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  1. [Mondrian] how to output of properties in a mdx-query
  2. [Mondrian] RolapSchemaReader.isVisible not using Property.VISIBLE
  3. [Mondrian] How to change MDX Parsed Query?
  4. [Mondrian] how to run concurrent MDX queries
  5. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  6. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1295 Build Fixed
  7. [Mondrian] SqlTupleReader.readTuples generates huge IN list causingjava.sql.SQLException
  8. RE: [Mondrian] SqlTupleReader.readTuples generates huge IN listcausing java.sql.SQLException
  9. RE: [Mondrian] SqlTupleReader.readTuples generates huge INlistcausing java.sql.SQLException
  10. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  11. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1296 Build Fixed
  12. [Mondrian] #null member
  13. [Mondrian] looking for help regarding SQL generated by Mondrian
  14. [Mondrian] generateSql output to a file
  15. RE: [Mondrian] generateSql output to a file, agg field names
  16. [Mondrian] testItemNull() test failure
  17. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  18. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1298 Build Fixed
  19. [Mondrian] looking for help regarding SQL generated by Mondrian
  20. [Mondrian] My demo aplication requires 2 requests to work
  21. [Mondrian] [Fwd: Eigenbase perforce change 9529 for review]
  22. [Mondrian] Newbie
  23. [Mondrian] RE: [Mondrian-users] Mondrian 2.3.2 Error
  24. [Mondrian] Questions regarding measures and ordinalColumn attributeof Level element
  25. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  26. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1301 Build Fixed
  27. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  28. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1304 Build Fixed
  29. [Mondrian] Non Empty result
  30. [Mondrian] Level of abstraction(mondrian.olap vs mondrian.rolap)
  31. [Mondrian] FW: Mondrian issues with date and fact table columns
  32. [Mondrian] Bug: Named set + range
  33. [Mondrian] Bug with tuple function?
  34. [Mondrian] //open/mondrian/src/main/mondrian/xmla/XmlaHandler.javaRev 41 and 42
  35. [Mondrian] "ORA-00979: not a GROUP BY expression" in nightly testrun
  36. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  37. Re: [Mondrian] "ORA-00979: not a GROUP BY expression" in nightlytest run
  38. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice sh --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/testAll --nightly
  39. [Mondrian] Large number of clone calls associated with MemberTypeenumeration
  40. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice sh --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/testAll --nightly
  41. [Mondrian] UDF and result type
  42. [Mondrian] Tracker [ 1755778 ] CrossJoin / Filter query returnsnull row in result set
  43. [Mondrian] Degenerate facts
  44. [Mondrian] Passing Parameters to mdx - not working for XMLA
  45. [Mondrian] State of the build
  46. [Mondrian] perforce.eigenbase.org currently slow
  47. [Mondrian] BI Survey
  48. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  49. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1315 Build Fixed
  50. Re: [Mondrian] Re: Mondrian Build Failed
  51. [Mondrian] RE: Eigenbase perforce change 9651 for review
  52. [Mondrian] Parent-child hierachy with no Closure
  53. [Mondrian] Is it possible to create a measure whose aggregatordepends on dimension ?
  54. [Mondrian] RE: Eigenbase perforce change 9672 for review
  55. [Mondrian] Discarding exceptions
  56. [Mondrian] RE: Eigenbase Resgen Patch Submission
  57. [Mondrian] Aggregate over distinct-count measures
  58. [Mondrian] RE: Eigenbase perforce change 9695 for review
  59. [Mondrian] Mondrian-2.4
  60. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  61. [Mondrian] Problems when updating mondrian
  62. [Mondrian] RolapSchema Rev 92 Changelist 9138
  63. [Mondrian] Error in Role (Mondrian 2.4)
  64. [Mondrian] Bug in Mondrian 2.4
  65. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  66. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1321 Build Fixed
  67. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/testAll --nightly
  68. Re: [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash--login /home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/testAll --nightly
  69. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/testAll --nightly
  70. [Mondrian] RE: problems compiling Mondrian
  71. [Mondrian] FYI: severe bug with Max() MDX function
  72. [Mondrian] Performance: CellInfoPool
  73. [Mondrian] mondrian.rolap.CellKey.Zero
  74. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  75. [Mondrian] Role based security and calculated members
  76. [Mondrian] RE: End-user documentation for schema pooling
  77. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/testAll --nightly
  78. [Mondrian] Capture values on generated tables
  79. [Mondrian] BI Survey
  80. [Mondrian] RE: CurrentDateMember udf
  81. [Mondrian] performance impact of having several cross joins ofdimensions at the All level
  82. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  83. [Mondrian] mondrian 2.4 and beyond
  84. [Mondrian] sreelatha is your Yaar! :)
  85. [Mondrian] Iterable ResultStyle vs List ResultStyle
  86. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1336 Build Fixed
  87. [Mondrian] Mondrian test coverage
  88. [Mondrian] FW: FW: [Mondrian-users] Mondrian
  89. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  90. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1339 Build Fixed
  91. [Mondrian] The method MondrianDef.ExpressionView.getTableAliasreturns null confuse me.
  92. [Mondrian] [Fwd: Eigenbase perforce change 9873 for review]
  93. ´ð¸´: [Mondrian] The methodMondrianDef.ExpressionView.getTableAliasreturns null confu
  94. RE: [Mondrian] ThemethodMondrianDef.ExpressionView.getTableAliasreturns null confuse me.
  95. [Mondrian] Calculated members not on top level
  96. [Mondrian] RE: Calculated members not on top level
  97. [Mondrian] Bugs in XMLA execute + tabulat format
  98. [Mondrian] Does order of dimension in NECJ matter with regards toperformance?
  99. [Mondrian] RE: Mondrian: Question about your change 8710
  100. [Mondrian] New access-control features in mondrian
  101. [Mondrian] OpenMRS is looking for developers
  102. [Mondrian] Reg .MDX Query Result
  103. [Mondrian] Reg. MDX Query
  104. [Mondrian] Mondrian Cases
  105. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  106. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1352 Build Fixed
  107. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  108. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1353 Build Fixed
  109. [Mondrian] The same dimensions in crossjoin
  110. [Mondrian] NON EMPTY crossjoin not optimized anymore
  111. [Mondrian] Proposal for adding result post processor extension tospi
  112. [Mondrian] RE: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  113. [Mondrian] Javadoc errors/warnings
  114. [Mondrian] RE: change 9710: aggregating count-distinct overcompound cells
  115. RE: [Mondrian] Proposal for adding result post processorextension tospi
  116. [Mondrian] FW: [sdforum_bisig] [SDForum] Business Intelligence SIG- Meeting today (Tuesday)
  117. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1359 Build Fixed
  118. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  119. [Mondrian] Msaccess issues on CruiseControl box
  120. [Mondrian] Predicate optimization parameter
  121. [Mondrian] Problem with aggregate tables..
  122. [Mondrian] Some optimizations based on profiler results
  123. [Mondrian] ValidMeasure() combined with Aggregate()
  124. [Mondrian] AggGen question...
  125. [Mondrian] Shared levels idea.
  126. [Mondrian] mdx Null literal parameter
  127. [Mondrian] testAllowsGroupingSets in mondrian.test.DialectTest.java- postgres fix
  128. [Mondrian] Re: FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> ssh -oPort=6022jhyde@ /open/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  129. [Mondrian] Tracker 1811228: Cartesian join in getMemberChildren SQLw/ aggregate tables
  130. [Mondrian] Group dimension members
  131. [Mondrian] RE: Eigenbase perforce change 10142 for review
  132. [Mondrian] RE: Eigenbase perforce change 10142 for review
  133. [Mondrian] Refactor to change Member[] by List<Member>
  134. [Mondrian] Modify SqlTupleReader.readTuples() to use aggregratetables
  135. [Mondrian] Reg . Formatting Levels
  136. [Mondrian] Reg. Drill Through
  137. [Mondrian] Store/Restore MDX Query ?
  138. [Mondrian] Reg. Drill Through
  139. [Mondrian] Hiding measure values at certian dimension levels
  140. [Mondrian] RE: Mondrian fix
  141. [Mondrian] Question on non-aggregable measures
  142. [Mondrian] pentaho and hypersonic
  143. Tr : [Mondrian] Question on non-aggregable measures
  144. Tr : [Mondrian] Question on non-aggregable measures
  145. [Mondrian] Again on the non-aggregable measure
  146. [Mondrian]Formalisation of your suggestion on first, last, none etc
  147. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  148. [Mondrian] My stupid error on stddev
  149. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1379 Build Fixed
  150. [Mondrian] multiple schemas? cache management?
  151. Re: [Mondrian] change 10256 [was Re: change 9710: aggregatingcount-distinct over compound cells]
  152. [Mondrian] RE: Conversion from Member[] to List<Member>
  153. Size Test
  154. [Mondrian] [Fwd: Re: Conversion from Member[] to List<Member>]
  155. [Mondrian] RE: Conversion from Member[] to List<Member>
  156. [Mondrian] NON EMPTY + exception
  157. [Mondrian] Reg .Aggregate Tables
  158. [Mondrian] Problem matching aggrgate tables
  159. [Mondrian] VB function list?
  160. [Mondrian] Rename MondrianDef.Relation to RelationOrJoin and addMondrianDef.Relation
  161. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  162. [Mondrian] RE: just added a test page to test role set
  163. [Mondrian] GWT based front end for Mondrian
  164. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> ssh -oPort=6022jhyde@ /open/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  165. [Mondrian] RE: VBA and Excel functions implemented in Java,for use inmondrian OLAP engine
  166. [Mondrian] JPivot re-write generates Mondrian bug
  167. [Mondrian] RE: just added a test page to test role set
  168. [Mondrian] Isolate SQL
  169. [Mondrian] perforce.eigenbase.org is currently down due to poweroutage
  170. [Mondrian] RE: VBA and Excel functions implemented in Java,for use in mondrian OLAP engine
  171. [Mondrian] mondrian driver for olap4j has moved
  172. [Mondrian] Torna-te um pioneiro do Portal Emprego.pt.
  173. [Mondrian] Release 3.0 ETA
  174. [Mondrian] Improvements for High Cardinality
  175. [Mondrian] Mondrian CruiseControl stuck?
  176. [Mondrian] Aggregate tables in another database
  177. [Mondrian] Export: Excell and PDF
  178. [Mondrian] Bug with BottomCount
  179. [Mondrian] Adding Grouping Set support for Distinct Count measures
  180. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  181. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1384 Build Fixed
  182. [Mondrian] Names vs. Unique Names
  183. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  184. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1385 Build Fixed
  185. [Mondrian] Countdown to mondrian 3.0
  186. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1386 Build Fixed
  187. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  188. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1387 Build Fixed
  189. [Mondrian] drillthrough enabled
  190. [Mondrian] i18n support in Mondrian XMLA
  191. [Mondrian] RE: MDX Logger
  192. [Mondrian] FW: new dimension cache-control API
  193. [Mondrian] when iif has a tuple and a member as its arguments weget an exception
  194. [Mondrian] Calculation Captions in Virtual Cubes
  195. [Mondrian] un-thread-safe code in Aggregation.getCellValue
  196. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  197. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  198. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1391 Build Fixed
  199. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  200. [Mondrian] Mondrian build.1392 Build Fixed
  201. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  202. [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed
  203. [Mondrian] Mondrian Cruisecontrol not able to build correctly
  204. [Mondrian] cache
  205. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  206. [Mondrian] mondrian member cache & RolapCubeHierarchy
  207. [Mondrian] When iif has tupletypes with unequal lengths asarguments, we get an exception
  208. [Mondrian] When iif has tupletypes with unequal lengths asarguments, we get an exception
  209. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  210. [Mondrian] RE: When iif has tupletypes with unequal lengthsasarguments, we get an exception
  211. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> ssh -oPort=6022jhyde@ /open/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  212. [Mondrian] High Cardinality for Mondrian
  213. [Mondrian] perforce.eigenbase.org planned downtime and DNS change14-Feb-2008
  214. [Mondrian] I need help conecting to Teradata
  215. [Mondrian] Issues with Calculated Members...
  216. [Mondrian] [Fwd: perforce.eigenbase.org planned downtime and DNSchange 14-Feb-2008]
  217. [Mondrian] RE: I need help conecting to Teradata (Julian Hyde)
  218. [Mondrian] RE: I need help conecting to Teradata (Julian Hyde)
  219. [Mondrian] RE: I need help conecting to Teradata (Julian Hyde)
  220. [Mondrian] RE: I need help conecting to Teradata (Julian Hyde)
  221. [Mondrian] Mondrian - aggregate tables not being used in Foodmartschema
  222. [Mondrian] RE: Mondrian - aggregate tables not being used inFoodmart schema
  223. [Mondrian] Reg.Export JPivot
  224. [Mondrian] Problem with special characters
  225. [Mondrian] Hopefully, this one should be a quicky
  226. [Mondrian] RESCHEDULED: perforce.eigenbase.org planned downtime andDNS change 28-Feb-2008
  227. [Mondrian] UDFs that return Sets
  228. [Mondrian] perforce.eigenbase.org planned downtime and DNS change28-Feb-2008
  229. [Mondrian] COMPLETED: perforce.eigenbase.org planned downtime andDNS change 28-Feb-2008
  230. [Mondrian] error with hsqldb
  231. [Mondrian] XMLA drillthrough XSD
  232. [Mondrian] Formatters and Calculated Members in Virtual Cubes
  233. [Mondrian] Need Help on Mondrian
  234. [Mondrian] Mondrian 3.0 RolapSchema.java change
  235. [Mondrian] Native vs. Regular Non Empty <Level>.MEMBERS Issue
  236. [Mondrian] Mondrian 3.0 is production
  237. [Mondrian] [Fwd: Eigenbase perforce change 10569 for review]
  238. [Mondrian] SOLVE_ORDER: AS2K vs. SSAS2005
  239. [Mondrian] RE: Join projects
  240. [Mondrian] Mondrian Workbench Menu Plugin API Proposal
  241. [Mondrian] Help: Alternative MDX function to LinkMember()
  242. Is anyone using this e-mail address?
  243. [Mondrian] deadlock in MemberCacheHelper
  244. [Mondrian] caching problem in latest Mondrian code
  245. [Mondrian] FW: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  246. [Mondrian] the new Exists function ( Eigenbase perforce change10864 for review )
  247. [Mondrian] XMLA requests don't return invisible members
  248. [Mondrian] RE: Cron <jhyde@marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly
  249. [Mondrian] MDX query question
  250. [Mondrian] Cognos 8.3 & "VBA!" Functions