View Full Version : IUserRoleListService get all users never called

02-02-2016, 03:20 AM
Hi to all,
im facing up to the integration of Pentaho authentication mechanism with the my enterprise one.
Making reference to Pentaho Guidelines, i have built a CustomAuthenticationProvider querying my users database in order to perform authentication.

The main services i have dealt with are:
UserDetailsService interface
IUserRoleListService interface

The second one is responsible to handle all the functionalities related to users, roles, and user-roles mapping. But there is a problem:
While roles related methods like:
public List<String> getAllRoles() or public List<String> getRolesForUser(ITenant tenant, String username)

are correctly invoked (returning al the Klopotek roles), this doesn’t seem to happen with all methods relating to users, such us:
public List<String> getAllUsers()

which are never invoked instead.

I thought these methods were designated to the users list loading together with all the informations displayed inside the Users&Roles Pentaho Console page.
But what i get, as final result is that there are listed just the default existent users: Admin,Pat,Suzy,Tiffany.

Where am i wrong? Is there some configuration setting missed inside the spring security context?
Really thanks.

02-03-2016, 12:40 PM
I think that's by design. We never try to get all users from an external authentication provider.

For some cases, getting all users could mean bringing in thousands of users.