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11-26-2013, 12:06 AM

Is there any guide to customize the homepage of Pentaho 5 CE?

I'm using the 4.x version and was very easy to use as a plataform to delivery reports and KPIs to my clients without lose my company identity. I'm not worried about my staff, but there are too much information that don't interest my clients and I'm afraid to migrate and lose their satisfaction.


11-29-2013, 03:24 PM
Hi Emmual did you figure anything out on this question. I need to do the same thing.
The best I've found so far is still focused on the 4.x platfrom

i haven't had a chance to see how different the new 5.x platform is.

12-04-2013, 11:58 AM
I am interested in this too! It'd be great to replace the home page by a custom dashboard. Any ideas of where to start?

12-05-2013, 04:04 AM
Hi All,

To change the logo you need to replace the "puc-login-logo.png" present in biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/common-ui/resources/themes/images/puc-login-logo.png location.
To change the watemarked background image , i will figure it out and let you all know about that.


12-05-2013, 04:36 AM
Hi All,

To change the backgroung image replace the login-crystal-bg.jpeg present in below mentioned location.


Oleg Solovyev
12-06-2013, 02:10 PM
I havn't found any related doc excep for /biserver-ce/tomcat/webaps/pentaho/docs/customizing_pentaho_guide.pdf but it looks outdated as contains screenshots from the 4.x version. So I tried test and learn approach

Found that files:
- biserver-ce/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/mantle/xul/mantle.xul - generates the upper menu on the home page containing menus: File, View, Tools, Help
- biserver-ce/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/mantle/home/index.jsp - home page main content

I've generated a test dashboard using CDE and copied its URL to a text file. Then I've removed everything between the <body> and </body> html tags of the index.jsp file and placed an iframe that loads my test dashboard:

<iframe src=""><iframe>

Well, it worked out but I am sure there should be an easier way to customize the home page. If you'll follow remember to remove the files from the following catalogs:
- biserver-ce/tomcat/work/Catalina/localhost/pentaho/prg/apache/jsp/mantle/
- biserver-ce/tomcat/work/Catalina/localhost/pentaho/prg/apache/jsp/mantle/home
Those files are generated every time you login pentaho but sometimes are not overriden when one changes mantle.xul and index.jsp. One doesn't even have to restart the pentaho to see the changes on the main page. Just restart your browser and login pentaho again

12-07-2013, 12:52 PM

Did not seem so complicated. Can you take a print screen to see if is this is what we looking for?


12-16-2013, 11:04 PM
Here is another thread that has a bit more already.


11-12-2014, 03:40 PM
Just wanted to add to this post that in BI CE 5.2 to customize the main UI w/o affecting all the functionality you just need to edit or replace the file:


10-15 mins of editing that file and you can clean up and customize the main UI. It is already being displayed in an IFrame so no need to do anything at a higher level.

11-26-2014, 05:28 AM
Hi all,

How to modify pentaho biserver homescreen browse files create new and manage datasource options.... in which file we have to modify those?