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  1. Dashboard created with cdf.de (0.2)
  2. open flash chart is not drillable!!!
  3. dygraphs
  4. Integrating flash maps with cdf
  5. HTML5 charts & Pentaho
  6. Debugging Dashboards using CDF
  7. CDF: Select Component with Xaction and MDX
  8. CDA - Change XML output format?
  9. Issue while using google visualization reports in CDF xaction component
  10. Passing parameter for a flash dashboard
  11. To pass a parameter for prompting the user
  12. allow Anonymous access for Dashboards
  13. drop downs in cdf
  14. Pentaho Dashboard Builder's Guide
  15. Strange problem with IE displaying a PRPT
  16. tableComponent and dynamic sql
  17. Same as ExecuteXactionComponent for PRPT?
  18. Newbie question
  19. Exporting Dashboards to PDF
  20. Dashboard Parameters
  21. CDF chart using SQL
  22. How to display charts built on Google Visualization API
  23. Creating JNDI connection for CDF dashboard?
  24. CDF MetaLayer - simple parameter question
  25. Unable to edit CDF Dashboard
  26. PRPT margins in a dashboard
  27. Building datatable from xaction data-set result
  28. CDF Asynch behaviour problem
  29. PRPT component and preExecution being overridden
  30. default value in dropdown box
  31. How to debug CDA?
  32. Problem regarding dashbord editor
  33. Pentaho 3.6 Enterprise Edition-Liferay-CAS Integration
  34. CDA installation showing message "Access denied" on crome
  35. Time plot with parametr in query '2010-06-21' and '2010-06-27'
  36. image map on pie chart in dashboard
  37. pass code from html file to jsp file
  38. How to build a Dial Chart with using Dashboard Editor?
  39. Query for Barchart
  40. Using a php file called from xaction
  41. where is the code of 'Territory sales breakdown' of steel wheels
  42. CDE v1.0_RC1 available for download
  43. Session variable, processing box and Format String
  44. Exporting data in CDA + IE Error
  45. Which chart type will you suggest?
  46. Problems with CDE 1 RC
  47. Dashborad Caching
  48. Benchmark
  49. fancybox not found
  50. How do I enable the "Details" funtions (Excel, CSV Export and Zoom)?
  51. Object type can't be mapped to a valid class in CDE RC_1
  52. Mak bar chart non-clickable
  53. No Solution Specified Error
  54. My first steps in CDE + CDF, with many problems
  55. How to change the OpenFlashChart background?
  56. WidgetGrid in CDF
  57. help with drop-down menu
  58. Display OLAP view in CDF Dashboard
  59. passing parameters from selectMultiComponent to PieChart
  60. Creating Grid View in Xaction file
  61. Dashboard Editor CDE 1.0 RC1
  62. Pentaho is not able to retrieve the column names when generating JFreeReport
  63. using role in dashboards
  64. Help using CDF!!
  65. How to create Sparklines?
  66. Dashboard not working from client machine
  67. Font issue with CentOS vs Redhat
  68. Unable to use SQl query in CDF dashboard Parameter
  69. Unable to use SQL queries with TableComponent
  70. How to customize DateRangeInput component?
  71. where to download the pentaho dashboard componet for free
  72. Diagonal domain title for OpenFlashChart...?
  73. Prpt component does'nt work
  74. How to use CDA for CDF-select-component?
  75. Use of MDX DataSources with ChartBeans...?
  76. Cde 1.0rc1
  77. Connect MySQL to Dashboard
  78. CDE. Passing parameter to xactionsequence (pivot)
  79. Problems passing parameters to dashboard with CDE
  80. tableComponent colHeaders
  81. Problems with spaces using parameters with fireChange CDE-RC1.0
  82. Error with CDE 1.0 rc1 and 3.7GA
  83. CDE 1.0 - RC2 available
  84. How to save a chat whith de olap wizard??
  85. Track the client who visited the dashboard
  86. line chart -thickness of lines
  87. Problems with ExecutePrptComponent and parameters
  88. CDE 1.0 - RC3 available
  89. How to define xaction outputs and map them into Javascript variables ?
  90. dateRangeinput not setting parameter for input to prpt
  91. passing parameters between two dashboards
  92. how to modify mdx query result
  93. how to get decimal values using CDA query
  94. CDE 1.0RC3 and Protovis
  95. numeric validation in preChange
  96. inspecting parameters to action sequence
  97. CDF Access Control by Roles
  98. filename for cda output type=xls
  99. Error while trying to generate an OpenFlashChart LineChart in a dashboard
  100. OpenFlashChart LineChart not working when embedded in a dashboard
  101. CDE 1.0RC3 and Internet Explorer
  102. logarithmic scale in charts
  103. soft-coded dial chart intervals
  104. Single quote in selectMulti CDF object
  105. Select Component CDE 1.0RC3 Internet Explorer
  106. dashboard html links
  107. Format of value on table component
  108. Problem with CDF component checkComponent
  109. table component doesn't show more then 26 columns
  110. CCC chart tool tip fake
  111. open flash chart component - domain label rotation not working
  112. Jump to dashboard object
  113. Format in CCC Chart Titles
  114. CCC Pie Legend Format
  115. Problem with a tableComponent in CDE
  116. Pentaho access control and CDE files
  117. Pentaho Dashboards with FlashCharts
  118. Chart components not displayed using CDE 1.0 RC3 and bi-server 3.6 GA
  119. Login inside a dashboard
  120. CDA - Help with formatting and column arrangement
  121. Fancy Box "X" to close not appearing when using IE
  122. JFreeChartComponent/OpenFlashChartComponent not executed with CDA
  123. How to consitence date format for report and dashboard datetime picker?
  124. Post Change and Post Execution events in CDE 1.0-RC3 not work.
  125. how to debug CDF javascript in BI Server 3.7
  126. "Could not create component CdaQueryComponent" exception when running CDF dashboards
  127. Truncate Value
  128. How to Force Navigator Component Refresh
  129. Using resource in xaction component
  130. Access Denied and settings.xml does not exist error messages.
  131. Parameters from datasource
  132. Chart Component defined as a xaction doesn't work with CDA query
  133. Problem in access to Anonymous in Dashboard Framework (CDF)
  134. [Beginner]Method to link components together using CDE
  135. Simple Dial and Traffic Light charts with CCC?
  136. Boolean Checkbox
  137. ExecuteXaction issue in IE8
  138. BI Platform 3.7.0 CDF dateRangeInput language
  139. Notes on installing CDE
  140. Dashboard Community Internationalization
  141. Parameterize a MDX query from a variable in the URL
  142. Problem with cache dashboard on MDX query
  143. Space between series in BarChart
  144. Dial Chart Component
  145. tableComponent not displaying any data
  146. Y-axis labels format
  147. Date parameter with time
  148. Charset wrong with Dashboards.getQueryParameter?
  149. connection Pentaho-Infobright: problems into User Console
  150. how to uninstall pentaho-cda
  151. How can I use KPI,alert,metricx in CDF ?
  152. Date parameter default
  153. Change animation speed in CCC charts.
  154. Documentation
  155. Traffic Component
  156. Using jquery ui components
  157. Pentaho Ajax
  158. stratebi tutorial of CDE - no charts appears in dashboard
  159. Problem truncate dash on IE8
  160. CDE sample dashboard - don't see the charts
  161. tableComponent with sql query
  162. Bullet Graph Using Protovis in CDE RC3?
  163. Dynamically Changing Dashboard Title with Parameters (CDF-DE 0.2 pentahomeeting09)
  164. Embeding dashboard in other web app
  165. JPivotComponent with CDA datasource
  166. How do I bring data into a Protovis Component with CDE 1.0 RC3?
  167. OLAP chart wizard does not work
  168. CDA Cache problems with CDE 1.0 RC3
  169. Menu component based on table from database?
  170. How to get dashboard filename
  171. Error with CDE and jFreeChart component
  172. PDE: DialChartComponent not creating a DialChart?
  173. XactionComponent execution problem
  174. Defining a specific behavior for one CCC chart component
  175. Pentaho AJAX-PRPT
  176. Dinamyc height/width in Pivot Component
  177. CDE - Can't save as template! Bug?
  178. How can I restrict the access to a Dashboard to a specific role(s)?
  179. CDE - Some little errors and proposals
  180. CCC - so great - but where ar the limits?
  181. CDE - SQL query filter by dimension
  182. Bar/Line Combination Chart
  183. dashboard chart does not support sql datasource
  184. cdf i18n problems
  185. My dash doesn´t work on IE8
  186. CDE Timeplot
  187. CDE - Icon should not be displayed to all users
  188. CDF > jPivot > horizontal scrollbar does not appear
  189. Issue with CDE and jFreeCharts
  190. CCC Bar Chart - Bar Label Justification
  191. CCC Line Chart dots
  192. Using CDE and CDF
  193. CDE - Navigation Menu Component not usable?
  194. Fusion Charts
  195. Data Binding in Charts
  196. CDF chart not function correctly in BI Server 3.7
  197. CDF Tutorial
  198. How to assign only viewing permission of dashboard to a particular user
  199. Protovis in CDE
  200. Multiple dimensions on a CDF Pic Chart
  201. CCC vs CDF
  202. iFrame embedded Pentaho Dashboard
  203. CDF Bar chart
  204. Drill Down in Google Maps
  205. Dial-Chart(KP) Drilling
  206. Extended Charts(Funnel, Thermometer)
  207. Data Labels in a Dashboard
  208. Mapping Component
  209. Filtering Options
  210. Open Street Maps
  211. Print button in CDF
  212. template-dashboard.html for a certain solution folder
  213. CDE CCC Bar Chart X Axis Labels
  214. component: solution and path
  215. CDB - Filter
  216. Open Flash Chart
  217. Problem with the name of the columns in an MDX query in CDF-DE
  218. CCC Stacked bar with limited categories
  219. CDF-reference
  220. How to export the dashboards?
  221. prpt visibility in CDF
  222. Filtering with WHERE clause does not work for complete dimensions
  223. CCC Chart tooltip
  224. CDE Patch (Stacked Percentages and CDE 5/6 fixes)
  225. Pentaho CDF Reporting
  226. Remove slicer part from a CDF pivotComponent
  227. Can't insert chart in a dashboard
  228. How to open wcdf file with CST pentaho
  229. Starting with CDE
  230. Howto pass parameters betwen CDE
  231. Text Field Passing Parameter
  232. CDE - Does not paint chart
  233. Range - Bar Chart
  234. OpenFlashChartComponent
  235. CCC reference/documentation
  236. Multi datasource in a CCC chart
  237. Protovis Stacked Area Chart in CDE
  238. Export CCC Charts
  239. Align Date Component
  240. issue in a cde dashboard that uses cda datasource and a ccc chart
  241. Pentaho, Geoserver and Openlayers
  242. CCC Bar Chart - Extension Point?
  243. Pentaho CDF
  244. Fusion Plugin - adding new chart
  245. Should internationalization and parameter storage work on CDE dashboards?
  246. Total amount in Pie chart in CDF
  247. Report on CDF dashboard in I.E deosn;t draw report table
  248. CDA Cache
  249. Interdependant Filters in Dashboard Designer
  250. Extension Points