  60. Scheduler.xaction file in CDA actions directory exection failed
  61. CDF is Licensed or Free..??
  62. Freeform Component Help
  63. CDE - Widgets and Components don't appear in the PUC repository
  64. Passing values into a query in CDE ???
  65. Partial Load of Google Map
  66. Need display iframe jquery Popup when a component on cccv2 chart is clicked.
  67. SVG Models
  68. How to get a part of a select component string as parameter
  69. Only display peak values
  70. CBF Compiling Errors
  71. CDA Compound Join with timestamps issue
  72. Dynamic Dashboard
  73. Hide Hierarchy Names/Labels in MDX Output
  74. How can I display a chart inside a table?
  75. Line Chart Y Axis Title Legend Properties
  76. pie chart label cgg
  77. Using Button component to pass values to query and generate a chart
  78. Metric Dot Chart / Scatter Plot with boundaries
  79. Title on the y axis
  80. Bold, Orientation in Label of a pie chart
  81. Google Maps Marker onclick event is not compability in firefox
  82. How to open a new tab (dashboard or pivot) in clickaction with parameters?
  83. SimpleReportingComponent in xaction returns null output to CDF dashboard
  84. xaction result set as datasource for the table component
  85. Hire Pentaho Consultant / Hire Pentaho Developer
  86. address to map component
  87. Doubt special character MDX - CDE
  88. CDE & CDF installation problem
  89. simple parameter is changing (post change), but not passing to data source changed
  90. XAction showing error : RuntimeContext.ERROR_0017 - Action failed to execute
  91. Problem catching a click on PieChart in 4.8
  92. Executing an xaction component using a button component
  93. Modify mantle.jar using CBF
  94. cde with jquery in ie7
  95. CDA Files --> scripting.cda
  96. How to Work With Tabs
  97. Install issue with latest ctools sh file
  98. Link two charts
  99. how to create a new cde componet section
  100. Get values for slice pie selected
  101. Parameter in datasource for table selection
  102. Collapse more rows to get unique average value
  103. Pentaho CBF on Jboss
  104. Problem using MonetDB jndi data source for CDE
  105. Failed to install Ctools on MacBook Pro
  106. Issue with sql over sqljndi datasource in CDE
  107. Customise Tooltip for All In One Bar Chart CCC2
  108. Multibutton component orientation
  109. CDE and color scheme
  110. Default sum in ccc2 barchart
  111. different behavior of cde from test to production environment
  112. change json of barchart
  113. How to link a CDE dashboard to another CDE dashboard by passing parameters ?
  114. Dial chart component (not CGG dial component)
  115. How to do an inner join in CDA
  116. learn how to use CDE to make dashboard
  117. CDE doesn't work: browser fails GET requests to pentaho-cdf-dd/resources folder
  118. Clob Management
  119. how to use Protovis Chart Component in pentaho bi 4.8 ?
  120. Hide Chart
  121. How to migrate CDE dashboard from One BI server to another!!!!!
  122. table component - how to make all columns sortable?
  123. CDE with Kettle over kettleTransFromFile with Google Analytics input step
  124. field editing not enabled in CDE (HTML, JavaScript, Query...)
  125. Popup component Behaviour
  126. Error export PDF using CGG
  127. CDE + Fusion Charts not updating information
  128. Table Component Export
  129. Is CDC project alive?
  130. editFile in CDA
  131. CDB does not work
  132. Define Size of dot
  133. Paging the output of a CDA query
  134. Olap Selector Component "Error processing component"
  135. Exclude some of the columns while exporting to excel in CDA
  136. CST 'Access Denied'
  137. Where CDA cached queries are written?
  138. Which extention point for setting periods for moving average trendline
  139. How to Export ccc2 charts to PDFs in cdf
  140. Passing Two Parameters From one Table to the Next in CDE
  141. Calling SQL query from button component
  142. Error 405 - Method not allowed in POST when I execute the Dashboard
  143. how to create CCC 100% Stacked Bar Chart
  144. Parameter in order by for datasource
  145. how to use csv file in CDE?
  146. TableComponent documentation
  147. Define locale for sprintf() function
  148. Excel column format
  149. Page break (Print)
  150. other languages are allowed in CDE query?
  151. [drill down] tutorial ?
  152. CDF - table component - may be bug in server-side pagination
  153. MDX where clause+date parameter
  154. Customization of components
  155. CST doesn't work
  156. Internet Explorer Rendering: Unable to open dashboards in IE 8/9
  157. Stacked BarChart
  158. Minimum tick distance for timeSeries
  159. CBF - Building Pentaho 4.8.x
  160. How to set category in other chart?
  161. Integration of Pentaho CDF/CDE into enterprise Edition.
  162. CDA datasource - server-side filtering
  163. CDE Navigation Menu
  164. Generating Dashboards Programmatically
  165. Convert date to string and get only year part from calender date in pentaho CDE
  166. interaction data with Protovis
  167. protovis And D3.js ,Pentaho CDE
  168. Single select list of values in Pentaho CDE
  169. CCC Charts Series, Category and Value mapping with Columns
  170. How to create a custom parameter based on other parameter value in CDE?
  171. Source code of Demo2 from webdetails
  172. Parameters selection & Refreshing/Reload the dashbaord
  173. Output Options(Index),Columns usage for Query over sqloversqljndi
  174. alignment and spacing of CCC chart bars
  175. Movement slice in Protovis (interaction)
  176. Edit x-Axis Labels in a Line Chart
  177. Performance of SQL query.. How to avoid calling sigle query multiple times ?
  178. global variable/Parameter conflict on same page.
  179. Small extension point difficulties
  180. tooltip in CCC Bullet
  181. Translation table component
  182. CDE Popup Example throws Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'popup'
  183. Problem in CDE 4.5 CE Dashboard preview
  184. passing parameters in url-template in jFree Chart
  185. Problem with click mark in NewMapCompenent CDE
  186. Dial Chart Component
  187. Disable drill through menu button in Saiku Adhoc Analysis
  188. IE 8 broswer mode in CDE
  189. Dashboard div integration into external application
  190. Forcing JS refresh when developing components
  191. cst problem ! It does't work !
  192. CDE Map Marker color
  193. Missing CDE components
  194. Single result set of 3 columns and two different bar charts from the result set
  195. CDA using wrong schema
  196. Change CDE Export CSV Change Separator
  197. How to change series data for one CDE component
  198. Adding watermark to a chart
  199. X-axis using logorithm scale
  200. Is there a way to filter the data in the postFetch process?
  201. Hi anyone Suggest me How to create Heat Grid Chart using pentaho BIServer 4.8?
  202. Order by on bar chart with out touching the query in CDE
  203. click action on table component?
  204. Create Custom Pentaho CDE Template
  205. Mailing CDE dashboard-- Need Help
  206. Order by for two bar charts using single resultset.
  207. pie chart clickable error
  208. [CDF] LineChart with 1 Category and several Series
  209. How to Create Dial Chart Component..
  210. Export the CDE dashboard in PDF
  211. MDX ... Date range ... year-month-day on X-axis
  212. multiselect button in CDE
  213. [AddIns] Databar
  214. Feeding table information to a chart?
  215. Modify datatable properties
  216. [CDF+CCC] CCC charts in CDF (encore)
  217. Drillable Dashboard - Table Component - How to get both row and column selected
  218. Descending order of bars on chart with java script
  219. Error assigning rights
  220. graph optimization (display y-axis on the bases of max and min value of data)
  221. CDA -- CDE basic question ..
  222. Simple Bar Chart...
  223. CDA -- CDE basic question ..2..... What is Corn Expression?
  224. locale errors with CDA
  225. CDA cache mechanisam & functionality architectural level question..
  226. CDA scheduling error
  227. Column header problem
  228. How to connect MongoDB in Datasource of CDE
  229. Passing parameter to cda datasource through URL
  230. CTools dashboards not rendering in IE8
  231. Creating users from dashboard
  232. Custom Parameters - Functions not Strings
  233. CDE Dashboard refresh not working
  234. CDC [WARN] in log, BI server won't stop.
  235. IE8 formatting issue
  236. CDA unable to read from KTR
  237. Adding External Java Script Libraries to CDE
  238. Converting Select Component to Slider
  239. Build placeholders/parameters for HTML element
  240. Download in CDE
  241. International characters get messed up...
  242. MDX multiple query
  243. Cde: multiple select
  244. [CDF] clickAction executed without clicking?
  245. Call fnDrawCallBack on datatables
  246. Change color of values in chart
  247. Moving text in Pentaho
  248. Migrate JFreeChart componet to CCC
  249. CGG with Protovis chart
  250. Problem in saiku 2.5 eith IE