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  1. Url with parameters
  2. CTools for Pentaho 4.8: manual install. Help!!
  3. Styling a CGG Dial Chart
  4. Pentaho 5.0 and adding Style in Settings
  5. CDE Drill down to a new Dashboard
  6. BTable on Penthao 4.8
  7. How to access dashboard without authentication in Pentaho 5.0 Platform
  8. Where does the export file go from dashboard?
  9. Chrome error while generating the CDE dashboard!
  10. CDA Schedular Error
  11. Select Component and display format
  12. Unable to see "OK" button in HTML editor window
  13. Orient?
  14. A ClickAction defining two parameters needs two clicks
  15. Setting up parameters in a chart
  16. Failed to register plugin pentaho-cdf
  17. how to put in place geo BI in pentaho ?
  18. CCC Bar Chart: get values on click action
  19. Embedding dashboard in web application using get content and headers
  20. Using Execute XAction Component with JCR repository
  21. how can I set the page width to 800px (CDE)?
  22. Change default values of table component number of rows.
  23. unable to export query output to .xls from cda editor
  24. Error CDE And Saiku
  25. CDA.backupScheduler.xaction Error
  26. Legend pagination
  27. CGG error
  28. parameters option in CDF SelectComponent
  29. Authentication for CDE Dashboard
  30. CDE / relative path / .orient problem
  31. Changing order of multiChart
  32. All Years, All months, all days
  33. Check feeding Check
  34. Access URL parameter in MDX data source query
  35. New Map Component: Setting the Center Longitude and Latitude in the Pre Execution
  36. Get value from data source
  37. Time dimension problem
  38. Dial values from parameters
  39. Http status 500-Hazlecast Instance is not active!
  40. Error HTTP Status 500 after MarketPlace Install
  41. Load external html menu in dashboard
  42. Timeline and Widescreen in CDE
  43. CGG error on first step
  44. Bye Bye SQL and MDX query datasources?
  45. Problems with Reporting PRD and Community Data Access CDA
  46. BTable on Penthao 4.8
  47. How do I create tabs for different charts tied to same parameters?
  48. Am I that stupid?? Cant find marketplace in CE 5.0.1
  49. CDC Page not rendering
  50. cde components in pentaho 5.0.1
  51. CDE, MDX and SQL with user visibility
  52. Where to download CDE-bundle-1.0-RC3?
  53. Show one or more dashboards at login
  54. CDE/CDF/BTable on Pentaho 4.8 and Oracle
  55. MDX with SQL
  56. [CCC2] How to change orthoAxisTitle / ortho2AxisTitle orientation ?
  57. [CDF] faster 'Dashboards.fireChange()' ?
  58. "Could not load dashboard: null" when first opening a CDE dashboard
  59. Embedding dashboard in web application
  60. Run prpt on click action
  61. CDE/CDA : dynamic jndi connection
  62. Colors x Legend - readers x options
  63. can we create dashboards with community edition of Pentaho (BI Version 4.5)
  64. CDE Chart doesn't display date correctly
  65. Displaying error message while adding table component
  66. Displaying error message while adding parameters to the table component
  67. Cache management
  68. CDF Query Data from CDA for CCC2/pvc chart?
  69. CDE and CTOOLS not showing in Internet Explorer (IE 10,11)
  70. Error processing Component for table
  71. How to connect to two postgresql databases dynamically at run time?
  72. add phone library (jar files) to biserver for use in CDE (javascript)
  73. How to implement multi tenancy in pentaho ?
  74. Error in table component
  75. Table With Bullet Charts: Setting Chart Colors
  76. problem with multiple select component
  77. repository syncronizer very slow
  78. How to use table column as parameter for barchart component
  79. css resource in cde does not work
  80. CDE: Where to find how these chart accepts data?
  81. How to export CDE dashboard to pdf without using PRD
  82. Dashboards.context.user no longer works
  83. Iframe error
  84. Table Component - values/numbers appear below bar
  85. Show/Hide IFrame as per roles of the users
  86. Dial Chart Component
  87. Dial chart component is not working in Pentaho 5.1 CDE
  88. CDA cache issue using Mondrian access-control
  89. Problem with MDX queries in CDE
  90. change cde refresh method
  91. CDE - can't make a floatting bar chart
  92. Chart Drill Down to Table Component in different panel of the same Dashboard
  93. Dial component Problem in pentaho 5.0
  94. alert(query) in post-execution of BarChart ?
  95. CDE - ERROR [DashboardDesignerContentGenerator] Could not load dashboard
  96. NO Dashboard FireChange but the panels data get refresh in the Dashboard
  97. fetch only wanted columns from the result set of the query on table component
  98. Other column values to show on table component tooltip when mouse hover on a column
  99. Can we integrate HTML 5 charts in CDE ?
  100. Refresh a"CGG Dial" value by a "select component"
  101. linking CDE dashboard
  102. heatgrid color and angle of shape
  103. How to setup parameter value through name in Pentaho CDE
  104. jQueryUI problem after upgrading to newwest CDF/CDE version
  105. Learn how to create Bootstrap dashboards using the CDE
  106. Chart axis color/width, series-margin and category-margin
  107. Creating bar chart from KTR
  108. euro symbol € is no longer visible
  109. Pentaho dashboard creation basics
  110. cdf dashboard Error on first login
  111. How to limit Multi Select Component???
  112. How to use Data Source created using CSV file on CDE based dashboard?
  113. How to format a number in a dashboard?
  114. BTable dynamic dimension change
  115. How to execute CDE charts
  116. CGG Dial Component Bug
  117. BTable 2.0 has been released
  118. schedule clear cache dahsboard CDE
  119. Add mysql Datasource in cde
  120. Error when using the custom Protovis Component
  121. Strange behaviour for Metric Dot Chart
  122. [CDA] using DynamicSchemaProcessor no captions are being used
  123. Sparkl problem
  124. How to duplicate a CDE dashboard in Pentaho 5.x ?
  125. generate secondary y-axis for line(step) chart
  126. Signle select list of values in Text box
  127. How to use data source of Pentaho console?
  128. Is it possible to use reports designed from report designer inside CDE dashboard?
  129. Select menu: show string during selection but pass id as parameter
  130. Dashboards.context.roles is undefined
  131. Always add more vertical ticks to Line chart
  132. Dashboards.context.roles is undefined
  133. How to Link the Map markers
  134. Using external visualization library
  135. Plot X-Y graph in CDE
  136. How to hide .cda and _tmp.cda files in Pentaho CE 4.8 CDE
  137. Export button [CDE] Issue
  138. Compound MDX Query in CDA doesnt working
  139. FreeForm - Get query result in javascript
  140. Create a google Maps with information database
  141. Bullet Chart Tooltip for ranges
  142. Execute Query Definition in Script Function
  143. how to remove or hidden cdf banner in customer cdf page
  144. Drilldown Report using CTools plugin in Pentaho-EE-5.0.1
  145. RepositorySynchronizer. 0 files ???
  146. BootStrap
  147. Generate new chart from another
  148. Making the line width in a line chart larger
  149. BTable initial sort
  150. Changing name of exported attachment in ExportPopupComponent
  151. Empty image from ExportPopupComponent
  152. BTable pagination
  153. How to manage loading in dashboard that has a lot of charts and data ?
  154. cde + bootstrap + widgets
  155. No results from Kettle job endpoint in Sparkl?
  156. Barchart. Scale in bars and plot2
  157. CDE PieCharts Drop Shadow
  158. How do get value,Series and name when click a part of cccPieChart
  159. get the value from a select component
  160. how to disable cache
  161. Bootstrap option in drop down
  162. Show Hide Chart on Button Click
  163. How to do sever side scripting in Pentaho Dashboard
  164. Same CDE Dashboard showing Error in processing Table component in different browsers
  165. how to set columns as Measures in Pie chart?
  166. Dashboards Created in Ctools 5.0 are not opening in other instance of Ctools 5.0
  167. Drawing striplines on CCC Line Chart Components
  168. Cluster of stacked bars in CCC Bar Chart?
  169. All the files are not installed when installing CTOOLS for pentaho 5.0
  170. CCC FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About CCC
  171. Auto pagination at Table Component
  172. enlarge dashboard
  173. Boot Strap CSS + Dashboard Charts - relative height and width of charts
  174. a error appeared when i call firechange in a click handle
  175. Audit log for dashboards?
  176. CDE - time based refresh of charts
  177. [CDE] wd.helpers undefined error when trying to Export Chart via Export Pop-up
  178. The CDE component NewMapComponent doesn't work in Pentaho 5.0.5
  179. How to pass complex parameters to procedure in CDE Framework
  180. CGG Dial Component - Needle Color Change & Tool tip of needle when hover the mouse
  181. Dashboard: import dynamic CSV data
  182. Dashboard: insert checkbox into table
  183. CCC2 - Text Angle for Dot Chart
  184. Got permission issue while un-installing pentaho cdf from marketplace
  185. How to disable "Edit button" for a group of users ?
  186. Not able to update Table component in CDE Framework
  187. Download dashboard and charset
  188. Clickable table in cde, trouble with parameters and arrays
  189. Run PopupComponent with NewMapComponent
  190. How to change css of htmlObject in javascript
  191. How to hide "Folder Actions" to a user in 5.x ? (BUG)
  192. Ivy IS: Gauge component
  193. CDE Dashboard Type Bootstrap not saved
  194. CDE Parameters pre-load
  195. How to start line of a line chart from the left axis
  196. Fusion Chart Integration with pentaho 5.0
  197. Problem deploying CDE Dashboard
  198. Issue with CDC on Pentaho 5
  199. Embeeding BI - CDE dashboard of 5.1.0 stable server Authentication failed
  200. Resource Files in CDE-editor not accesible anymore
  201. Get parameter value in Bar Chart clickAction
  202. Change Calender Date Format for Date Picker & parameter default values & Timestamp
  203. Filtering resources by ACL in Sparkl-based dashboard: WS unavoidable?
  204. Different color in bar chart using same series
  205. Call multiple parameters from URL - Date parameter as a string in URL
  206. Parameters, JS and JQuery?
  207. FusionCharts and xml
  208. CCC equivalent of max-bar-width
  209. Unable to save css file from CDE
  210. Execute xAction issue
  211. [CDF] firebug breakpoints not working (after CDF update)
  212. Problem passing parameters to query
  213. Table component column grand total - guoup by field and aggrations
  214. Pentaho CDE Change Button Styling
  215. Using session variables in CDE
  216. CDE Dashbords by adding resources (js/css) as 'External File' are not working
  217. how to send result from query to javascript ?
  218. how to config CDF newMap shape definitions
  219. MDX query - set in member?
  220. SQL\MDX-query and parameters
  221. How to install Saiku Reporting plug-in using ctools-installer.sh ?
  222. "Could not load dashboard: null" after updating to 14.05.06 (STABLE)
  223. Ctools cache for MDX with variable
  224. Build CDA-4.8.3
  225. WAQR - Adhoc reporting plugin giving nodeType of null error while loading
  226. CDF dashboards - How I can create charts using ccc component in CDF
  227. Listing available Dimensions in a component
  228. Pentaho CDE btables with different datasources
  229. CDE - CCC Bar Chart - Minimum won't change from 0
  230. No Repository while saving or save as with CDE dashboard
  231. Disable/Remove all the temporary files and keep only the actula ones
  232. Table Component
  233. How to integrate Google Visualization API and CDE together without using xaction ?
  234. BootStrap dropdown selection - values in drop down from SQL query
  235. GenericServlet.ERROR_0004 : Language property files are missing for plugins
  236. CTools manual install?
  237. Insert a number in the CDE dashboard
  238. TableComponent and bootstrap
  239. Any component where i can directly give some data and use a popup comp to show it ??
  240. Controlling secondary axis value colors
  241. Controlling chart value label color
  242. Combine Slider with Chart
  243. Get value first and next bar - Table component add-ins
  244. How to create tabs for a single chart - As shown in Bigwireless Example
  245. CDE dashboard available by URL and pentaho login screen
  246. Override css for table component - Remove default row banding, groups coloring
  247. Get user description info
  248. Integer Array not working in Simple Parameter/IN clause
  249. Default date display in text box of date input component in CDE
  250. Dashboard type turns to blueprint when 'save as ...'