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  1. A question about J48
  2. New Weka 3.7.9 release
  3. Obtain same result buffer in Command line Weka.
  4. WEKA help needed!!
  5. Data Mining of Ambiguous Records
  6. Pentaho BI server with data mining
  7. Using R plugin
  8. Questions on implementing logistic regression
  9. Modeling Infinite Accumulations?
  10. Weka classification and predicted class
  11. J48 precision issue with double
  12. Arff Editor
  13. Please help with connection of MySQL to WEKA in Mac OS.
  14. Connecting WEKA to MySQL in Mac OS.
  15. LIBLINEAR and Logistic Regression
  16. Converting from Instances to list of lists of strings and back (Jython or Java)
  17. Reg: highly correlated attributes
  18. Unable to load file in WEKA.
  19. Linear regression with weka(used method for estimate linear coefficients)
  20. Question about attribute selection functionality
  21. Loocv
  22. GP Attribute Generator
  23. Java ML
  24. libsvm file format
  25. Student's t-test as feature selection method
  26. Apriori Sales Prediction
  27. Problem with ScatterPlot3D on weka 3.7.9
  28. Database Saver (WEKA 3.7.*)
  29. Newbie with primitive question
  30. Genetic Search in Weka
  31. how to run weka with support threshold
  32. weka 3.6.9 test failed under Windows
  33. .arff file error
  34. Classifiers for missing values
  35. WEKA only for Data Integration
  36. percentage split
  37. Changing Entropy Values in WEKA (Shannon, Tsallis and Renyi)
  38. How do you generate PMML Files?
  39. decision tree
  40. Editing J48 algorithm
  41. How to identify the emotions from blog documents using Weka tool Clustering methods
  42. Regarding SMO reg
  43. Store Procedure SQL in CDE dashboard
  44. apriori algorithm in Weka
  45. how to identify which cluster belongs to which emotion category
  46. Command line query error
  47. WEKA API in java
  48. Ratio of positive and negative text in learning dataset for text classification?
  49. SSE K-Means in WEKA
  50. statistical test in weka
  51. finding optimal parameters
  52. Logistic regression - Interpreting results
  53. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract!
  54. Hi I need help creating a working dataset
  55. Consistent classifiers in Weka
  56. RenameAttribute Filter
  57. Apriori Algorithm
  58. Generate association rules with Apriori
  59. LogitBoost with...logistic regression
  60. "} expected at end of enumeration, read Token[EOL], line 4"
  61. [Experimenter Advanced Mode] Cannot set the path of output files
  62. feature selection for test set
  63. Apriori algorithm
  64. Latest KDnuggets Poll on DM Software
  65. [Experimenter] Csv output not coherent
  66. How to obtain bag of words for known vocabulary? Weka in Java
  67. Association rules with Weka
  68. Tomek Link, Condensed nearest neighbor
  69. Regarding F statistic
  70. WEKA and Text Mining
  71. MLP in WEKA
  72. weka Support and confidence
  73. Programming in weka
  74. Training and cross validation error
  75. weka server
  76. What happens with absolute errors?
  77. Predict relation between one dependent variable and 4 other independent variables
  78. Rmse
  79. splitting data into training and test sets
  80. Using WEKA to find a pattern from a set of data (how do I?)
  81. Weka with 100000000 records
  82. Weka SVM (SMO) - C and Gamma Parameter Optimization
  83. I have some questions for you about roadmap
  84. Weka K-MEANS
  85. CobWeb Result
  86. GreedyStepWise threshold
  87. Predictions on test set
  88. How to use WEKA to classify new email in text string format using .Net?
  89. Getting the output of a data set used for prediction with the predictions
  90. Exhibiting command line behavior from a Java program
  91. PKID Discretization with KDD99 %10trainig dataset doesn`t work with HNB Classifiction
  92. Which attribute should be chosen for INTERACT Feature Selection Method?
  93. "problem evaluating classifier train and test set are not compatible" for KDD99 test'
  94. Does AutoClass exist in WEKA?
  95. Command line execution uploading model + filters
  96. How can we use WEKA via MATLAB? Isthere any useful link, tutorial or video?
  97. Is it possible to do classification, based on the features that I specify manually?
  98. InstanceQuery Java heap space
  99. DatabaseLoader Exception
  100. Postgres DataSet
  101. Problem evaluating forecaster Null
  102. CSVFileLoader can no longer handle CSV files with spaces
  103. Attribute Selection
  104. Is it possible to make Fixed Frequency Discretization other than EWD and EFD in WEKA?
  105. Termination of running association-rules mining tasks
  106. Hire Pentaho Consultant / Hire Pentaho Developer
  107. Word boundary analysis
  108. How to return "precise" probability about class of membership for an instance?
  109. Error Importing CSV File into WEKA
  110. WEKA Attributes
  111. how to stop transformation when zero row found in stream
  112. Compare one category vs others
  113. Attributes values not recognized
  114. I need a suggestion about the attribute selection technique in my project
  115. Computational Complexity
  116. How to add Silhouette Coefficient to weka
  117. newbee with pentaho: looking for forecasting tools
  118. SVM Feature Selection with Multiclass Dataset from Command Line
  119. Using Apriori Association for textmining with weka
  120. Sentiment with WEKA
  121. svm regression in WEKA
  122. 2 Filters with FilteredClassifier
  123. weka RegularExpresion with java code
  124. Retain label after PCA filtering
  125. "RemoveType" Filter when testing model in commandLine
  126. Testing a model that has been trained after PCA
  127. Does feature selection methods look at the class-label?
  128. New Weka 3.6.10 and 3.7.10 releases
  129. Radius of a cluster - K-means
  130. Training algorithm
  131. finding association rules for a particular attribute?
  132. Difference between SMO and LibSVM
  133. Number of folds
  134. Problem evaluating forecaster
  135. [Problem]Weka for developers (flag & option)
  136. first job in weka (need help)
  137. attribute reduction
  138. Ignore a feature in classification but include in prediction output w/ GUI or R?
  139. Enrolments open for "Data Mining with Weka" (WekaMOOC)
  140. some beginner's questions
  141. How to predict with linear regression without saving the model to a file?
  142. Silhouette Coefficient
  143. Inconsistent results when loading saved model
  144. Puk evaluate to NaN
  145. Forecast - lagged variables
  146. Regression of ratios
  147. SMOTE Error
  148. formula
  149. Weka Error Message
  150. What is the best training text?
  151. Using weka api and LibSVM
  152. 1 or 2 algorithms
  153. Cobweb - Faulty Output
  154. confusion over options / filters
  155. Applying PCA to specific attributes
  156. Naive Bayes and numeric (continuous) features
  157. Error "Objective function values is NaN!"
  158. Creating Instances from double[][]
  159. HierarchicalClusterer
  160. Error installing timeseriesForecasting plugin
  161. How can I help?
  162. Using weka's StringKernel with multiple string attributes
  163. Problems with text classifier
  164. WEKA job keeps running after model saved (job finished)
  165. Need help in installing Weka and working on it
  166. HierarchicalClusterer: identify the instances in the newick format
  167. Forecast Advanced configuration.
  168. serialize PCA transformation, apply to dataset in CLI
  169. Data Mining. Predictive Analytics. Sequential Pattern Mining.
  170. Quetion about WEKA kNN (IBk)
  171. Creating a decision tree with highly variable nominal fields
  172. Incorporating weka code into a java program
  173. WEKA TimeSeriesForecasting: NullPointerException in TSLagMaker.determinePeriodicity()
  174. using Apache Derby database with weka
  175. quickly retrieving last prediction from say 100 instances
  176. How to add a String attribute to a dataset?
  177. Printing/Saving from WEKA
  178. problem setting options
  179. Indentifying Instances when using Cross Validation
  180. help with filters and options
  181. Confidence Intervals of percent correct in 10-fold Cross Validation
  182. How to use WUMprep?
  183. eclipse error:unable to load or open main class/file
  184. How to load data set in weka eclipse environment
  185. error message : could not find or load main class
  186. New Weka packages for distributed processing in Hadoop
  187. cross validation in forecasting
  188. How to use weighted vote for classification using weka
  189. Training set and test set are not compatible QUESTION
  190. Attribute Question: To merge or not to merge
  191. Deleting an Entity based On an Attribute
  192. Discretizing Numeric Age Attributes
  193. Multivariate regression
  194. Output of last layer in MLP or ather NN
  195. WEKA: RotationForest by comman-line is not working!
  196. InterquartileRange is not suitable to remove the outliers in large dataset
  197. Weka-Eclipse Installation Error
  198. about the dataset of one-class libsvm in Weka
  199. what is the proper method for this problem in weka?
  200. regarding weka in eclipse
  201. Association mining question
  202. j48 entropy measures
  203. IBK gives a wrong result in my code
  204. Urgent question on normalizaing training and test set seperately
  205. Classification with SMO, J48, Naive Bayes
  206. Use Weka to clean-up / deduplicate dirty location data?
  207. Re: How to extract item elements from Weka apriori ?
  208. Grid search with Weighted AUC in non-developer version?
  209. re: Is FastVector deprecated? What else can i replace FastVector?
  210. LMT leaves, what do the numbers mean?
  211. What is my best next move in a game of connect-4?
  212. Weka's hierarchy
  213. remote engine on windows PCs
  214. Sequential Feature Selection
  215. The nearest neighbour classifier ignores attribute weights?
  216. Training algorithms taking 'forever', need some suggestions
  217. Weka Help
  218. K-means cluster labels
  219. How to apply Vote meta-classifier to pre-trained classifiers?
  220. is multithreading works for RBF classifier ??
  221. Multilayer Perceptron in WEKA
  222. Problem connecting to a Weka Database
  223. Integrating R with Weka
  224. weka exception occurred - error message explanation needed
  225. grid search in weka integrated with libsvm
  226. using weka to forecast nominal dependent time class and imbalanced data
  227. Error message: Class index is negative (not set)!
  228. What is WEKA ? Where to start with a simple example
  229. Optimal classification
  230. Problem using Snowball Stemmer
  231. debugging code required for option selection
  232. verifying the option settings for a classifier
  233. possible bug in LibSVM
  234. What is wrong here ?
  235. how can i modify tfidf matrix in weka in java code?
  236. NullPointerException error help please
  237. A question re retrieving the last instance from a testing set - nominal class predict
  238. interpreting the confusion matrix
  239. Evaluation shows that my result is bad.
  240. from MOA analysis to a real app
  241. Models in forecasting plugin.
  242. repeat processing efficiently
  243. Using SMO, the predicted vlaes are very far from the facts.
  244. Axis Properties - Axis Limits - WEKA Visualizer
  245. Time series forecasting OutOfMemoryError when used programmatically
  246. command line "java weka.Run" don't work
  247. keeping two sets of Instances training
  248. Serializing models - Windows 7
  249. GridSearch with libSVM in WEKA
  250. Cross validation and Filtered Classifier