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  1. CDA Parameterizing the OrderBY doesnt work
  2. Change table Column Locale based on metadata
  3. CDE - Table font color
  4. Change Tab Icon (Favicon)
  5. CDA Cache
  6. Hazelcast node as windows service [CDC]
  7. CDE - multi languages
  8. Problem with a path with blank space
  9. Uploading fonts to BI Server. This type of file is not compatible
  10. Setting same y-axis scale in different graphics
  11. Help with popup in newMapComponent
  12. Manipulate only one line in a CCC ChartLine by JS code
  13. CDE Bar Chart, display the values on top?
  14. Questions using NewMapComponent and Google Map Overlay Component in CDE
  15. Load Testing CTools Applications
  16. error with ClickAction in nested table component
  17. Not able to use Query Component in Pentaho 6.1
  18. Navigation Menu Not Working on CDE
  19. CFR question
  20. CDE : Calendar in french
  21. Parametrized sql request in CDE with Iseries
  22. Popup object position
  23. Embeding CTools dashboard make internet port closed
  24. result in dropdown!
  25. Capture color selected bars in a bar chart
  26. Edit Table Data
  27. How to add column to show user access time and export this table on Pentaho CE Audit?
  28. Table Component: export data formatting issue
  29. use of prpt component in cde dashboard
  30. Hide rows depending on the value of a particular column
  31. Html Link between two dashboard
  32. How to add new column to show user access time at Pentaho CE Audit?
  33. Select Member on a chart and show on others charts
  34. CDE OLAP Wizard doesn't show Dimension member for selection
  35. How to change color pie chart as value
  36. Charts not loading on first login attempt everyday
  37. CCC treemap root category legendclick
  38. Data Integration for eBay API using data integration transformations
  39. Settiing up CDE 6 to access image files?
  40. Charting by passing 2 parameters from CDE dashboard
  41. Excel Export - CDE - Thousand Separator formatting
  42. how to make select component mandatory field to select in the dashboard
  43. Web Service
  44. Table Component: problems with Expand on click property
  45. Load new table inside another as Drill down
  46. Radar/Spider Chart in CTOOLS?
  47. Ctools unavailable for 5.3
  48. Configuration File
  49. Dynamic DotsVisible LineChart
  50. MDX CDE parameter
  51. Distinct Measures on same table
  52. Ortho2AxisFixedMax don't change max value in second y axis
  53. anyone have the CDE files behind the "custom dashboards" on Pentaho's web site?
  54. Dashboard interactivity for charts components switch
  55. Select one chart from the other
  56. CDE 6 - Browser hang-up while expanding last Row in Layout Panel
  57. Heat Grid - assigning colors to discrete values - colorMap not working
  58. Creating a Bar Chart from SQL Query
  59. Line Chart Time Series Question
  60. Help! StringArray parameter with multiple values in Query!
  61. Popup triggered from ClickAction on Heat Grid - there is no "e.target"!
  62. Map in SAIKU Chart Plus
  63. CDE Line Chart Legend Click Mode
  64. Displaying details values of PI Slice
  65. displaying the summed up valued in the center of a pie chart
  66. How to give symbol to the orthoAxis?
  67. Display Total at the end of Stacked Bar Chart
  68. CDE Table - Expand on Click
  69. Pentaho cde excel export after change table header dont take new header
  70. Improve data value display
  71. Extra Options
  72. Stacked default percentage disable
  73. Color Legend for newMapComponent with Shapes.
  74. Multi-button component in ctools
  75. Percentage values in Waterfall chart
  76. Export Button to generate xls
  77. Script error after installing d3 Component Library plugin
  78. Filter Component - Delay Search until finished typing
  79. Data range input component
  80. Filter component cannot show drop down properly
  81. Open GeoServer integration with CTOOLs NewMapComponent
  82. adding the value to the bullet chart title?
  83. How to change DataSource Property of Table Component Based on Click
  84. use of data multi-tenancy feature in community edition pentaho bi server
  85. change value of parameter to use in SQL request
  86. Export complete table dataset to Excel with pagination server side
  87. Plot2 Series values in javascript to compare for a KPI
  88. Apply Bootstrap style...
  89. Updatable Private Parameters
  90. How embed a CDE dashboard in Pentaho 6.1
  91. Export CDE dashboard to PDF format
  92. Improve CDE Big Table performance
  93. How to get dashboard tables row count popup alert?
  94. Query for GoogleMaps Overlay component
  95. How to hide / show line chart with clicking legend from another chart ?
  96. CDA/CDE misses out MDX measures
  97. Slow loading of CDE
  98. Embedding CDE dashboard into web application
  99. Timeseries on YYYYMM in CCC
  100. Percentage with fixed value in the bar graph hint.
  101. CDE global datasource settings
  102. Real time chart plotting in angular directive.
  103. Table Component with dynamic number of columns in result set
  104. how to change exported excel to report name
  105. crosstab filter reports
  106. CDA - SQL Server Issue: Cursors are not supported with clustered columnstore index
  107. Connect CDE to SSAS Cube (OLAP4J)
  108. Adding new component in Pentaho 6
  109. List Dimension Members including Null Member
  110. Accessing this.datatable object
  111. how create a table with unknow number of column / dynamic sql
  112. pentaho cde bar chart(dynamic color in second plot(lines)
  113. Learning Pentaho CTools (e)book
  114. CDE embedding into web application
  115. KTR in CDE
  116. orthoAxisTick minimum value is set above 0 in Multi Bar Chart
  117. Upload a file in Community File Repository (CFR)
  118. Problems to embedded my CDF dashboard
  119. Tree/Hierarchy selector? Drill-down selector?
  120. Paging Through a Horizontal Bar Chart
  121. How to change Sunburst color
  122. Dynamic Table
  123. CDE Date Range Quarter
  124. CDE Filter Component Selecting by Groups
  125. Change a parameter value on click action
  126. Create a User with API
  127. CCC Bar Chart - MultiChart : Having a different axis title?
  128. Popup on NewMapComponent
  129. CDE Dashboard using mdx and parameterized cube
  130. Problem with Repository Synchronizer
  131. Use a parameterized cde dashboard through Drill down and stand alone both ways
  132. Report takes long time to load on server restart
  133. dynamic multiselect filters in pentaho dashboard
  134. CCC Bar chart : displaying a threshold
  135. showing trend graph in Table Component
  136. CDA wrong MDX results
  137. CST Plugin Problem to Rendering the Particular Dashboard based on user
  138. Format mysql output or run script privately to use as parameter at other query
  139. How to export a dashboard as Excel Format
  140. Run JOB in CDE dashboard by API
  141. ColorMap with MetricDot
  142. Embedded CDE DASHBOARD in HTML - Losing images and styles -
  143. CDE Dashboard Error
  144. Export Popup Component not displayed correctly
  145. dotted line in cccMetricLineChart
  146. Pentaho CDE Piechart Click Action: Dashboards not defined
  147. Query components this/metadata
  148. Maximum record count Pentaho can display
  149. Extend Line on a bar chart
  150. CBF2 problem
  151. How can i do a stress test to my CDE Dashboard?
  152. CCC Dot Chart with two series
  153. CDE Dashboard: Loading Time message.properties
  154. Any way to cancel update of component using a button and kill off the query?
  155. How to format tooltip & legend?
  156. Chart - Clear Selection Mode
  157. Bar chart X-axis,Y-axis labels
  158. Community Startup Tabs doesn't work
  159. CDA output to Excel not working
  160. Disabled series in a chart
  161. How to passing external parameters to BTable filters
  162. Binding request parameter to Query component is adding \ in front of ( and ).
  163. CDA Cache of datasource made by MDX query isn't cleared
  164. fix width of each category
  165. Help on embedding a dashboard in a webpage
  166. How to change encode when export data as CSV
  167. Metadata Injection ETL execution from CDE
  168. Inner table not closing properly
  169. HELP : Simple Line chart in Pentaho CDE
  170. CST bug and patch, biserver
  171. Descending order with BTable
  172. Help: Dashboards is not defined Error
  173. Send report by mail and schedule
  174. How to add vertical line in Bar chart
  175. prevent data from drawing but showing them in tooltip
  176. Possible to have a folder hierarchy in Community File Repository?
  177. Treemap - Help !
  178. about encoding when export data as CSV by export component
  179. How to modify options for DataRangeInput Component in Pentaho CDE
  180. Best way to add extra plugins to Table Component
  181. CORS Security Considerations
  182. BTable not show subtotal
  183. CFR for Pentaho 7.0
  184. Community Text Editor doesn't work on Pentaho 7.0
  185. Control/filter query results using SQL instead of MDX queries
  186. CDE installed but don't is hidden
  187. How can I refresh CCC line chart data automatically?
  188. Separated dates with time and number off Sales graphic
  189. how to display value of parameter ?
  190. how to set selection's column value in simple parameter
  191. CDA Cache is not being cleared (BI-server 6.1)
  192. Embedding dashboard using FreeForm and HTML components CDE
  193. Format Measure in CDA
  194. Show / Hide CCC Component on click
  195. Google Maps overlay component
  196. Hyperlink values in table component
  197. Question about dashboard report permits
  198. cda compund queries does not preserve orginal sort
  199. BTable in CDE: Two "simple" questions
  200. CDE CSV Export empty
  201. HeatGrid - multiple dimensions and measures
  202. Pentaho CDE Dashboard
  203. prompt and drill cde
  204. Searching for some documentation
  205. cde-embed.js provides script urls with http instead of https
  206. Autostart pentaho on ubuntu 16
  207. How to format numbers in table export to cde?
  208. CDE - How to limit resultset without SQL query functions
  209. Avoid refresh on specific columns/elements on CDE Dashboard
  210. how to get parameter value
  211. CCC - Multiple Executions for single data source
  212. One SQL Connection and Variable Connection
  213. Problem with multiple select component with 'SELECT ALL' option
  214. how to open existing dashboard in CDE?
  215. AJAX calls not asynchronous in CDE dashboard
  216. Dashboard Component Error Handling
  217. How to alert a date type parameter value in Click Action of Table Component
  218. How to make only single column value clickable in Table Component
  219. CDE - Sort legend CCC-Bar-Chart without SQL function OrderBY
  220. How to hide data series to display in chart if data series having null value
  221. How to create seperate charts for groups of rows in cde
  222. change datasource result with parameter from another dashboard
  223. CDE performance and error handling
  224. html different logo by logon user
  225. Is it possible to creat data source with 2 fact table ?
  226. CDE selector visibility for admin and users
  227. .wcdf dashboard file unable to open in edit mode
  228. CDE Select Component initial value
  229. CDE - Manage data like creation "measure" for graphs
  230. NewMapComponent does not display markers content using DashboardComponent
  231. Pentaho 7.1 Error
  232. CDE NewMapComponent KML key
  233. BTable Datasource
  234. how to change Pie Chart Color
  235. Unable to pass parameters in measures level.
  236. MDX Mondrian Calculated Member Percent %
  237. Incorrect Content-Type header for xls outputType from CDA
  238. Parameterize PostgreSQL Schema in JDBC Data Source for CDE Dashboard
  239. CDE - external CSS file being overwritten by Pentaho component CSS
  240. Change height Table Component
  241. CDF: Object type saikuWidgetComponent can't be mapped to a valid class
  242. Location of CDE Dashboard files/solution folders in the file structure?
  243. MYSQL Error with CDE 7.1
  244. change the css dynamically
  245. Map Component - url Markers - Pentaho Bi pentaho-server-ce-
  246. Change visualisation of dropdowns
  247. Heat Grid Color change using Reference Value
  248. Hyperlink with label
  249. Nightmare installing btable
  250. Table component - AddIns: dataBar show percent