View Full Version : How to write the HQL to get the records from one specific file for one table?

07-29-2013, 07:50 AM
Hi, hive experts
When I import data into HIVE, I used the component "Hadoop File Output" to load the data into hdfs://cloudera:cloudera@
Note: 1.The option "included date in the file name?" is yes.
2. user is the table name that I created in hive.
So when I run this *.ktr file everyday, I can find a new file named like abc_130723 is generated on /user/hive/warehouse/user/ via checking "hadoop fs - /user/hive/warehouse/user, and the records are readlly added into hive when select * from user.
Now, I only want to read the records in someday like the abc_130724. Can you share me how to write the HQL?Thanks/Maria