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  1. Trouble Updating Custom Component to Require JS
  2. series2 data getting SUM up if series one is blank
  3. ALL Condition with Multiselect dropdown ,replacing ALL in query
  4. How to use queryComponent parameters in UI-component?
  5. Feb and march month data to be plot on line chart.
  6. dataset for BiPartite using d3component
  7. Excel Template Location for CDA Export
  8. Require JS embedded dashboard parameters dont fire changes - Urgent help needed
  9. the problems of Pie Chart in cde
  10. Coding Charts
  11. RequireJS Dashboard use JQuery in external JS
  12. Is it possible to include user comments on a dashboard?
  13. CGG - working with extension points
  14. BioMe - Sparkl Transformators
  15. CDE + Require = Slow dashboard load
  16. How to Integrate Penatho CDE dashboard with Adempiere ERP
  17. Problem With Chart
  18. Pentaho 4.8: which CTools version?
  19. Customized CCC Pie Chart
  20. Ctools Butterfly chart
  21. Group charts by site
  22. Add legend directly on one part of my piechart
  23. How to set fixed "step" between ticks for x-axis?
  24. Trimmed Axis Label is still occupying space for big label
  25. Pentaho CDE Dashboards Search Panel using Bootstrap
  26. Change Bar color based on value for barchart
  27. css defalut page pentaho
  28. European Number Format
  29. Table Component onmouseover
  30. Highlight line/bar/slice on legend hover
  31. Reset parameter to it's default val. in bar chart when clicked in empty space
  32. Increased CDE/Kettle logging?
  33. Weird ToggleSelected behaviour
  34. Android Mobile Application to access pentaho Dashboards & reports using iframe
  35. Datatable Editor in CDE-CDF ?
  36. pentaho cde help
  37. Analyzer in CDE
  38. Select entire Line in LineChart
  39. Help with box plot needed
  40. CDF.js and cdf-bootstrap-script-includes.js - size/performance
  41. Changing legend colour
  42. How to create sql queries dynamically on CDE?
  43. how to display a startdate and enddate on Pentaho CDE dashboard?
  44. tooltipformat function help
  45. Expand on click but not footer row
  46. How to control chart and legend height?
  47. How to use DRILLTHROUGH in CDE
  48. How Can work BioMe Template Component in Pentaho CE 5.4
  49. OLAP selector in CDE
  50. Sparkl Solution Embedding
  51. Remove/hide "All" category from CCC Waterfall Chart in CDE
  52. kettle-query component-text component
  53. Waterfall chart comparison lines
  54. how to set the document mode for pentaho cde dashboard?
  55. CST Plugin configuration
  56. Dashboard Sample in Pentaho
  57. Pentaho CDE Heat Grid bubble chart
  58. How do I install from Marketplace?
  59. Automatic Pagination - CDE - Table Component - CDA Data Source Query
  60. Show percent value on bar chart
  61. Startup Rule Engine doesn't work with biserver CE 6.0
  62. Setting default values in selectors
  63. CDE OLAP Wizard with modnrian Dynamic Schema Processor not working
  64. can't get prpt component to work
  65. [CDE] Is it possible to have a dynamic (non empty) number of columns in a table?
  66. [CDE] Is it possible to recover the default order in a table?
  67. Manage dimensions in BTable
  68. [CDE] Datasource Properties For SQL Server Connection
  69. Issue with navigation component, tab name is not changing
  70. Multi-Selector Component Tool Tip
  71. Can not make a new dashboard, vanilla CE 6 on Windows Server
  72. What is correct way to pass a js function to dataTable Component - CDE
  73. Accessing Same Dashboard By Different Users with restricted data
  74. Paired Bar-Line Measures (Dual y axis bar chart with trend line)
  75. No "Column Format" in Table Component - CDE 6
  76. CDE Data Range Input component localization
  77. Where is CDE in Pentaho 6?
  78. Learning CDE Concepts...
  79. How to Change the font Color of the values in the CCC Bar Chart Component?
  80. Crosstab bar chart with hidden columns
  81. Change the order of the values of an axis
  82. Physical Location of CDE Report files (.cda, .wcdf, .cdfdf etc.)
  83. Evaluating Pentaho - Quick pointers with CDE
  84. Value of another column in Pre-Execution
  85. Error processing components on "Number One" CDE demo tutorial
  86. how to set the first value to the select component
  87. How to pass url params to "kettle over kettleTransFromFile"
  88. Pivot Subtotal BtableQ
  89. multiple charts and tables on the same dashboard panel
  90. CDE - can't handle jQuery onClick event
  91. embedding dashboard in sso
  92. Pentaho Dashboard
  93. Image Column in Table Compnent
  94. CDE Dashboard in new Window
  95. how to set the export file name of export button in CDE?
  96. Change schema with Parameter dynamically problem
  97. pass parameter(s) from CDE dasbhoard to report
  98. Saiku OLAP Wizard error
  99. CDE template and CSS
  100. Impersonate User functionality
  101. Passing div class values
  102. Minimun and maximun values on ccc bar chart
  103. Problem with cache and CDE
  104. localisation : how to get the full information?
  105. Do I have to worry about my Query components stop working?
  106. New Map Component Marker Mode Tooltip does not work
  107. Disabling context menu on a tab
  108. Pace.js in CDE Dashboard
  109. Get values from sql query
  110. Olap selector problem
  111. Passing json object as datasource to CCC charts using function
  112. "Could not load dashboard" Error
  113. CCC Line Chart multichart - individual min/max
  114. Change column header
  115. Remove line chart padding
  116. Change Label Font size on Sunburst chart & tooltip formatting
  117. Intermittent error when processing components
  118. Parameters not working with CDA (and CDE) and mysql
  119. different chart in same component - only one of them should be visible at a time
  120. Trailing/leading comma in Bootstrap table
  121. Dashboard security on components
  122. Line chart : Additional value in tooltip
  123. How to clear selection in Select Component
  124. dynamically select one chart from multiple charts
  125. Listener not working when using a external js file.
  126. Getting result from Query Component in Select Component
  127. CDE: use the value of a sql query on the definition of a bar chart not working
  128. Get orthoaxis value to use in Extension points
  129. Calculated Columns
  130. how to use the parameter in the HTML of layout panel?
  131. Sort columns
  132. Line Breaking in Line Chart
  133. CDE Responsive Datatables with Bootstrap
  134. Pentaho CDE Sunburst chart - valuesFont & valuesLabelStyle setting
  135. Help on Line Chart no data available only first time
  136. cde dashboards select component muiltiple dropdown
  137. unable to print map component
  138. Pentaho CDE kettle over kettleTransFromFile Parameters
  139. Chart Title - Extension Points
  140. CDE charts nort rendering
  141. Select with "All" option
  142. CDA Datasource in CDE
  143. How to execute Query which uses Temporary tables
  144. selecting data using SQL Query from CSV datasource
  145. Displaying legend outside the chart area
  146. How to export pentaho cde charts to pdf/xsl and so on
  147. Dashboard design advice please
  148. D3 Components Group is missing in LayOut
  149. Saiku filter
  150. Pie chart not rendering
  151. cde table component Search
  152. table component use paginate server-side
  153. Can CDE Select component display two columns ?
  154. Is there ane extra option in a table component equivalent to bAutoWidt
  155. Estimation Line in line chart
  156. Hoe to change the background/plot-area color of the chart?
  157. Parent Child Hierarchy Table
  158. PUC error when last component or datasource selected
  159. Manually installing SAIKU Plugin
  160. Hiding the Column in chart
  161. Slider with pentaho
  162. Select component - specifying value to be put into the parameter
  163. Hide charts without values
  164. Drilldown in Saiku widget CDE
  165. CCC2 stacked bar chart's values didn't appear with complete text
  166. Error Processing component due to parameter value
  167. Does CDC control the reports cache in BIServer 6.0?
  168. Embedding CDF dashboard in html
  169. [CDC] - Clear cache CDA doesn't work
  170. Problem using Expand on Click Table
  171. Problem with post execution on Internet Explorer
  172. Do GetHeaders and GetContent still work in pentaho 6.0?
  173. RequireJS plugin help needed
  174. table tooltip
  175. Diferencias al mostrar un saiku report desde saiku y desde CDE
  176. Can't show select
  177. Correct way to pass user roles privately in CDA query
  178. Btable in CDE
  179. Datasource as parameter (or via pre-execution or...)
  180. Drill down from chart Pentaho CE 6.x
  181. How to access results header info with Query Component in RequireJS dashboard?
  182. CGG Dial Chart vs. Dial Chart Component (pentaho 6.0 version)
  183. Embedding Pentaho Analyzer Report in CTOOLS?
  184. How to drilldown in Saiku Component for CDE?
  185. KettleFileException when installing IvyGS component from Pentaho Marketplace
  186. btable refresh in runtime
  187. Can we write expression for parameter default value ?
  188. How to set default value for a parameter from a query
  189. CST for Pentaho 6.1.0
  190. Component not refreshed in time
  191. debug CDE datasource request
  192. Mondrian Error:Internal Error when executing query through CDA preview
  193. How to populate SQL output to D3 understandable json/matrix format
  194. Tooltip font size format
  195. QueryComponent no longer working in Pentaho 6.0.1
  196. CCC Stack Area Chart filtering not displaying in sorted way
  197. Display the Value of an Pie Chart (Donut) in the Center?
  198. SelectComponent is very slow with large data sets
  199. Default value of dashboard parameter based on SQL query
  200. CGG Dial Char: strange behavior
  201. Filter for table component
  202. refreshing cgg generated images
  203. Grouped category for X axis for any CCC chart
  204. Separator character in a component table
  205. BTable filte
  206. Parametrized SQL queries in IN part of SQL query
  207. Make URL as cells of a column in table component.
  208. IVY Gauge component
  209. post request
  210. CGG Dial Chart
  211. JS Code Snippet not able to access this.dashboard when not in debug mode
  212. Individual column searching for table component
  213. Line chart with changing color
  214. line chart
  215. Pre-selected value in FilterComponent
  216. CDE table component export to excel
  217. Is it possible to make CDA endpoints only accessible for admin?
  218. Show different value in CCC dot chart
  219. Change default names of export files
  220. Export button not working
  221. Access to "pvc" or "pv" Protovis objects with AMD development
  222. Number formatting issues in CDE
  223. How to access the dashboard plugin-samples?
  224. Dashboard does not show charts when browser cache cleared
  225. Legends in Heat Grid Chart
  226. [Ctools webdetails] Information parameter
  227. Drill Down chart capablity
  228. RequireJS - External code
  229. Multichart + multiseries line chart
  230. pentaho CDE
  231. Fail to Create dashboard use Kettle data source
  232. Fail to use Kettle Data source in my CDE dashboard
  233. How to view error log in Pentaho CDE Dashboard
  234. Blank after installed CDE
  235. CCC Line chart doesn't get new data after refreshing
  236. CCC - orthoAxisFixedMin/leafContentOverflow usage + dom-to-image lib
  237. Issue with SQL parameterized queries
  238. export to pdf
  239. change table compoent proprierties
  240. Link between Pentaho CDE dashboards
  241. Inconsistency in TimeSeriesFormat
  242. Stacked bar chart, display total per bar
  243. MapComponent Help
  244. CDE: bar-line chart showing line double
  245. How to passing parameter between CDE dashboards in a table component
  246. Creating widgets
  247. kettleTransFromFile and transformation executor
  248. Duplication of graphics
  249. Create Real-time Dashboard using CTools from big data source
  250. Virtual file is not readable: mondrian:/SteelWheels