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07-06-2016, 12:33 PM
I've been trying to build www.github.com/pentaho/pentaho-platform following steps found here:
on my OS X Yosemite with JDK 8

Was able to run:

ant resolve and then ant create-dot-classpath successfully for:


However, for pentaho-platform-console I encounter a problem when running ant create-dot-class:

/Users/kaz/development/projects/pentaho/pentaho-platform/user-console/build-res/subfloor-gwt.xml:244: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/Users/kaz/development/projects/pentaho/pentaho-platform/user-console/build-res/subfloor.xml:2558: taskdef A class needed by class org.pentaho.anttasks.GwtBuildValidator cannot be found: au/com/bytecode/opencsv/CSVReader
using the classloader AntClassLoader[/Users/kaz/.subfloor/pentaho-ant-tasks-1.2/pentaho-ant-tasks-__-1.2.jar]

Total time: 0 seconds

Can anyone point me in right direction so far as whether I'm following the latest build guide/steps here to build and deploy the war on my local (I'n using wiki.pentaho.com/display/ServerDoc2x/Build+the+projects (seems a bit old) ?
Or am I missing other projects other then what's under https://github.com/pentaho/pentaho-platform?


07-07-2016, 07:02 AM
Hey Kaz,

from my understanding of it (and please correct me if I'm missing the point), your end goal is to do a local build of the Pentaho platform ( i.e. trying to do a local build of the whole of the https://github.com/pentaho/pentaho-platform project ), is this correct ?

If so, and to do that, you should take a look at the build file that's at root level; that one ( which does not have the default name of "build.xml", but is instead called "dev_build.xml" ) will provide you with the ability to do a full build of the CE platform.

At pentaho-platform dir, try the following:

ant -f dev_build.xml dev-rebuild

Be forewarned that this build process may take some time!
A full build of the platform will be made and you will have it available at ./assembly/bin/stage/biserver-ce ( IIRC )


Now, as far as the issue you're having, I do not know what could that could be; I've just did a quick build of pentaho-platform/user-console using

ant clean-all resolve dist

and user-console sub-project was built successfully.

Could it be due to some stale dependency cache situation ( specifically, with the "opencsv" dependency ) ? Unsure.
You can try and clear your local ivy cache by clearing/deleting everything under


Hope this helps,

Best regards,

Pedro T.