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  1. Calling XDASH files in CDE
  2. Pies are "gravity" aware
  3. how to use dial chart component
  4. ctools
  5. CDE hide column for report
  6. Query component result to parameter
  7. Error on CDE: can't use a Freeform Component into my dashboard
  8. Default view for line chart?
  9. Disable Editing Of Dashboards Based On User Role
  10. passing CDE component (chart) properties to the CDA file
  11. Charts Order In Navigation Component
  12. Line chart not displaying the correct flow of data.
  13. How to change the font size and format of the Values diplayed on the Charts?
  14. Tool Tip Issue
  15. Problem using CDE
  16. CDC plugin not working
  17. cde error processing comments
  18. Maps using CDE, CDF
  19. parameter and window.open
  20. How to DashBoard execute mysql call stored routine procedure
  21. Merry Chartmas Everyone!
  22. Dynamically Changing the Bar Chart Height
  23. Dynamically Changing the Bar Chart Height
  24. Multiselect Bars In CCC Barchart
  25. Dynamically Changing the Bar Chart Height
  26. CDC Configuartation
  27. Tooltip appears at bottom
  28. Restricting User To Access Pentaho User Console
  29. Openstreet Map Component, Wrong Country
  30. Action failed to execute
  31. Can I use MongoDB to generate the Dashboard through CDE ??
  32. Deployment CTools - new version, new environment
  33. JAVA code in a graphic component
  34. CCC2 - bugs or handling error - ColorAxis, BulletRanges
  35. ClickAction-CCC 2
  36. ClickAction-CCC 2
  37. Problem with ExportButtonComponent?
  38. Optimization dashboard - SQL vs Kettle
  39. CCC2 Framework / Dynamic chart Title
  40. MarketPlace Security -- Roles
  41. CDE - Dashboard with more tabs
  42. CCC bullet chart range colors
  43. Getting CDA Cache Size
  44. Dashboard not working Need help
  45. CDE Dynamic Columns - Formatting and Naming
  46. How to hide duplicate values in column of Table Component?
  47. CDA & Big Data
  48. Problem in CDA parameterising specific piece of SQL?
  49. Function to Hide/Show Chart line values in CDE
  50. Caching Complete Cube
  51. Community Dashboard
  52. Skinning CDE
  53. Accessing CDE from another computer
  54. Orientation Change table Component CDE
  55. Problem with SQL in CDF
  56. Problem with SQL in CDF
  57. Orientation Change table Component CDE
  58. Orientation Change table Component CDE
  59. Orientation Change table Component CDE
  60. Working Calculated Columns SQL Query CDE
  61. Need help on CDE involving JAVA SCRIPTS and other inbuilt commands :(
  62. Set data ranges in CCC charts
  63. Opening multiple dashbords using CST
  64. Need Help On MySQLNonTransientConnectionException Error
  65. CDE installed and need help on datasource
  66. How to configure CDC to use external cache (using hard drive not JVM)
  67. Different colors for bar lines
  68. Modify the y-axis legend
  69. CDE Open a PDF file from buton component
  70. How to fix not working buttons in "New CDE Dashboard" view?
  71. Export into Excel from CDE Pentaho
  72. Export analyzer graphs fails, CGG issue?
  73. Getting started with BA server 4.8.0 and CBF 5.1
  74. Need help in multiselect parameterization in MDX (CDE)
  75. Parametrized SQL clause in CDE
  76. Parametrized SQL clause in CDE
  77. Creating Images from CCC charts using CGG. Problem
  78. how to put label in the pie chart outside the wedge with CDE
  79. cccHeatGridChart tooltipFormat not executed
  80. Fatal error with CDA datasource in pentaho report
  81. Display values on top of bars in a bar chart
  82. CDE Don`t works
  83. Need help in multiple parameters (CDE)
  84. Error in CDE :Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getPropertyObject' of undefined
  85. How to display community dashboard in website or portal
  86. Chart refresh avoiding dashboard refresh
  87. NumericArray type default value in CDA parameters
  88. error on cdc plugin 13.02.07 at pentaho startup
  89. default colors for pie chart CCC
  90. Optimization Table Component
  91. Parameter
  92. SQL to MDX query
  93. Chart not working in Internet Explorer,can we suggest latest CCC tools to production?
  94. Bar chart with cylinder style
  95. Bar chart with cylinder style
  96. Barchar X Axis Labels Being Cut Off
  97. Where will i get Developer documentation of CDE?
  98. Triggering a popup component by clicking on a chart created with protovis component
  99. Triggering a popup component by clicking on a chart created with protovis component
  100. How to create a pivot table in CDE ?
  101. How to insert an image in a CDE dashboard ?
  102. Using the pivot view component in CDE
  103. CDA file getting deleted
  104. error HTTP Status 500 when launch a dashboard
  105. error HTTP Status 500 when launch a dashboard
  106. CDE: JNDI problem
  107. Tooltip for select components is not displayed
  108. Dial Charts Components
  109. Passing parameter from multi selector to mdx query
  110. CCC2 : how to use the pie_strokeStyle extension point ?
  111. Get The series name from a barchart to colour coding
  112. Database and loosing datasources
  113. Request for help on Hive tables reporting over pentaho CDF framework
  114. How to add button to main toolbar to open dashboard (wcdf)?
  115. tableComponent - trendArrow - Can't modify the up and down condition
  116. CTools breaking reporting parameters in standard Pentaho Reports
  117. skinning CDE - styles.css gets replaced
  118. Passing Array of String to SQL query datasource
  119. 403 forbidden error for plugin javascript file
  120. CDE - Fusionchart realtime widgets: dynamic chart caption
  121. Query Templates using CDA
  122. Show a target level on a bar chart
  123. error in console while saving using CGG
  124. CDE NewMapComponent doesn't show markers description tooltip
  125. Chart providing the same color for a given category!!!
  126. Making DOTS Visible On CCC2 Line Chart
  127. CDC - Why (oh why) is cache not being used??
  128. Error updating CTOOLS
  129. Help Regarding Dial Chart (Pentaho BA 4.5 version with CCC2)
  130. Tooltip display is not working for line in barline chart dashboard CDE
  131. Problem Sharing Dashboard
  132. CDF - changing the graph displayed by drop down
  133. Critical: Date Range in Where Clause in CDA doesn't work
  134. CGG Dial Chart - Intervals Array to be Dynamic
  135. Creating Drill Down Bar Chart in CDE
  136. Text and Date fields
  137. SQL dateFormat Query
  138. Bar chart customizing.
  139. Formatting the "legend" Options in Pentaho CDE
  140. Using SQL query result in javascript function
  141. Ctools installation error
  142. Ctools installation error
  143. Changing date parameter using DateInputComponent not working
  144. Select data columns from data source
  145. Guidance Needed To Develop CCC2 Charts Dashboards For Iphone
  146. Possible issue with queryComponent in CCC2 -b dev?
  147. CCC Bar chart - legend shows dimension name and measure name
  148. Barchart with multi lines
  149. Upgrade to CDE - Trunk Snapshot (Trunk) giving Errors
  150. Strange Chrome behaviour
  151. CCC2 BarChart color coding
  152. 100% Stacked Bar Chart
  153. How to show all day values on CC2 barchart
  154. How to get id and value of select component in CDE
  155. How to export dashboard to pdf
  156. change dinamically a bar chart for a table component
  157. Implementing drill down in dashboards
  158. dual axis ccc line chart
  159. Table Component SubColumns
  160. Applying Validations to CDE components (Charts/Selects) etc
  161. x Axis Text in Bar Chart
  162. CDE - Map Component - Problem with Popup
  163. CDE - Map Component - Problem with Popup
  164. CDE - Map Component - Problem with Popup
  165. Hide column table
  166. use thermometer
  167. values position on top of bar chart
  168. Map Component Marker Click
  169. Community vs Enterprise Edition
  170. Same Row values on X-axis are overrided
  171. Multilanguage
  172. CCC - Error processing component or using Query Component
  173. Bar chart CCC2 and Clickaction
  174. Embed CDE Dashboard in PHP Application
  175. Problem width OpenI plugin
  176. High Charts with CDF or any other way within pentaho platform.
  177. A line chart with a data table docked under the x-axis.
  178. Dynamically change the chart on the CDE Dashboard
  179. Refresh graph not working
  180. Minimum value on y-axis
  181. I18N not working with CDE
  182. Avoiding full redraw during chart update
  183. Datatable in Pentaho CDE
  184. Procedure mysql in pentaho
  185. Pie chart in Map Component
  186. CDF and Mondrian roles
  187. cde not working in biserver 4.8
  188. Pie Chart radius
  189. role based access to saiku report and CDE dashboard
  190. change color of Cgg Marker image
  191. User supplied data in CDE
  192. Converting a Bar To a Line in CCC2
  193. CDE - Error parsing view - possible permission problem? :(
  194. the value of dashboard javascirpt
  195. Edit Tooltip in CDE dashboard
  196. How to do query to obtain multiple pie charts
  197. Geospatial BI with pentaho
  198. Print Messages from cgg javascript component definition
  199. bar chart problem
  200. Table Component - Expand on Click property
  201. Issue using the CDA with a Dynamic Schema Processor
  202. fresh install map component reference - map with markers does not work
  203. Pie Chart CCC2 and percentage value
  204. Problem with clickable ccc bar chart
  205. When chart loads, have data point selected.
  206. Object type cccNormalizedBarChart can't be mapped to a valid class
  207. Double click on Map Component Marker
  208. can not load CDF in new version
  209. Error in CDV
  210. CCC Charts Tooltip
  211. CDE Editor with IE (can it work?)
  212. CDE/CDF can not load action
  213. How to use Export Button Component
  214. Tooltip table Component CDE
  215. date component goes in background
  216. Change shape of line dots on a barline chart in CCC
  217. Secondary axis based on a specified line in a barline chart?
  218. cde cache
  219. Set plot2LinesVisible=true for 1 line, but not the others, in a CCC barline chart?
  220. Saiku does not show columns in the saved reports
  221. Tooltip in Bullet Chart (CCCv2)
  222. How to toggle visibility of a legend item on a chart, when chart is first loaded?
  223. What is the "New Selector Component" in CDE/CDF?
  224. Questions about the "Olap Selector" component in CDE/CDF
  225. Disable a part of a legend in CCC2 Bar chart
  226. Auto-Complete Box Component does not work if I set listener and parameter
  227. How to make use of the jQuery Plugin option for Multi-select component?
  228. cde component with float properties
  229. CDA error
  230. Chart size issue after changing the axis lablel.
  231. CDA not read the member formatter defined in Schema Workbench
  232. CDF and XMLA
  233. Control Axis for Charts
  234. tree control select component
  235. CDE Documentation
  236. How to make Cylidrical Bar chart.
  237. get longitude et laltitude from map component
  238. Exporting prpt component data in CDE
  239. Help with Paired Bar-Line Example on webdetails site (in CDE)
  240. specifying columns for pie chart in CDE
  241. Specific listener not working in Bar chart in pentaho CDE
  242. cda cache inconsistency
  243. cst problem
  244. get different columns from CDA query
  245. CGG and format in Pentaho report designer
  246. Is group possible in PRD when using CGG?
  247. Problem cde dashboard
  248. wrap long labels in bar chart
  249. wrong use of cgg
  250. css for a component