View Full Version : Spoon remote execution when using DI and Hadoop in a private network

11-02-2012, 12:38 AM

Let me try to explain the context, need advice
I plan to use Hadoop in a private network and DI server has two network card, one toward the private network and the other NIC for External Client access.
Now using Spoon, I want to create jobs where I wish to browse HDFS , apparently Spoon need direct access to datanodes to browse HDFS, is it true

Hadoop/HDFS is inside a private network.
Spoon is being run in public network.

When using the HDFS and trying to browse to the HDFS dir, you cannot access the HDFS because it is in the private network. Is there any suggestion on how to get to the HDFS/Hadoop nodes.

Mucho appreciated, Joe