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  1. Trying to use CFR with CDE
  2. Link to PRPT on BI server
  3. Issue with drill down in pentaho 5 CDE
  4. Tutorial for periodically updating maps (NewMapComponent)
  5. Access page count in PRPT Component
  6. SPARKL - error on opening - "Error processing component"
  7. CDA Inner Join - How to using kettle
  8. Base Axis Label settings for charts
  9. d3 calendar ignores listeners variable changes
  10. Pentaho BI CE 5.3 Bar Chart Parameter Passing
  11. CCC - TWO stacked bar charts combined into one bar chart
  12. Problem refresh table
  13. make bullet chart marker not visible?
  14. Heat map superimposed on any map with zoom in /out facilities
  15. reading parameter at load time
  16. Strange headers in BTable component
  17. CDE NewMapComponent Functionality: How to show the marker
  18. Pie Chart Legend
  19. Specific row as footer in table
  20. Change Legends with images CCC Bar Chart
  21. Unknown error
  22. CTools components using iframe : problem with reverse proxy
  23. Read value from kettle.properties via a CTools Dashboard?
  24. Can we resist the year in date range component.
  25. Open NewTab in PUC
  26. CTools Redirect To A Specfic WebSite On Timeout
  27. Expected result set format for different CCCs
  28. Error while executing query in Pentaho CDE Dashboard
  29. Click on bar chart (in no data area)
  30. Bar chart All in one - Bar & line with same scale
  31. Hide and show charts dynamically
  32. newMapComponent - dynamic source for shape information?
  33. CDE preview not showing charts
  34. Ctools 5.3 CDE Line Chart tick and labeling configuration
  35. Hidden table freezes on expand after changing external parameter
  36. CTools Dashboard Reference an external javascript file located remotely
  37. CDF problem with international characters displaying
  38. Widget : referencing a parameter
  39. Time Series line chart with CDE 5.3
  40. Problem BTable
  41. CTools Manual Deployment of Dashboards
  42. Curved Line Chart in Pentaho CDE Dashboard
  43. Ctools Sparkl : accessing a database
  44. Changing Bootstrap container element in a CDE dashboard
  45. Problem Close Tab BTable
  46. Pentaho New Map Component/Google Maps overlay Component
  47. CDE: Google Maps Overlay Component/New Map component
  48. BTable Return no Data
  49. Update dashboard parameter from another dashboard
  50. CDE Colors Legend don't match with Chart
  51. Export CDE to CDF
  52. Possible to export CDE to CDF
  53. Is is possible to view the CDE-generated SQL query?
  54. BTable and NamedSets
  55. Sparkl - Error Using R execute script step in Transformation PDI Endpoint
  56. Unable to get any objects side by side in bootstrap?
  57. example preExecution script
  58. Autosizing a CGG Dial Chart
  59. Updating Dynamic Multi-Selectors
  60. CDE Export Button not working in 5.3
  61. Sparkl Error
  62. ERROR - CDF Components
  63. [CCC2] represent null values on chart?
  64. Embedding CDE Dashboard in 5.3
  65. BTable in IFrame takes forever to load and never displays
  66. line chart start position
  67. Init a dashboard
  68. CDE and Saiku Widgets
  69. 100% stacked Area Chart
  70. Problems using Group by in Kettle query
  71. Referencing Sub-tranforms in a Kettle Transform run in CDA
  72. Customizing mouseover behaviour in MapComponent
  73. Custom line chart animation
  74. Line chart - Third series to be dashed
  75. Problem in defining table name as variable in "sqljdbc" query
  76. export takes long time, who to run it in synchronous mode and show spinner?
  77. Map Component
  78. Custom charts with Pentaho EE?
  79. d3ComponentLibrary - adding a new component
  80. Protovis Component
  81. CDE Dashboard Language
  82. Valid MDX to return all dimensions doesnt work in CDA
  83. CDA:Error Executing Query
  84. CCC : Change Values Background Color
  85. Toggle reports on and off
  86. One Legend Multiple Charts
  87. Order of values in a 100% stacked barchart
  88. CDE display problem
  89. CDE Apply Template
  90. Trim Axis tick label
  91. Want total value visible in waterfall chart
  92. CDE - DataSources not working
  93. Remove Grouped Label in Stacked bar chart
  94. CDE - Saiku widget preview not working
  95. time series format issue
  96. How to export excel from CDE in Pentaho BA 5.3 ?
  97. CDE datasource issue
  98. Hide JNDI from Power Users
  99. Drawing a horizontal "target" line on a bar graph
  100. Check Component Default Selection
  101. How to show multiple dashboard on single screen
  102. URL of CGG for PRD not load
  103. Bar Chart Color by one column from the SQL query
  104. C-Tools Update Has Broken My PRPT Reports
  105. Sciptable datasource
  106. Clustering markers
  107. Need help with 2 series value comparison in bar chart for conditional coloring of bar
  108. How to create performance cards similar to CDE Showcase example
  109. How to display dynamic images in CDE dashboard?
  110. Help - Exporting tables to Excel
  111. Parameter to query URL
  112. One user account can be used by infinite users
  113. Need help with box plot chart
  114. Child added across parents
  115. CDE - Where to find error messages
  116. Chosen multiple select placeholder
  117. Error: The CDA Datafactory could not process the query
  118. Where can I find saiku analytics plugin
  119. Template preview?
  120. SunburstChart Colors
  121. [CCC2] different valuesLabelStyle 'linked' //'inside' for each Slice?
  122. Color Shapes
  123. Export to Excel with stringArrays
  124. table with merged rows and columns in CDE dashboard
  125. Add options to the multiselect of table size
  126. Refreshing only one componente on cde dashboard
  127. C-Tools Update has also broke my Saiku Ad-Hoc Reports...
  128. Parameters(user and password) in URL (Biserver 5.2)
  129. CDE Back button?
  130. Register for the FREE Pentaho Community Meeting in London
  131. column data formatting issue in btable
  132. Passing multiple values of parameter to next level using drill down in bar chart
  133. Unable to Connect to MSSQL from PEntaho
  134. passing parameters from CDE to kettle
  135. Trying to create a map component ...
  136. CDV (Community Data Validation) HTTP Notifications
  137. S3 File Ouput
  138. Changing a parameter at Shape click
  139. CDC (Community Distributed Cache) hanging / waiting on BA Server
  140. How to control Logout???
  141. Passing parameter value to Kettle transformation
  142. CSS Styling CDE Analyzer Component
  143. Getting error while loading data in Oracle Db.
  144. CGG Chart doesn't show in PRD (and subsequently on BA server)
  145. Create CDE Dashboard only for Admins
  146. Grant unauthorised access to sparkl app dashboards
  147. CDE & Google Map Overlay Component pentaho v5.3
  148. Chart not rendering when hide/show
  149. Not able to change the base labels size
  150. query parameter in Pentaho 5.4 CTools
  151. Problem with user and password in URL (BiServer 5.3)
  152. How to re-render a chart after make some changes
  153. ERROR [RenderApi] Could not load dashboard: metaModel
  154. Drill Down Table Pentaho 5.4
  155. CDE + Postgres Query + Parameter
  156. Click Action - Change Chart
  157. Link to jpivot using same datasource and filters I use in the charts.
  158. Get a parameter from URL and set it in a datasource query
  159. /pentaho-cdf-dd/includes.properties file is opened many times
  160. Pass Conditional Characters in url
  161. Table component in dashboard not updating
  162. Add data to resulset
  163. Simple example of chloropleth maps with Ctools
  164. Auto-complete component
  165. CDF: Object type exportButton can't be mapped to a valid class
  166. Passing parameters to JPivot table in CDE
  167. Google Maps Overlay Component Pentaho v5.3
  168. Cde + sqlserver
  169. Hoverable only one column in bar charts
  170. Round top corner of bar chart
  171. CDE layout structure properties
  172. CDE/Bootstrap - last row vanishes if under 993 horizontal space...
  173. Use different styles with different select components (select2)
  174. Possible bug with tooltips and stacked bar charts.
  175. Misbehavior CCC Line chart component and a Date range input component?
  176. CDA and biserver-ce
  177. Disable Edit & Save Button In Saiku Analytics
  178. No Data Displayed In CDE When Saiku Widget Is Executed
  179. Progress indicator is not shown for query components
  180. Issue with CDA sources in Pentaho Report Viewer: AbstractMondrianConnection exception
  181. Server-side grouping of queries for efficiency?
  182. Google "Material Design Lite" in dashboards
  183. Highlighting a pie slice in ClickAction
  184. CDE Bar Chart drill down
  185. Select Component doesn't work in
  186. Error when not admin tries to open dashboard at the first time after starting Pentaho
  187. Axis name format in CDE dashBoard charts
  188. BTable Filter Problem
  189. enable / disable features depending on the user
  190. cpk.session.username = UNDEFINED in Startup Rule Engine sample
  191. Table to popup table
  192. CDE Problem with moving column headers (and other table items)
  193. Error Listing Queries - CDA
  194. Unable to show values as selected in check component
  195. How to provide dynamic start date for Date Input Component
  196. Create submit button
  197. NumberFormatException for Data Parameter
  198. CST: Launcher mode not working for multiple dashboards
  199. Set parameter from selection in Analyzer Component?
  200. Different lineWidth for the multiple lines in CCC line chart
  201. How to use session variables in CDE?
  202. Problem BTable
  203. btable dynamic filter
  204. Upgrade path to 15.06.30 CTools release (on 5.3)
  205. Problem with execute xaction in CDE
  206. CDE Pivot Component
  207. How to access the second category of Line chart ?
  208. CDA: Export as xls not working
  209. Using Variables from Kettle.properties on CDE Components
  210. clickAction for legend
  211. Change plot2 legend markers
  212. Need help with dynamic LIMIT in MySQL query
  213. Community Edition Dashboard shows nothing
  214. problem in Using Parameters
  215. How Saiku Widget use parameters in cde
  216. Export Dashboard as Power Point Presentation
  217. working with parameters
  218. CTOOLS:LineChart:Dual Layered X-Axis :How can I create one?
  219. Refresh data after I select all select components
  220. MySql query to make CCC bar chart in Community Edition Dashboard
  221. CDE Button doesnt recognise JSON.stringify() on second use
  222. URL Parameters to CDA Parameters
  223. drill in charts in cde
  224. Updating parameter value when select a new value in Auto-Complete Box
  225. Using URL encrypted parameters on embedded dashboard
  226. paramater function not declared
  227. Writing back to DB
  228. Working with HTML
  229. Table Component Highlight onClick
  230. Table Component Row Button or Link
  231. CDE addin in any component
  232. Add more info to Tooltip in CDE Dashboard
  233. Component Map - GeoMap - doubt
  234. Parameterized Dashboard Slow Query Performance Postgres 9.2.8
  235. A navigation menu for dashboards
  236. [Custom parameter]
  237. [DASHBOARD] responsive
  238. CDA Security
  239. Stand Alone CDA
  240. cda doQuery doesn't work, 501 error
  241. Where to get the standalone node for CDC?
  242. MultiButton component : how catch the selected value
  243. Automatic Login to CDE via JWT token
  244. CDE dashboard Error processing component?
  245. Want to remove negative scale on x-axis
  246. TimePlot Component in pentaho CE 5.4 with cde dashboard
  247. Making dashboards that users can customize themself?
  248. Modifying Column header before exporting to Excel
  249. Problem With Analysis Report
  250. Problem displayng BTable on dash