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  1. CTools Installer Script
  2. CDE PRPT Component error
  3. Strange behavior with CCC Bar charts and numeric labels
  4. Using < and > operators in JNDI queries
  5. Unable to create new dashboard
  6. Export tables to Excel
  7. Dashboard authentication -- how to bypass?
  8. Need help on Ctools installer
  9. Error with PRPT component
  10. URL files not showing in contentList
  11. CDE table component and linking
  12. Public folders for dashboards
  13. Dashboard Gauges Help
  14. Unable to display correctly negative values in CCC bar charts
  15. DataTables Problem: Added data does not match known number of columns
  16. Hide X axis labels in a CCC line chart
  17. CdfContentGenerator ERROR
  18. CDE - Dashboard width
  19. Dynamic Tooltip for CCC Barchart.
  20. MultiSelectComponent - Selecting by default
  21. CDA - Can not preview the data
  22. Dashboards methods
  23. click action on table component?
  24. Hide CDA files for end users
  25. Bar chart with a Secondary Y-Axis
  26. Stacked Bar - Negative values not showing
  27. Last version of protovis!
  28. How to show session variables in i.e. a text component with CDE
  29. CCC charts and internet explorer < 9
  30. CDF Chart with Real Time Data (without refresh whole Chart)
  31. Want To Integrate Fusion Widgets
  32. How do I prevent CDA from passing the [All <Dimension>] column when using MDX?
  33. Regarding Session Management.
  34. Select Componenet with dynamic valuesArray ?
  35. colors in pie chart
  36. Bar Chart in CDE not shown
  37. Exporting a query to Excel
  38. Saiku as plugin in Pentaho Vs. standalone data analysis tool connection issue
  39. Displaying Session Variables in CDF Dashboards - jquery challenged
  40. Autocomplete component problem
  41. Multiple tabs in Dashboard Editor
  42. Bar-line chart in cde
  43. Regarding color ...of bar (CCC bar chart).
  44. on base of data need apply the ccc bar chart color.
  45. Ivy and CBF
  46. Problem with xAction Component
  47. Undefined properties when updating CTOOLS with installer
  48. Table Component - Parameters to CDA?
  49. CST for user authentication and authorization for dashboards and reports
  50. CCC realy usable in Report Designer ???
  51. Call CDA Query From Excel
  52. Compatibility of CDE bunde 1.0 RC 3 with latest version of Pentaho BI server
  53. how tu use Click action in CDE
  54. Unaligned elements and other issues with IE8
  55. CGG - What is it?
  56. CCC SelectMulti Query example?
  57. CTools Training - Australia
  58. Query Component
  59. How do I integrate hichart in CDE/CDF/CCC/CDA framework?
  60. Accessing FusionCharts functions via Pentaho
  61. including a .xcdf file into jsp ( without using an iframe)
  62. mdx over mondrianJndi
  63. Deciles
  64. Table component doesn't get changed when parameter change is fired
  65. Displaying Special Characters in FusionCharts
  66. New to Pentaho with Grouping question
  67. How to hide the .cda files in Pentaho User Console?
  68. Draw A Line In A Bar Chart
  69. Debugging SQL query execution
  70. Dynamic Show Values
  71. Displaying 2 line series in the ccc line chart
  72. Issues In Internet Explorer 8
  73. More than one query per parameter
  74. Refreshing dashboard or dashboard component
  75. Modify text file from Dashboard... its possible?
  76. CDF detailed documentation
  77. Print multiple dashboards using a button
  78. Migrating to a new machine: Version Issues?
  79. Using global parameter in chart title
  80. Transparent CCCPieChart
  81. Calling cdf url from drupal, error message is shown
  82. Ctools now hosted at GitHub under the 'webdetails' organization
  83. CDE dashboards in IE8 with BI Server 3.10
  84. Include Js library in CDE
  85. Highlight a line graph in click
  86. Porting COOLS built dashboard to my J2EE App
  87. CDA issue: Data sources not showing
  88. Help for CTools !!!
  89. CDF dashboards - how can we migrate classic chart components to CCC?
  90. Dynamic ranges on a dial in dashboard.
  91. Building dashboards with three line charts, charts are not rendered correctly
  92. CDA Excel Output
  93. Disable a input combobox in CDE
  94. building a ccc barline chart with more than one line
  95. Executing dashboard, '405 Method not allwoed' error shown in firebug
  96. CGG and extension points
  97. Passing CDF parameters to CDA
  98. CCC Charts - rendering on localhost but not from other machines
  99. CDE Legend and Component alignment
  100. Adding x and y axis titles to ccc chart component
  101. Error when creating a jfreechart component with CDE
  102. Linecharts , piecharts not displayed Zero values.
  103. Set dynamic range on Bullet Chart
  104. Displaying whole numbers on y-axis of a bar chart in dashboards
  105. stacked ccc bar chart
  106. How to i find extension point name/value for the stacked bar chart Protovis width?
  107. Saiku in dashboard
  108. CDE table Component with MDX query datasource dont work
  109. FusionPlugin : Special Characters
  110. Parameter in CCC Bar Chart's title
  111. Fusion Charts Multi Series Chart
  112. Passing multivalue parameters from CDA to Pentaho Metadata
  113. Stacked Area Chart - Can I add a secondary y axis.
  114. Using CDA's doQuery to fetch data.
  115. Bullet chart - color
  116. CDE browser compatibility
  117. change style at "x Axis Name" fusion chart
  118. Bullet chart
  119. Displaying one line value from query
  120. Reproducing Top 10 Customers with CTools
  121. Regarding Compare chart with Fusion Plugin.
  122. Problems CDF Last version
  123. Can I use PHP code within a CDF Dashboard?
  124. Stacked Bar Chart Problem (Overlapped and shifted Bars)
  125. Add-Ins for trendarrow column showing the value
  126. Dashboard parameter set with an MDX query
  127. Displaying single line value
  128. installing CST with CTOOLS problem
  129. Querycomponent
  130. Click and Tooltip...
  131. Keetle Queries from CDE
  132. CDE - CCC Bar Chart Properties: Listeners dropdown not functional?
  133. Ctools and application context
  134. How to have a parameter in a column header of a table component
  135. Problem Refleshing template.css
  136. Table Totals
  137. Formatting values for ccc pie chart
  138. dateInputComponent - default value
  139. CCC Pie chart does not get rendered
  140. JPivot and CDF: different charts from the same MDX query
  141. Align radio button / check component horizontal
  142. How to create a link to open a CDE dashboard?
  143. Hiding 0 value from appearing in pie chart
  144. Changing ccc pie chart title font
  145. Help with chart-attributes at xaction
  146. Changing column widths of table component
  147. Displaying chart value in legend
  148. Making a hyperlink to expand a row in table component to see details
  149. CST: Access Denied error
  150. CDF PDI and PRD integration to show CDF table component data in PRD
  151. Adding js libraries to CDF
  152. Access The Logged In User ID
  153. Changing orientation of chart value, make it level
  154. Changing text of legend in ccc chart
  155. CDA CompoundDataAccess (Join) Very Bad Performance
  156. Parameters in URL
  157. CDE2 - Feature requests
  158. Creating bar chart, the chart is not displayed
  159. Generating pie slices from positive x axis
  160. Problem in pencentage label in CCC Pie Chart
  161. Execute comoponent in javascript
  162. Dynamic Columns via CDA for Pentaho-FC-Plugin?
  163. Changing the color of chart value
  164. Displaying different colors for series in CCC Bar Chart
  165. Table component showing total row
  166. Problem with CDE rendering dashboard which uses mdx over jndi datasources.
  167. Saiku analytics can be filtered by user profile?
  168. is possible configure anonymous user in Pentaho?
  169. How can show the google chart in CDF?
  170. Problems with a MDX Queries Data Sources
  171. Debugging extension points
  172. How to return nested JSON objects from Pentaho CDA?
  173. CCC Bar Chart bar line property - how to show the line values
  174. Creating dial chart component, it returns SolutionEngine.ERROR_007
  175. CDE I don't see charts
  176. Legend Fill Color
  177. Re : Set Table Color
  178. Timeseries in charts
  179. CCC Heatmap Parameters the Wrong Way
  180. cannot edit dashboards after ctools upgrade
  181. CCC Bar Charts X Axis
  182. execute flashchart in cdf from my database
  183. error installing ctools-installer
  184. Bullet Chart Formatting Questions
  185. how to know the value of a barline chart
  186. Time Value field
  187. can't see chart when add datasource in CDE
  188. Xfusion Plugin and Sample DashBoard
  189. sql over sqljndi - select component - select columns
  190. Help with report and cde
  191. Problems upgrading Saiku (using ctools_installer)
  192. Focus and Context Chart
  193. protovis scatterplot on CDE
  194. Cannot view sample charts
  195. Ctools connect to cube in Database
  196. How to implement High Charts as custom component of CDF?
  197. CDE Dashboard not working in IE
  198. Cde create for me bad file cda
  199. Problem using a querycomponent with 'sql' queryType
  200. xfusion charts and openflash charts creation
  201. Problem using DateRangeInputComponent and CCC Bar Chart on CDE Dashboard
  202. Google charts in CDF?
  203. Change Font Color in Table Component
  204. How to get the Ctools
  205. A Flax Dashboard Designer as Pentaho BI Server Plugin(with download url)
  206. Dashboard select not trigger changes
  207. fireChange in CDE from Report Designer
  208. How to Link Jfreechart and select component ?
  209. Openflash Chart appears blank
  210. CDE and amcharts
  211. Standalone xfusion chart is blank
  212. Parametrized SQL with ALL
  213. click action for a particular column in a table
  214. Using oLanguage in CDE Table Component
  215. How to change the number format in value axis ? Pentaho CDF Jfreecharts
  216. How to hide a jfreechart component when there s no data ? ( Pentaho CDF)
  217. Dynamic resources
  218. Conditional Formatting in CDF table component ?
  219. line in barchart
  220. Simulating a legend click on a CCC chart
  221. Ns_error_illegal_value
  222. Customize a bullet chat Ranges color
  223. Community Dashboard Editor user privileges
  224. How to in a table click action open a prpt report??
  225. Starting with CGG
  226. Import xmi-file with CDE?
  227. Parameter in select clause ?
  228. Date input component not updating parameters in query
  229. Get fully qualified server url
  230. Install new CDF version in Pentaho BI Server
  231. Size of numbers in CGG Dial Chart
  232. Barchart not refreshing when pie chart clicked in CDE
  233. Using in CCC with xaction & CDF
  234. expand table component after click
  235. CDE dashboard failed to load
  236. Return value from xaction and use it in javascript code
  237. CDF vs. User Authentication
  238. CCC BarChart - how to set a fixed value for X or Y axis ?
  239. CDE Dashbards - CCC Bar chart properties : selectable and selection change action
  240. CDE, multiple select and isMultiple
  241. How to integrate new components in pentaho's CDE?
  242. Question on road map of JPivot
  243. css and Images location
  244. How to do i18n in CDE?
  245. Table Component - Grand total
  246. Line chart and table chart are aligned together
  247. CDA editor not working
  248. Displaying Data from query on Dashboard using CDE
  249. CGG for BI Server EE
  250. CDE Drill down result to a new dashboard page instead of a panel