View Full Version : Up to date architecture of all Pentaho components?

02-07-2013, 02:52 AM

Anyone knows a nice "cheatsheet" architecture diagram that shows all the pentaho EE components (BI server, spoon, metadata editor, etc) and their interactions / roles so that a beginner can start to understand a bit about all this big ecosystem with multiple apps, etc?

Something like this:

but better than this, that shows how the different "projects" interact with each other (for example, project X is used to build the OLAP model and you can also use Y to build that...)

My problem is simple: i'm a newbie to Pentaho and to most DW concepts so, for example, I don't know what all the design tools are for and what do I need to do to ETL and then present my data from 0 to dashboard ready for my "business user".

11-21-2013, 10:29 AM

I have the same question...I'm too finding it difficult to understand the big picture of this wonderful software(pentaho suit). I tried google,youtube but nothing leads me to overall architecture (diagrams!).
Although this url http://www.atolcd.com/btn-ll/pentaho-suite-decisionnelle.html have an image which is bit clear i think. By the way, if you have found anything related to the architecture of pentaho then please it share with me.

Thanks in advance.