View Full Version : UI/UX Analyzer bug in IE9

11-11-2014, 06:02 PM
I am the UI designer on a team integrating Pentaho into an analytics application. One of my tasks has been to create a new visual theme for Pentaho Analyzer as this piece will be integrated with our product via iframe. I created the theme by first making a duplicate of Crystal. All is working well aside from one bug in Analyzer that I have verified is also standing in the Crystal theme.

In IE9, when you collapse the properties panel, the panel disappears completely. The only way to view this collapsed panel again is to first collapse the layout panel. Along with my QA team, I have tested this on 4 machines with Win7/IE9. 3 out of 4 machines exhibited this issue. See below:


In other modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE10 & 11), the collapsed properties panel sits at the bottom of the view port until opened. It appears to be controlled by javascript which sets the inline heights of both the layout and properties panels when the collapse buttons for either panel is clicked. It seems as though this js needed to be adjusted for IE when the crystal theme was developed.

Is this a bug I should report or can this be fixed on my end? If a bug, where to report?