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  1. CCC Bullet Chart: dynamic max range
  2. [DataSources] Passing private parameters
  3. Unexpandable CDE table
  4. how to register addins for the dashboard
  5. Error updating CTOOLS and MDXQuery
  6. pentaho CE
  7. pentaho CE
  8. How create a table using CDE.
  9. how can I check mdx queries as CDA sees them?
  10. Selecting Specific Columns For Chart
  11. Define step-chart steps interpolation
  12. What is the path to place the .ktr file for kettle over kettletransform option?
  13. Access dashboard with https
  14. Problem installing Repository Synchronizer
  15. Dashboard viewing options
  16. How to use MDX query to fetch data in Dashboard using PENTAHO CDE?
  17. Run a report in background from a Dashboard
  18. Export Chart as Image
  19. CDE: percentage in tooltips
  20. CDE - prpt component - parameters with multiple values
  21. Something goes wrong when i add a simple parameter in the Dashboard Please help :(
  22. Define Quadrant chart in CDE Dashboard
  23. error Passing a simple parameter from select component to Query component
  24. D3 component using JSON
  25. Use i18n properties file in dashboard directory
  26. How many maximum amount of chart in 1 dashboard that CDE allow to make ?
  27. CGG with D3js
  28. Data overlapping while showing sub reports side by side.
  29. CDE Bootstrap Template
  30. Jndi sql server does not work in cde dashboard
  31. CDA does not respect OutputIndexID in DoQuery
  32. Issue macking filters using check component with query results
  33. schedule Pentaho CDA File
  34. Testing Dashboards
  35. How to define an MDX set in a parameter? I.E. a parameter with {} characters
  36. Component Select DropDown with Check
  37. ESAPI.properties file not found in pentaho biserver 4.8
  38. how to change default color of every chart ?
  39. [CDE] - sql over sqlJndi component CDA file charset.
  40. how to change the color of the grid in CCC Line Chart
  41. [Bi-Server 4.8] Special characters
  42. Problem moving dashboard
  43. Export Data with something other than a Table
  44. CDE Bar chart - How to duplicate Axes in a bar chart?
  45. languagePack issue with PL characters
  46. variable html in cde to link
  47. Jpivot on 4.8 on linux export in excel and pdf
  48. Startup Rules
  49. Not able to create Tree Map with two measures.
  50. Deploying the CDE dashboard from Dev server to production server
  51. Query with parameter integerArray not working
  52. How to connect to SSAS cube
  53. CDE CCC Line chart - de-select trend on load/refresh?
  54. Tree Map Chart Conditional Color on vallues
  55. CDE Pie Chart - Add a Bar Legend
  56. Pentaho Download
  57. CDC flushing cube cache scope
  58. Database connection : BA 5.1
  59. Publish PRD report to User Console
  60. Special character not displayed
  61. How to use Commmunity Plugin Framework ?
  62. Display a dashboaed based on user
  63. Scoped Themeroller with Datatables
  64. What is FreeForm Component in CDE ? How to use it
  65. Problem with listeners in a large dashboard on CDE 5.2
  66. Get the caption text to click it
  67. Vertical scroll on table component: fixed header
  68. How create a Bar Chart frome Mysql query as datasource?
  69. Cde
  70. CDE Dashboard changes not reflecting on new server after deployment process.
  71. cdf dashboard error processing component
  72. How to open a saved OLAP Chart wizrd in data source in design mode.
  73. How to CDA file will be moved to another folder?
  74. Rubberband drill down dashboards - selectionChangedAction
  75. [AddIn reference] TrendArrow
  76. Multiselection in procedure
  77. Could not load dashboard: null
  78. Not able to pass multi parameter in stored procedure.
  79. CDE column spans working differently
  80. Kettle Queries
  81. [Connection closed]
  82. 5.2 CDE bootstrap dashboard column span behavior
  83. has error when open CDE Dashboard
  84. refresh / update more than one panel with in same Dashboard
  85. refresh / update more than one panel with in same Dashboard
  86. Interpanel communication between two table components
  87. label add to bar chart
  88. Table Component - dataBar with different colors
  89. How to reset the dashboard.firechange function on the basis of filter
  90. Troublemaker BTable
  91. Need to integrate CDE/CDF in Pentaho EE 5.2
  92. How to use the CDE Tutorial+Demos?
  93. Plot fixed line in bar chart
  94. unable to plot the Box Plot chart in CDE
  95. Can not edit my dashboard anymore
  96. HowTo copy Dashboard from one BI Server to a other
  97. Installing cde tutorial
  98. How to eliminate slight blinking of components when passing params one to another
  99. Display Dashboard loading time or percentage of loading
  100. Inter relate or interactive of chart components on mouse hover
  101. customization of legend Label appear in chart.
  102. How to use the free Form in CDE.
  103. Line Chart - Define Colormap in Crosstab Mode
  104. CDE/CCC - Pie chart - summary in the inner area
  105. Extension points : Bar and line chart
  106. Redirect to dashboard after login
  107. hide or remove legend shape AND how to display all lines with same colors
  108. Table component dataBar nit workung in Pentaho 5.2
  109. Auto Complete Box not working with parameter
  110. NewMapComponent with circle marker
  111. expanded sub-table search box loses focus after each character typed
  112. Sparlk error handling
  113. Sparkl application sharing
  114. How to Enable Edit option for saved .wcdf cde files
  115. Display Analysis Report on the CDE Dashboard
  116. spacing between bar chart
  117. How to create numberic point in CDE dashboard pentaho
  118. Index.xml
  119. Sorting of data in line chart does not work - PLS HELP! URGENT!
  120. SimpleAutoComplete - 5.2
  121. Sending Parameters without displaying it in URL - CDE
  122. Using Ctools without BI server
  123. Page Refresh Issue
  124. Crash dashboard layout
  125. Table component - how to localize messages
  126. Table component dynamic headers
  127. Reset parameters value onclick button
  128. Problem with CGG dial chart - cgg-env.js not found
  129. CDE - BTable - Filter Between - Range dates with params
  130. Creating hyperlink tabs in dashboards
  131. Error while creating a new dashboard
  132. expand data table with issue
  133. Path on Execute Prpt Component as Parameters
  134. Saiku OLAP wizard - "OK" button not working in Pentaho 5.2 (CDE)
  135. Parameters in Path Field
  136. Change chart query dinamically
  137. CCC Line Chart: How to make legend items selectable, but not chart points
  138. How to Use google analytics in pentaho cde
  139. regarding passing parameter from Penel_1 to Panel_2
  140. How to change Datasource property of CDE component dynamically?
  141. BTable filtering by a measure
  142. Troubles with a custom js selector
  143. Sub Table Bug
  144. CDF Changes 10DEC2014
  145. How to pass selected components to another drop down (multi selection)
  146. Chosen is not applying for multi select
  147. multiple buttons to render in single html object
  148. Popup Component in CDE
  149. table component alternate color row
  150. How to use excel data as datasource in pentaho cde
  151. A simple step-by-step tutorial on mapcomponent with MySQL?
  152. reload a chart panel
  153. Installation help with Pentaho 5.1.0
  154. Can I change default thousands separator in Pentaho 5.2 ? (from USA format to eurpean
  155. Where to start with Pentaho CDF
  156. Using Map Component in marker mode with City and Country data
  157. doQuery: null
  158. How to specify a second line in a CDE chart?
  159. How to edit an existing Dashboard?
  160. unable to call xaction file in cde dashboard
  161. Component listener always empty
  162. ERROR [pt.webdetails.cda.dataaccess.JoinCompoundDataAccess] Problem starting row ....
  163. CCC Destroy Method
  164. Custom table component
  165. Component for viewing Microsoft Exchange calendar?
  166. how to reference pentaho server datasource from a kettle endpoint in sparkl plugin
  167. CDE Dashboard load first time without filter
  168. Saiku - nullinterpolationmode
  169. BTable building with spaces in filter
  170. Cube vs Role - Olap Selector show only one member
  171. repository files and how to reference them
  172. Modify the Checkbox Selector
  173. Any simple Chloropleth Maps available for CDE?
  174. Saiku MDX Mode - no way back
  175. Getting Chart Color Data from OnClick Event
  176. Expandable table locks if changing rows
  177. Disable the future date in date input component
  178. Show empty chart
  179. CDE Dashboard - Long loading at first time
  180. Chosen Plugin
  181. End should be sysdate in data input component
  182. Well, the boss asked for it...
  183. kettle endpoint with response attachments
  184. CDA percentage performance
  185. Pentaho PDI 4.2.0 very high load average in SuSE 11.2
  186. setting language on dataTables
  187. How To Change Color In Ivy Gauge Chart By Interval
  188. Limit access to CDE based on users role
  189. Click action on category label?
  190. Problem with NewMapComponent
  191. Upload supported types
  192. How to hide a component depending on the role?
  193. How to customize the page loading icon
  194. Can we build live dashboard in Pentaho
  195. CDE Parameter
  196. Color kml shapes on the CDE Map Component?
  197. Menu Option for Sparkl and CRS
  198. CDE CDF.js performance
  199. Bullet Chart Labels Overlap
  200. Edit CDE Dashboards
  201. Multiple Expand Containers
  202. export button does not work
  203. How to know when CDE has finished loading all elements
  204. call ktr from cde
  205. Schedule CDA queries with paramateres
  206. Can't properly preview dashboard when using bootstrap
  207. Month picker component in other language
  208. New Map Component Issues
  209. Pentaho EE root folder
  210. CDA calculated column not working
  211. Editing the Legend Name and timeseries property in CDE Chart
  212. i18n working in CDE dashboards but not Sparkl
  213. How to pass parameters to MDX
  214. Hitachi Data System and Pentaho Corporation
  215. Customization of PentaHo Tool
  216. Saiku Widget Component to show a saiku file
  217. trendArrow AddIns in TableComponent
  218. Context menu in Btable
  219. List of Addins in 5.2
  220. How to integrate the CDC cache with Saiku cache
  221. Btable : setting the background color of a cell
  222. Details from table component
  223. Not able to display CDE dashboard in IE 10
  224. change the format of date range input component
  225. AddIn databar: how to for gradient color
  226. Multiple paramaters inside SQL datasource
  227. Overlapping Bar Charts in CDE
  228. Using the PRPT Component in CDE
  229. Click event in Btable
  230. As a system admin, How do I see lis of all dashboards created by business users?
  231. onClick on bootstrap button
  232. exportData Error
  233. BTable installtion issue
  234. Bar Chart and Plot2
  235. Add Input Box In pentaho CDE
  236. Chart width isn't dynamic in bootstrap
  237. Chart with MDX datasource not visible to "Business Analysis" role user
  238. dsiable future selection in date input component.
  239. Reduce white margin dashboard
  240. [CCC2] show / hide series by code
  241. Sum stacked values in Tooltip
  242. Logged-in username as paramater in OLAP Cube ( Saiku, Mondrian )
  243. Single query, multiple charts - faster??
  244. Dashboard with saiku element
  245. CDE Dashboard is not displaying correctly
  246. Create new tab with ( cst ) and saiku report
  247. How to remove All(Value) legend for TreeMap component
  248. Change the maxvalue of the Ivy Gauge Component using Javascript
  249. exportComponent
  250. Table Component - Customize the error message