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11-20-2013, 09:50 AM
Dear Pentaho friends,
Today it’s been almost a year since we released Kettle 4.4 as part of the Pentaho 4.8.0 suite release community edition. Today we’re very happy to announce (http://pedroalves-bi.blogspot.de/2013/11/pentaho-50-ce-is-now-available.html) the availability of Pentaho 5.0 community edition.
Now obviously, since this is open source software which is always available though continuous integration builds (http://ci.pentaho.com/view/Data%20Integration/job/Kettle/), we’re talking about the availability of builds which have been sufficiently verified by Pentaho QA, community members, partners and so on to be considered a release.
All new is also the new community landing page:
(http://community.pentaho.com/)On it you’ll find convenient links to the downloads, the source code, the CI builds and so on.
Thanks you all for your patience in delivering this new step forward. In the coming weeks I’ll do a series of “New in Kettle 5.0″ blog posts to inform you about what we did. In short, these are the highlights:

Better previewing with dedicated window in run tab
Easier looping with transformation and job (http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/EAI/Job+Executor) executor steps
Internal metrics gathering with Gantt chart
An improved plugin marketplace
Tons of Big Data improvements
Improved logging backend
Lots of new steps and job entries
A series of new plugin systems (http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/EAI/The+PDI+SDK) to make it easier to extend Kettle

data types
extension points (http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/EAI/PDI+Extension+Point+Plugins)
carte servlets
logging tables
step-to-step row distributions (http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/EAI/PDI+Row+Distribution+Plugin+Development)

Lots of new configuration options for tuning the engine back-ends
Integrated help system in the step and job entry dialogs

Even more important though:

Over 1500 bug fixes and feature requests
Metadata compatible with previous versions
API compatible with 4.x

I would like to thank and congratulate the whole community with this excellent release!
Happy downloading!
P.S. Keeping up with tradition let me share some statistics… The Kettle project, trimmed down to not include any plugins, now contains over 840,000 lines of code. Kettle 4.4 was downloaded over 244,000 times in the last year, from SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pentaho/files/Data%20Integration/) only.

More... (http://www.ibridge.be/?p=284)