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  1. Problem with Dashboards.fireChange and Select component
  2. Upping the game: mix datasource parameter with "fixed" parameter
  3. Dashboard.fireChanges with multiple parameters
  4. Parameter in Auto Complete Component
  5. add margin to the title of CDE chart
  6. CDA variable on SQL JDBC
  7. Dashboard parameter based on sql query
  8. Bullet chart with... I can barely explain.
  9. [Pentaho 5.0] Questions
  10. [Pentaho 4.1] Mobile BI
  11. MDX query with IIF
  12. DrawCallBack in CDF
  13. CDE problems
  14. CCC Chart scaling
  15. Error with New Ctools Release
  16. Creating a Population Pyramind in CDE
  17. Passing specific values based on value selected
  18. Drill down in CDE Dashboard on same panel
  19. trying to create column type with stacked bar
  20. Kettle as source, Unrecognized SQL escape
  21. "TypeError: cd is undefined" in cde protovis component
  22. "TypeError: cd is undefined" in cde protovis component
  23. ERROR [DashboardDesignerContentGenerator] Could not get component definitions: null
  24. dealing with layout...
  25. [CDA] How to set returned dataset format?
  26. [CDE] Using external CSS/JavaScript file on Widgets
  27. How to add saiku analytics to CDE dashboard ?
  28. CCC BarChart - how to set a fixed value for Y axis dynamically?
  29. Saiku Analytics line chart
  30. Marimekko Chart
  31. BI Server won't start after installing ctools...?
  32. Dashboard cde drill down on multi line chart?
  33. CCC 2 Charts / CDE: Change BAR Color below Threshold Value
  34. prpt report does not work on CDE dashboard on IE8
  35. Updated CTools 13.09.10
  36. [CCCv2 clickAction] How to handling the 'right click' action?
  37. Pentaho C*tool : Export report in pdf,excell
  38. Dynamic title for CCC Pie Chart
  39. Problems with CDE - can not generate Dashbords
  40. Query component is not setting the parameter value as it should
  41. Multiple select in MDX
  42. Marker icon in NewMapComponent
  43. CTools Stacked Bar Chart - Multiple Grandients
  44. CTools Bar Chart Colors
  45. CDE Version: 13.09.10 (STABLE) Bug
  46. Using CDE source in Pentaho
  47. How to get values of session variables into JS code?
  48. Resizing bullet chart
  49. CDA trouble - properties not defined?
  50. Pentaho CDE Dashboard embed to an external application using DIV Integration
  51. Scatter plot
  52. How to plot multiple levels of a time hierarchy
  53. Feature for getting graph data from prpt report
  54. Bar chart colors dynamically changed based on data value. Along with JavaScript vars
  55. error in component running CCC2 bar chart
  56. [Website] Error when execute try me on ctools website
  57. Public Scheduling using CDF Framework in Pentaho 5
  58. Using parameters in CDA connection
  59. CDE - dynamical switch of the dashboard type (mobile / blueprint)
  60. Pentaho 5.0
  61. [CDA & Mondrian] Setting a connection's role
  62. Resizable Data Table
  63. Creating CDA files on UAC
  64. CDA dislikes double-quotes and spaces... =(
  65. [Select Component] demo1
  66. dot chart, dot colors
  67. Pentaho session
  68. how to create a treemap chart ?
  69. CDE Components documentation exists? Lots of doubts here.
  70. MapComponent using Own Map Server (GeoServer)
  71. Getting ERROR while Rendering Charts in CGG
  72. CGG DAIL Error
  73. CDE v13.06.05 - Changin x-axis labels (CCC Line chart)
  74. Reset Select boxes
  75. QueryException: Data truncation
  76. CDA: KTR vs SQL - Performance doubts
  77. How to define object literal notation as parameter in component.xml
  78. Drill down on same panel of dash board
  79. Need feature information about the CTools for Dashboard Development
  80. How to adjust the baseAxis Grid Line chart pentaho cde
  81. [CDF + CCC2] Feed charts using JavaScript variables instead CDA
  82. How can I manage the selected index change action of select Component??
  83. How to display File list of Server on CDE Dashboard
  84. [Small Chart] small title
  85. Doubts about bullet charts
  86. How to remove auto refresh/auto action of Select Component??
  87. Auto Includes and CDF
  88. Barchart values as percentages
  89. [CCC2 BarChart] plot multichart using same axes?
  90. Embedding / GetHeaders + GetContent
  91. How to manage the format of Month Picker??
  92. Dynamic datasource in dashboard editor
  93. Calendar chart
  94. How do I put data into the Protovis Component
  95. How to see the html file?
  96. how to change column name of mdx query
  97. BTable - A drill-anywhere component for CDE
  98. How to call Mysql stored procedure in Pentaho CDE?
  99. CTools hanging when starts
  100. Dashboards.setParameter() behaviour in IE9
  101. Creating link and Rendering .html file on CDE doesn't work
  102. Issue with Speed of ResultSet returns too slow in CDE
  103. Vanity name for Mongodb replicaset not recognized
  104. Date Picker
  105. how to recovery a value from id
  106. Facing problem in adding CDE plugin in Pentaho 5.0 ?
  107. CDE, SQL data sources and String parameter
  108. working with table component
  109. Compatibility issues IE x Firefox x Chrome
  110. Function ExportData
  111. Xaction in pentaho 5.0
  112. Users and Role tables.
  113. MDX query and passing parameter from previous non-mdx query
  114. C-tools for pentaho5.0
  115. Drill down from bar chart to another dashboard
  116. CTools Table Component Clickable - how to track column
  117. Export numeric columns from table
  118. CDE Dashboard than contains some widgets doesn't load widget's changes without saving
  119. Navigation between different dashboards. Is it possible?
  120. CDE and XML
  121. Is CDF Ready For Production?
  122. [CDF] Change JQuery version
  123. Dashboards.fireChange ....etc function related documentation or description
  124. mdx table layout
  125. Change table column titles dynamically
  126. correct path for images and files
  127. How can I create a combobox in CDF and pass a param?
  128. Date format for date input component
  129. Properties for Custom Widgets in CDE
  130. Multiple Charts from One Data Source in CDE
  131. How to get table other column value ?
  132. Bullet chart question
  133. How to change parameter while popup
  134. How to format legend item label in a line chart?
  135. Can't save Dashboards
  136. Change line chart aspect
  137. Combobox and passing values in CDE (C-Tools)?
  138. bi-server 5.0.1 NEW FILE SYSTEM. How to manage it???
  139. Dashboard trouble on bi-server 5.0 CE
  140. tooltip question
  141. Saiku Adhoc in pentaho BI 5.0 CE
  142. wcdf files not shown on PUC (5.0.1 EE Mac OS.X)
  143. Old dashboards won't show in 5.0
  144. How do you install CS Tools for the new BI Server 5
  145. International characters: fine in preview, messed up when opening the real deal.
  146. Multi line chart example with the result set
  147. Where can I find solutions developed in "pentaho-solutions" folder in 5.0 CE?
  148. OpenI in bi-server 5.0.1?
  149. How to export project folder to Pentaho server 5.0 CE?
  150. Marker value in bullet chart
  151. css external is not locating in pentaho CDE
  152. C-Tools installation
  153. color scale of protovis
  154. Issue - Pentaho Market Place in 4.8 server - Not connecting to server & 5.0 install
  155. search table content
  156. deselect all the check boxes
  157. Table component: dynamically change "page length"
  158. Collapse and expand table row
  159. CDE dashboard that call a Pivot4J report
  160. How to export CDE dashboard to Pdf/Excel/Excel(Paginated)/Word ?
  161. CDE preview not previewing(?)
  162. Impact on moving from pentaho 4.1 to 4.8.2
  163. Dashboard
  164. Pentaho 5.0 : How to use CDA files in the system solution?
  165. CDE in Pentaho 5.0 doesn't get other plugins' styles
  166. popup component using click action
  167. CDE - optimization of work with Kettle datasources
  168. Newbie question: Handling zero values in Bar Chart
  169. Popup component in hyperlink
  170. how to create a new folder in Pentaho Solution Browser using pentaho 5.0
  171. Tag cloud in CDE. Is it possible?
  172. Bar Line and Area Combo Chart
  173. How to pass field value from parameter to custom parameter in drill down dashbaord
  174. rounding off values in cube and mdx query
  175. Sql over sqlJdbc throws an exception in Sparkl+CDE on Pentaho CE 5.0.1 (Ubuntu)
  176. click action for drilling down
  177. PRPT Component in CDE - Solution Path
  178. Marketplace Uninstall Issues
  179. Change empty string in datatables to "0"
  180. saiku report--daily executions and send by mail
  181. ctools install on 5.0.1
  182. Limit data sources on saiku
  183. how to hide wcdf file
  184. CDE Save as dialog
  185. Time conversion from minute to hour
  186. CDE Dashboard Table Component ThemeRoller
  187. Axis labels orientation in CCC Barchart
  188. Minor CDE Bug - Selecting CDA datasource from Filebrowser
  189. CDA - caching query for different parameters
  190. OpenLayers/OpenStreetMap in NewMapComponent appears to be broken
  191. KettleTransofrmation in pentaho CDE
  192. CGG component URL in browser- No data found - Trying to export the charts as images
  193. BTable installation issue - PentahoMarketPlace
  194. Tell 5.0.1 CE to logout as 4.8 CE does
  195. How to change the path of a dashboard component
  196. Marketplace On Enterprise Edition
  197. What is the difference between CDE,CDF,CDA
  198. Chart drilldown in CDE
  199. In CDE Chart Component Parameter option shown 2 times.
  200. Grand Total with Dynamic Columns in Table Component
  201. Export Button not working
  202. Export Button Style
  203. Dashboards.getQueryParameter()
  204. Export Button - Working with csv, xls but not with PDF.
  205. problem installing CDA
  206. Make 1st row from underlying query the default of a Select Component
  207. CDE work outs - tricks and tips - helpful for begineers like me.
  208. Pie chart Work in v4.8 but not in v5
  209. pentaho cde 'save as' option has sharing issue
  210. how to make contour chart or surface chart using C-tools.
  211. How to pass Multivalue Parameter in a URL
  212. Changing No data message
  213. CDE Save As Option working improperly!
  214. Write .cda file with out generating dashboard files(.cdfde,.wcdf)
  215. How to use Map Component dynamically in Pentaho CDE.
  216. Inter Panel Communication in Pentaho CDE
  217. Problem with CDE
  218. Replacing PRPT Component's Paging Controls
  219. java script forums...
  220. remove whitespace between rows with tables in CDE
  221. error in orentdb after installing cde plugin on pentaho 5
  222. Values an axis - textAngle
  223. How to reduce the width of baseAxis labels in bar chart? - Pentaho CDE
  224. Format date column dd-mm-yyyy while sorting on yyyy-mm-dd in table component
  225. Repository Synchronizer
  226. BTable Analyzer Bugs
  227. BTable is now available for Pentaho 5.0 !
  228. CST for Pentaho 5
  229. Japanese font cannot display
  230. Is there any way to make a calendar view in c-tools?
  231. How to get the latest date filenames in a folder
  232. Mobile pentaho BI
  233. error after installink sparkl plugin
  234. BTable problems!!!
  235. error after upgrading CTOOLS in 5.0.1 CE
  236. How to refresh reporting data cache from dashboard??
  237. tables and viewing issue is graphical designer
  238. Beginner Dashboard Question
  239. Query with parameter don't work after upgrade CTOOLS!!!
  240. Database table name can be used as a parameter?
  241. Integrating Pentaho Dashboard in Application
  242. change number format in CDE
  243. Able to login pentaho 5.0 CE but showing error message before login
  244. Pentaho CE 5 CDE resource (css) not found
  245. RepositorySynchronizer - subfolders/more folders?
  246. How to use Map Component in Pentaho CDE
  247. how to edit the default template?
  248. CDE- Error Strange thing
  249. Urgent BTable Query
  250. Urgent BTable Query