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  1. Export CDE for my website/system
  2. Issue with creating a Charts-->Dial Chart Component in CDE
  3. CDF error - java.io.FileNotFoundException: styles.css and scritps.js
  4. Parameters inside javascript functions
  5. use OpenFlashChart Component in CDE
  6. link from one dashboard to another by clicking a table component row
  7. Vslorizzazione Dial Chart
  8. a table into popup
  9. Selectable / Clickable tables
  10. Themes through css
  11. Doubt with Select Component
  12. Formatting the value/label in CCC Bar chart
  13. PRPT datasource from CDA
  14. Different colors for each bar in a CCC Barchart non-stacked single measure)
  15. CCC Bar chart values position not working?
  16. confused about drilldowns on cde
  17. prpt component & execute prpt component
  18. Using Oracle with the CDE
  19. CDE: Autocomplete components and prpt in an iframe
  20. Oracle e CDE
  21. how to set css style of CDE Date input component
  22. CDE: Simple Autocomplete Component as functional dropdown
  23. Components running functions?
  24. JfreeCharts with backgroud transparent
  25. bar chart order by parameter?
  26. comma as decimal separator using CDE
  27. mdx with parameters
  28. CDE: CSS class for TextInput box.
  29. How to refresh the reports inside CDE dashboard
  30. HOWTO: Layout multiple controls, esp drop downs and labels in CDE
  31. Publish CDE Dashboard
  32. Export Custom Protovis Component using CGG
  33. Select queryComponent adds an item as undefined to the list
  34. Hide parameter based on the other Parameter Vlaue in Pentaho Report Desinger
  35. Problem with Heat Grid - Colors and missing value
  36. How to execute the sp for the Multiselection parameters
  37. issue in values returned by "Selectmulti" component of cdf
  38. Filters and more filters
  39. cde installation issues
  40. Add Pentaho Report Designer report to Dashboard in CDE
  41. Select Component Parameter mysql consult
  42. Cleaning CDA cache from an ETL Job
  43. Log message "Loading File:/null/null/null" when trying to work on CDE
  44. How to navigate from one dashboard to other
  45. Traffic component
  46. Pivot component configuration
  47. Dashboard code
  48. CDF Publish Error
  49. Dial Chart Not Working
  50. CCC Charts Stop Rendering Sometimes Somehow
  51. Kettle transformation as data source in CDE
  52. OpenFlashChart Component not displaying in template
  53. Dashboard Prompts
  54. KETTLE Queries error
  55. Different results in CDA and Analysis View
  56. Date range input component
  57. Ran CTools Installer and .xdf files don't work anymore
  58. How big can a heat grid be?
  59. Dash board Editor and Saiku Analytics
  60. Saiku chart to Dashboard
  61. MDX query as parameter ${myMdx} in CDE DataSource
  62. Bug in heat map color Scales?
  63. Problem javascript after window.open() another dashboard
  64. Changing Chart Color On Clicking Another Chart In Dashbaord
  65. Choose execution of a component listening 2 parameters after a change of only one
  66. tooltips for table components?
  67. Parameters in SQL JDBC query
  68. How to use the chart component .
  69. CDF solution file system structure
  70. Issue with jquery after CDF upgrade
  71. Does cgg run a chart component's post execution function?
  72. Adding Conditions On Chart Clicks
  73. Running CDA CDF CDE on the current version of pentaho CE
  74. Tooltips for maps
  75. Cannot use CDE !!! Help Needed
  76. Chart Labels Truncated
  77. Table component set and update filter
  78. CDF : How to change table components column to represent TrendArrows
  79. File Does not Found when trying to run second Time using mysql bulk loader in PDI
  80. Scroll bars In Column Layout
  81. CDE - How to use the "bookmarkable-parameters"
  82. CDE - How to disable auto-submit of a select component.
  83. How Can Legend Displayed Sperately
  84. How To Pass Bar Chart Paramter Dynamically To Report
  85. Modified Java Script Value Arrays
  86. How to Overwrite The Default Color Scheme In Charts
  87. How To Change Datasource Of Chart At Runtime
  88. CDE PivotComponent not getting parameter correctly
  89. Can't make CDA work with 1-element StringArray
  90. Change max value in a CCC Bar Chart
  91. Problem with datasource in CDA: i can't use it!
  92. MQL over Metadata in CDE (syntax of the query)
  93. Dashboard Charts Refresh On Second Click
  94. Ctools - A Story with truth in it.
  95. How to define colors in a pieChart from CDE
  96. Date parameter doesn't work
  97. Semi colon (;) separated CSV ouput?
  98. Error exporting table snapshot as json.
  99. jfreechart and cde
  100. Debugging CDF Dashboard
  101. CDE Select component only shows one column
  102. Add line in a CCC Line Chart in the post execution method
  103. Chart not loading or missing
  104. Parse parameter to "kettle over kettleTransFromFile" datasource
  105. Unable to use CDF - CDE
  106. CDE Dashboard layout shows but all of menu is not working
  107. Saiku Analytics is shows but the display is not perfect
  108. Text Component and CDE
  109. YANQ - Modelling issue
  110. Dynamic number of columns of table component
  111. SQL over sqlJndi doesn't see my datamart
  112. Bar-Line chart Hide dots
  113. Linking One Dashboard With Another And Passing Parameters To Select Component
  114. Parameter in Select declaration of SQL QUERY using JDBC
  115. CDE Won't Save a Dashboard - How Can I Debug?
  116. Problem applying style setting in CDE
  117. CTools Training
  118. Urgent - Define colors for Stacked Bar Chart
  119. How to load Dashboard over the PUC when login
  120. Design Studio
  121. Y Axis Format in CCC
  122. A Question for Data Sources in CDE -
  123. Is it possible to integrate a data-entry form in a CDE Dashboard?
  124. Open popup click action of a chart
  125. Dial Chart Component
  126. CDF/CDA On root context not Working - Content Generator Error
  127. Dashboard editor CDE - rows created instead of column
  128. how to access cdf in pentaho designer
  129. Too Many Markers in NewMapComponent
  130. Horizontal Stacked bar chart not working
  131. Horizontal Stacked bar chart not working
  132. Change marker icon into map component using openstreet
  133. Hyperlink and setAddInOptions
  134. CDE + Fusion Charts
  135. CTools - CDB and CDV problem - BI server doesn't shutdown
  136. First available CDE Tutorials released!
  137. Details regarding Protovis and Ctools
  138. CCC Stacked Area Chart - Dots cut off
  139. How to get series and category in "Selection changed action"
  140. CCC stacked bar chart, display stack totals
  141. NewMapComponent pop up do not display after refresh
  142. cde
  143. Combining CDE and CDF to allow configurable charts with global controls
  144. chart
  145. Not able to show negative value in ccc bar chart .
  146. Problem with symbolic links in Ubuntu
  147. MDX query works in Saiku but not in CDA
  148. HOw to enable mysql in CDF component
  149. Date format in area chart
  150. Ctools - any way to implement RESPONSIVE layout? Wider screen resolution
  151. Conditionally setting the visible property of an HTML object in CDE
  152. Conditionally setting the visible property of an HTML object in CDE
  153. CCC Heatmap value format in CDE
  154. How to make line chart clickable in pentaho CDE?
  155. Swap out Measures dynamically using prompt
  156. checkbox
  157. CDA exporter doesn't know how to handle: class [B
  158. Progress indicator in chrome and explorer doesn´t appear
  159. Pentaho User console
  160. how can I set the upper limit for the axis of line chart of CDE?
  161. Install Ctools
  162. CDF charts with CDA
  163. How can I set condition on clickability of a line chart??
  164. Export dashboards created with CTOOLS
  165. Dashboard inside a IFrame. Not working at IE9
  166. CCC Bullet Chart Click Action?
  167. Changing a Chart Title
  168. Chart component loading and disappearing
  169. Defining Colous of Charts
  170. Editing CDE Dashboard
  171. CDE dashboard..X axis values in CCC bar chart jumbled up with each other
  172. How does CDF Scripts.js file gets generated
  173. Bar Chart Colors
  174. CDF Dashboards for designing website
  175. MDX query results differ in saiku and Dashboard
  176. Chart component throwing error
  177. urlTemplate in table component
  178. Incomplete bar chart in dash Board
  179. Can we execute insert statement of sql using CDE?
  180. Report Viewer using Iframe
  181. ERROR [CdaContentGenerator] Unrecognized extension for file name null
  182. CDE Dashboard, refresh interval?
  183. CDE, MQL DataSource - Row level security
  184. Date Input Component problem in C'Tools CDE ver 12.09.05 stable
  185. CDA suddenly sorting by column zero
  186. Cannot create a NewMapComponent
  187. understanding parameters
  188. Drill Down operation on chart in Dashboard
  189. How do I do Drill Down on a chart?
  190. CDF: Object type XDashFusionChartComponent can't be mapped to a valid class
  191. Pentaho charts disappearing alternative days.
  192. CDE comment component help
  193. Error in save as template
  194. How CDE Renders Dashboards?
  195. Uncaught TypeError: Object #<object> has no method 'stringify'
  196. Adding external website URL to CDE dashboard
  197. Legend in CCC chart
  198. Set several paramenters before refreshing charts
  199. streaming data connection via CDA
  200. C-Tools Menubar Item
  201. Access-Control-Allow-Origin issue in CDE
  202. how to access 2 different datasources in "Protovis Chart Component"
  203. 404 Not Found Errors - trying to create a dashboard
  204. .js file created by CGG unable to reproduce the saved chart in CDE
  205. Webdetails CDE Tutorial + CDE open Demos. Available.
  206. How CDE get Pentaho login user?
  207. Error while importing reports from enterprise edition to community edition..
  208. cant access CDE sample via pentaho user console
  209. Line chart shows weard yy value (CDE)
  210. Problem drawing some components inside iframe in internet explorer
  211. problems with ctools-installer
  212. errors on backupScheduler.xaction , class CdaScheduler not found
  213. Dashbords Not Rendered On IE 7,8
  214. How to Use Pentaho Metadata Layer
  215. Making Part Of Stack Bar Clickable
  216. CCC missing
  217. Making the Export Button work in CDE
  218. UI Issues In Dashboards IE8
  219. Problem with rendering dashboards
  220. SimpleReportingComponent in CDF
  221. How to display tooltip for line in barline chart CDE
  222. Traffic component (yellow) picture size
  223. CCC DataTree in CDF
  224. CCC Charts disappear when trying to print from Internet Explorer
  225. pentaho webservice based graphs
  226. Define fussion chart colorRange parameter in CDE
  227. cde table row expansion
  228. Fussion chart widget value and colorRange[Fussion Plugin]
  229. How to open a mondrian cube using saiku BI server plugin
  230. Access denied to dashboard after charset encoding change
  231. Printing dashboard
  232. How did I got the CGG Dial Chart work?
  233. Unable to integrate dashboards in community edition
  234. Can't see cde folder under pentaho-solution folder
  235. Error initializing custom parameter
  236. How show/hide chart on button click
  237. accessing pentaho data source in CDA
  238. Adding Extension Points To Protovis Chart Component
  239. Mondrian Failed to parse query error when same dashbaord executed on Firefox & IE 9
  240. Tool tip format
  241. line issue in bar chart
  242. Schema Workbench
  243. Integration PDI and Dashboard
  244. pentaho cde dashboard charts with clickview and dragview functionality.
  245. Can't pass variables to Kettle datasource
  246. How to show UserInformation on Dashboards (Dashboards.context.user-->Query result )
  247. how to remove a validation in cdv from the web interface
  248. Using CDF in function "class"
  249. Synchronization of postExecution
  250. CDE browser compatibility matrix