View Full Version : help on reporting requirement

01-28-2014, 04:29 PM
I'm new to Pentaho. We have a data warehouse which we want to extract the data out for reporting purpose. The data on the data warehouse is de-normalized data stored in as flat tables.

What we want to do is to extract ad hoc report on demand or recurring (if recurring, it has to be automated, say monthly). Is pentaho the right tool to accomplish this task? Any other suggestion?

At this point, we're not interested in anything beyond the requirements above but don't mind to keep the option open.


02-04-2014, 06:10 AM
Yes, Pentaho can do that. Two options come to mind. One, you can schedule a report on the BI server on the desired interval. Two, you could use Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), scheduling a transform that contains a "Pentaho Reporting Step" which will run your report with whatever parameters. The PDI route is the most flexible, but requires care for parameters and making sure your datasource definitions are correct etc.