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  1. New Datatables release
  2. Issue with Olap Selector
  3. Configuring a FusionChart
  4. how to change background colour of a table cell depending on data in pentaho CDE
  5. Pass pie chart slice color to other chart
  6. BTable in Pentaho 4.5
  7. DSN issue
  8. Could not compute md5 checksum
  9. Calculated Column with BTable
  10. Click action on CCC Bar Chart doesn't seem to work anymore with pentaho 5.0
  11. Problem with RadioButton component and jQuery
  12. CCC Line Chart - adding zones and lines
  13. Table Component - Formatting cells
  14. Error while executing query
  15. Dial Gauge - error? Help requested!
  16. Map Component dont work anymore
  17. Area Line Chart on CCC
  18. How to remove x-axis labels text in ccc2 line charts on cdf dash boards
  19. Change tooltip background color and the text display color
  20. How to adjust 100% Stacked Bar Chart ?
  21. Error Processing Multiple Selection Component
  22. [CDF] After migrate from pentaho 4.8 to 5.0.1... how do we edit myTemplate.html now?
  23. jQuery Plugin=chosen for selects is giving error
  24. table component is not loading on the dashboard
  25. CDA - How to share connections and queries and between widgets
  26. Protovis pie problem
  27. Multiple column join
  28. BUG : CCC Bar Chart values are NOT visible from distant Computers(clients)
  29. Line chart margin control options?
  30. Why there is vertical scroll in pentaho login page ? How to remove it ..
  31. How to put numbers inside the doughnut ? the percentage values or some summation
  32. Bootstrap nav bars + chosen JQuery selects + responsive jQuery selects
  33. [D3Component Library] can't be mapped to a valid class when creating a new component
  34. Table Component Expand property
  35. Change bar chart minimum
  36. Convert doughnut chart to semi circular chart.
  37. Error processing component - how to override message?
  38. [CDA] Different result from CDA V/S jPivot View
  39. retrieving data from parameter to java script
  40. Having to click twice on table to populate expand table
  41. Date input component bug under "bootstrap" style?
  42. How to do multiple select drop down queries in cdf
  43. Table Component is not showing updated data
  44. Exception shown when laoding dashboard
  45. Saiku Analytics will not start/install correctly due to "missing" files
  46. [CDF] POST request || call dashboard passing a lot of info
  47. increase the CGG image size during export
  48. Dynamic width of the popup component
  49. [Saiku] Measure : Number format ?
  50. Is it possible to implement a Multi bar + multi line chart?
  51. Japanese Character Cannot display on HTML of CDE
  52. CTools installation problem
  53. Community Chart Components how to set data?
  54. Dashboard and Report Analysis not Working
  55. Get list of dashboards in solution and titles
  56. Failed to load image in pentaho CDE
  57. How to create Bar chart with Highlighted Bars for some values
  58. Removing groupHeader preSpace & groupHeader postSpace for Table component
  59. Dynamic color of tooltip on hovring the mouse on different colored bars or slices
  60. Can Upgradable CDF & CDE - Market place & CDA are upto date
  61. List of threads - CDE
  62. [D3Component Library] Non CSS nor JS dependency
  63. Pentaho CDE Select Component id and value
  64. Has anyone successfully gotten the Dial Chart Comp working?
  65. What are session variables in pentaho ? in CDE ?
  66. Passing parameter to table component header?
  67. select multiple files at a time and send them to trash in Browse Repository
  68. Changing component update behaviour
  69. What is ".orient" folder under ".../pentaho-solutions/system/"??
  70. Use Like Clause in CDE
  71. Xaction as a Datasource in CDE!
  72. Click action In CCC Bar Chart
  73. Add MEDIAN individual in a line graph, Mondrian or CDE?
  74. What's different between crosstabMode True and False ?
  75. Where can I download latest version CDF in jar file ?
  76. ccc chart shows value only when hover or not interactive?
  77. CDA Parameters Performance
  78. Using D3 Component
  79. Export to excel using exportPopupComponent not exporting table data
  80. Unable to perform drill down from baseAxisClickAction property
  81. How to preselect or predisable concrete pie of pie chart?
  82. CDE Popup event
  83. CDE dashboard problem opening - Sorry. We really did try. Something went wrong.
  84. CDE dasnboard - HtmlObject and other properties don't appear in my components.
  85. How to activate Bootstrap for CDF dashboards?
  86. i18n for Sparkl dashboards?
  87. CDE dashboarb - css can't be edited
  88. CDE - BTable - Filter Between
  89. Values for new Bootstrap3 columns in CDE OR how to get lastest TRUNK before version
  90. Why this error ? initializing XUL runner: Error invoking method: mantleXulHandler.ini
  91. Javascript functions don't work properly
  92. Barchart autowidth
  93. Advice: Should I use CDE o CDF?
  94. Values for Extra small devices,Small devices ,Medium devices ,Large devices in CDE
  95. D3 bar chart Y-axis values OR percentages
  96. CDE Version: 14.06.18 and last trunk
  97. Drill or NOT Drill, That is the question...
  98. contribute with spanish translation of BTable
  99. How to implement gauge chart using Pentaho CDE component
  100. Need help in bar chart functionality
  101. Need help in bar chart functionality
  102. Need help with dashboard drill down url.
  103. X-Axis Lables distance from Axis
  104. Dashboard Getting too Slow to Load
  105. Need multi-select checkbox filter in CDE
  106. execute prpt component with release 14.06.18
  107. Responsive table component with bootstrap css
  108. Load dashboard components(charts and etc) after selecting all input controls only
  109. Vertical Scroll bar for table component
  110. CDF Dashboard Error Processing Components
  111. [CDA] JSONP supported?
  112. BarChart BaseAxisTitle
  113. CDE Div Intergration Passing Paramaeter from the outside
  114. pagination for ccc charts
  115. CDF: TypeError: _oExt.oPagination[oSettings.sPaginationType] is undefined
  116. Click Action on CCC pie charts
  117. Getting values from a CDE table component onClick
  118. CDA & Query schechuled refresh
  119. Porting CDE dashboards from 4.8 to Pentaho 5.1
  120. Is there any property to make the CCC charts to view in 3D mode ?
  121. Export Dashboard having multiple charts in single file(CDE)
  122. Manual Install CDF, CDA, CDE.
  123. I have some problem with map report please help me!!(Marker)
  124. Open Flash chart - Nothing is coming to visualize
  125. Protovis chart component : Sunbrust chart implementation.
  126. CBF and ctools-installer
  127. treeMap leaf node color
  128. Protovis width and height acces?
  129. How to display legend when No data found?
  130. How to use conditional cell formatting with BTable
  131. How To Add SPARKL Plugin in Marketplace??
  132. CST - Community Startup Tabs with 5.x Pentaho
  133. cde components using dojo gauge
  134. Get back the hidden .cda file in Folder
  135. How Dashboard Parameter Communicate With Endoints - SPARKL ???
  136. [CDA] Using CDATA - (Unparsed) Character Data
  137. SQL column Names as parameter values - CASE statement+column Names from parameter
  138. Change the one chart in CDE dashboard on button click
  139. CCC Pie Chart / CCC doughnut chart - Detach slices and spin roundly
  140. Multi select slices/bars drill down OR Intra Chart Coomunication of CCC charts
  141. unable to pass query in d3 chart
  142. ExportPopUpButton - Export to image is not working but Export to Data is working
  143. Create bar chart in pentaho CDE (bi server 5.0.1)
  144. BAR WITH 5-NUMBER-STATISTICS - What is the sample result set format to plot data ?
  145. How can I export data to excel in xlsx format ?
  146. Problem to passing parameter in d3 chart library
  147. Marketplace CDE CDA CDF and Sparkl erron in istall and update
  148. Marketplace CDE CDA CDF and Sparkl erron in istall and update
  149. Wrong result - BTable with Subtotals and ParallelPeriod
  150. Pentaho CDE book
  151. CCC Stacked bar chart with Line (1st column on X-axis+nxt 2 bars stacked + 1 line)
  152. Auto include feature
  153. newbie - data visualization from MongoDB on ARM
  154. Pentaho Ctools Marketplace problems
  155. Datasource not available
  156. printf - Grouping separator on table component
  157. Error processing component look and feel
  158. SparkL Server Side Parameter
  159. CCC stacked BAR chart with line
  160. Auditing for CDE dashboards
  161. Navigation Menu component is not working
  162. Content linking - Click on Pie chart and open a bar graph in next window.
  163. Multiple query results instead one?
  164. create dashboard with pentaho community
  165. CCC Line Chart TrendLine color
  166. CCC Charts : Outer Ring to donut/pie (Inner ring to donut/pie)
  167. Problem with embedding CDE dashboard into application
  168. Dashboard pings
  169. Can CDE read cookie data?
  170. CDE Table
  171. Ivy Pentaho Demo Server providing Dashboard is Open source or not ??
  172. CCC Pie Chart - slice_innerRadiusEx option unavailable
  173. Submitt button :1st time with default params vales & next time selections with submit
  174. Reset Inputs Button on Dashboards
  175. Export Dashboard(=HTML page) to pdf file with pure java script...
  176. Session Time out of Pentaho CDE Dashboard
  177. Tag cloud?
  178. Navigation Menu Component!
  179. BTable Error
  180. Customize date range input component in pentaho CDE ..
  181. Select Multiple datasource
  182. Pentaho CDE : Table component et AddIns ( Sparkline)
  183. Automate Datasource & Cube DEployment In Server
  184. Unable to use Bootstrap dateoicker in Pentaho CDE
  185. Daily Backup of CDE Dashboards
  186. chart colors dynamically changed based on data value
  187. Integration of CTOOLS in Pentaho 4.8 EE
  188. How to setup CDC with stand alone Mondrian
  189. Customizing NewMapComponent in CDE
  190. issue while installing sparkl
  191. CDE 7-29-14: SimpleAutoComplete component possible bug
  192. Extension points input place is disable in 14.07.29 C-Tools
  193. Heatmap with tracking data possible?
  194. Recents and Favorites of Pentaho 5.0 not working with navigation menu component!
  195. Error using Protovis Chart Component
  196. Concentric Pie(Dual level Pie Chart) Chart Example for Community Readers
  197. Bar Chart - Legend Click Mode
  198. Real-time?
  199. Sparkl: data validation
  200. CDE - Date input Component: Default value
  201. D3 component library and how to use?
  202. CDE Chart datasource parameterized
  203. Problem with CDA after uninstalling CDC
  204. Bootstrap css +Table component + Resize height and width
  205. CDA or BA Server? Bug with executing PRPT in PUC
  206. Tricky - is there a way to access CDA inside Sparkl?
  207. Inline Date Picker in CDE
  208. Could not load dashboard: null
  209. Change legend order
  210. CCC Metric Dot Chart dot shape sizes?
  211. How to edit DB tables?
  212. unable to define absoultely path in Pentaho cde
  213. CDE Dashboards : Disabling Javascript veborse logs
  214. Problems with sorting
  215. Unbale to upload dashboard from Pentaho 4.8 to Pentaho 5.0.1 stable CR
  216. Line Width of specific line in Line Chart
  217. Abort low priority 'Dashboards.fireChange' calls
  218. [CDF] after updating CDF all templates are gone
  219. Add Input box in Dashboard CDE
  220. Ways to performance/stress test a dashboard?
  221. Update CDE
  222. Dashboard freezes?
  223. Duplicating CST in Pentaho 5.1
  224. Protovis BubbleChart
  225. Refresh Chart On Button Component Click
  226. Problem loading dashboard on 1st load.
  227. alternative to nested query in ccc2
  228. pentaho 5.0 cde dashboard date input component does not work
  229. Pentaho 5 cde - how to create date input component
  230. Adding Images To CDE Button Component
  231. Single Sign On Pentaho Server 5.1
  232. Pentaho Community Edition 5.1
  233. Question: How to add a select all option to select component in CDE
  234. cde treemap node colors
  235. CDE - Traffic Component change Tooltip text
  236. FusionChart parameters
  237. CDE Table and Exporting: Before I got JIRA Happy
  238. CDE: Widget Creation Issue HTML Object ${p:}
  239. CDE Widget: Formatting Javascript functions
  240. CDE Indtallation
  241. Accessing pentaho dashboards over web by providing access details in url.
  242. Intercommunication Between Dashboards In Different Tab
  243. Show values as percentage on stacked bar chart
  244. BTable 2.1 via Marketplace with Pentaho 5.1
  245. Set parameters with javascript (to current YYYY and MM)
  246. How To Toaggle Between Chart & Grid?
  247. Stacked Bar chart inside table component
  248. Unable to display dial chart component in Internet Explorer 9.
  249. Dashboard chart, inverse or reverse values
  250. problem with Check component and javascript