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  1. Pentaho CE BA Server - CDE resource file issue
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  3. Pentaho new map component error https
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  5. Truncate label in CCC Bar Chart
  6. Query and data model CDE
  7. bar chart not showing legend.
  8. D3 Component Library not visible in Pentaho 7.0.1 CE
  9. How to access the result set with Query Component in RequireJS dashboard?
  10. How to use D3 Component library in Require.js Dashboard
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  12. Format the y axis of a CCC bar chart.
  13. Making dashboard usable on my own website
  14. Error Processing Component
  15. Trouble with SQL query - completely stumped
  16. Pentaho CDE Multicharts Issue
  17. How to clear cache in Pentaho
  18. How to export CDE table component in PDF format?
  19. Row Duplication in Output from CDA
  20. The table component does not refresh the data
  21. Modify Database Connections in .ktr file
  22. Query for Multiple Select Component
  23. toggle 2 prepared Dashboards on the same layout in CDE
  24. Reusable CDE dashboard side-bar
  25. Bullet Chart Color Change per Condition possible?
  26. How to fetch Saiku query or file into pentaho 7 or 7.1 CDE
  27. Parsing Text file with HTML content in Pentaho
  28. Performance issue on table component
  29. How to pass through Report Pages in Dashboard?
  30. Community Startup Tabs (CST) displays the PUC default page
  31. Map Component: how to show markers in OpenLayers map
  32. Select / Highlight / Activate pie slice with code in pre-execution
  33. How to switch between Report Pages in Dashboards CDE?
  34. Custom bar widths
  35. MultiButton Component & Multiple Select Component
  36. Bar chart base axis label formatting in pentaho CDE
  37. How I can run CDE in the web browser?
  38. Export Button not Working
  39. Dashboard not refreshing multiple components
  40. How to show Percentages on TOP of the bar CCC Bar Chart
  41. Escaping single quotes in Pentaho SQL data source
  42. Authentication of Pentaho Users of custom WebApp on BI Server
  43. kettle over kettle TransFromFile
  44. save data on server
  45. Passing Parameter value from CDE Dashboard to PDI
  46. pass parameters from CDE to ktr
  47. How print determinated column in a popup?
  48. Hide series not intial load - this.chart.data.datums(null, {visible: true}) not work
  49. Fetch first column value and set in a parameter
  50. Data population based on parameter selected
  51. CFR for pentaho
  52. chart is not showing on cde dashbboard
  53. What happened to the CCC site and to my JS Fiddles?
  54. How to insert values on database from text input component
  55. Display Legend beside percentage value in CCC Pie Chart
  56. Pentaho 7.1/ Dashboard CDE.
  57. cde dashboard not working with varchar type!
  58. Need to adjust variable Bootstrap LESS file using Pentaho CDE
  59. How to create Charts programmatically in a dashboard?
  60. Too many results : please narrow your selection
  61. use date input component (date picker) with time
  62. Table Component in CDE
  63. InvalidValue error on processing map component
  64. Can't Find CTOOLS
  65. How to get values from a query with parameter?
  66. cccBulletChart inside of Table component.
  67. CDE Dashboard delete my CDA Files
  68. Component stuck when ResultSet is empty due to "searchBox value" not existing
  69. Startup Rule Engine for 7.1?
  70. Outline for CDE Table Component
  71. CDE - Add shadow behind the bar on ccc chart bar
  72. Bar Chart With Trimmed X-Axis Labels
  73. Internationalizing / localizing CTools dashboard Title
  74. How to hide Table Component if it contains no rows
  75. subquery in CDA?
  76. Color for Heat Map
  77. (Un)Folding table chart
  78. Size of a "select component" in CDE
  79. Pentaho CDE : a JS button to exec SELECT query passing by PDI / Kettle datasource ?
  80. IMPORTANT - we have a new forum
  81. Radar Chart with high Charts.
  82. Access from differents companies in the same chart.
  83. Metrics Not Appearing in Bar Chart
  84. How to invoke Pentaho “wcdf” dashboard files from Java
  85. [Pentaho 8.0 - CDE] Custom component
  86. Filter data from CSV in table component
  87. DateInput component internationalization
  88. Here is a Responsive (i.e. mobile-supported) Dashboard Template
  89. Adding totals to stacked bar chart
  90. How to make the tipvalue of all parts of stack show up together in ccc-Barchart?
  91. Pentaho CDE dashboard using AngularJS
  92. CDE Table Component Selector
  93. CDE Table component Layout
  94. Set default value for the select component in pentaho CDE
  95. Fixed Header In Pentaho Table Component in CDE
  96. Trying to change marker color based on data value
  97. CDE Selectors, Queries, and Parameters. Looking for help
  98. Hi, I have a question about csv datasource.
  99. Downloading .saiku files
  100. Pentaho 7.1 with LDAP and Saiku
  101. Show 3 lines in a CCC Chart Line
  102. Dashboards.context.user, not working for me
  103. Sorting Horizontally stacked bar chart & align color pallette to pie chart
  104. Get column total on table when paginating server side
  105. How to present time values as chart?
  106. IE Compatibility mode
  107. How to color the inside of the plot frame without overlaying the grid?
  108. Parameter for column / table names in SQL query in Pentaho CDE dashboard
  109. Line chart with min max and last dots
  110. kettleTransFromFile and JDBC
  111. Yet another decimal separator post
  112. How to get headers metadata from query component
  113. Multiple pie - individual colors
  114. Waterfall Chart With Solid Colours
  115. Pentaho Dashboard embedding - getHeaders trouble
  116. Customising a waterfall chart
  117. Line chart with Stacked Bar as Plot2
  118. Can I make table look like the same data from saiku analytic
  119. Protovis Component + RequireJS + version 8.0 CE = Broken
  120. CDE Could not load dashboard: exception while getting data for file with id "c681280b
  121. Filter Component - search on server side
  122. How to translate CDE components?
  123. Cannot commit post execution when open child table (Pentaho 7.x)
  124. Error : CDF : Object type *Component* can't be mapped to a valid class
  125. Date Input Component
  126. CDE - Map Component - Text near markers
  127. Customization Of the Y-Axis Scale - CCC Chart
  128. Access Dashboards anonymously (Sparkl Plugin)