View Full Version : It this thing still on? Bueller, Bueller

05-21-2018, 04:10 PM
My last post, was early 2013. That’s more than FIVE years ago. What, you may ask, has been keeping me away from technical musings here? Two things.

I haven’t felt like it. I started blogging in 2004. When I took a break, I had been blogging for almost 10 years. That’s a LONG time.
I’ve focused any additional time outside of my direct work to being a dad…. Yeah, my daughter turned 5 earllier this year. It’s been a busy 5 years. https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2.4/72x72/1f609.png

Now I’m just now getting the itch to publish some stuff. I have been DOING a ton. There’s some Machine Learning work, some ETL as a service stuff, some IoT things, etc. I am considering moving to medium though…

More... (http://www.nicholasgoodman.com/bt/blog/2018/05/21/it-this-thing-still-on-bueller-bueller/)