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11-30-2006, 01:11 AM
A couple of days ago, Jens and I added about 30 samples to subversion and the Kettle distribution. (Jens is one of the more active Kettle comitters and works for Pentaho partner Proratio (http://www.proratio.de))
One of the problems we were facing with the introduction of more complex examples is the location of the input and output files. One way of handling this is by defining an environment variable that points to the right location. This requires manual work and since we are all as lazy as possible, Jens came up with a new idea. Clever as he is, he proposed to generate internal Kettle variables that point to the location of the transformation file. The files can then be stored relative to this transformation.
Normally I wouldn’t have bothered to include this feature in the upcoming 2.3.1 release but since it’s a new feature and it has little to no impact on the rest, I included it anyway. (My hands were itching too much to implement this http://www.ibridge.be/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif )
However, it’s very good for a lot of people because deploying transformations and jobs in your organisations just became a whole lot easier as well as you can see in the screenshot below.
These are the variables that were added:
Variable NameSample valueInternal.Kettle.Build.Date2006/09/06 18:01:39Internal.Kettle.Build.Version9Internal.Kettle.Version2.3.1In a transformation
Variable NameSample valueInternal.Transformation.Filename.DirectoryD:\Projects\SVN\javaForge\Kettle\trunk\samplesInternal.Transformation.Filename.NameDenormaliser - 2 series of key-value pairs.ktrInternal.Transformation.NameDenormaliser - 2 series of key-value pairs sampleInternal.Transformation.Repository.Directory/In a Job
Variable NameSample valueInternal.Job.Filename.Directory/home/matt/jobsInternal.Job.Filename.NameNested jobs.kjbInternal.Job.NameNested job test caseInternal.Job.Repository.Directory/Until next time,
http://www.kettle.be/images/internal-vars.png (http://www.kettle.be/images/internal-vars.png)

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