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01-07-2015, 02:41 PM
It appears the Pentaho Arthifactory server has changed or is down. Previously we were able to download resources from:
http://repository.pentaho.org/artifactory/pentaho (http://repository.pentaho.org/artifactory/pentaho)

These are no longer available. Please instruct if they have changed.


01-07-2015, 05:05 PM
http://repository.pentaho.org was only ever meant for IT and dev usage inside the Pentaho VPN to make the distinction between the internal and external Artifactory instances. We certainly never based any builds on it. It was purely for debugging.

Regarding http://repo.pentaho.org/artifactory/pentaho To my knowledge, we never released any projects with ivysettings.xml that used anything but http://repo.pentaho.org/artifactory/repo I can certainly understand the performance motivation behind trying to avoid pulling 3rd party artifacts from our repos, and going directly to Maven central or whatever, however, this is NOT advisable. We have a rather large collection of REPAIRED 3rd party artifacts that were released into the wild with bad poms and such. So, using our aggregate views to build Pentaho related projects is highly advisable.

That all being said, we are now reverse proxying http://repo.pentaho.org/artifactory/repo/ over to the Nexus omni group http://nexus.pentaho.org/content/groups/omni/

All the Artifactory repos have been migrated over to Nexus and we have cleaned up as many bad ivy.xml files as we could find.

We will be taking both the internal and external Artifactory processes offline, but will leave the repos there for some time for backup/restore purposes until we feel we have been clear of any issues long enough.

-Steve Maring
Sr Build Engineer

08-05-2015, 05:41 PM
So there would still be support for the maven repository?. or will be better change our project structure to work with apache ivy ?