View Full Version : New posts and Blogs

12-07-2006, 05:41 PM
Please remove the new posts from the search for new posts. Oh, I love all your blogs, really, bu I dont want them to appear in my list of new posts for today. I can imagine, once we have a huge community, everyone gets spammed by new posts.

But I'm a reporting guy and thus I want (primarily) reporting issues. Ok, Kettle exists and is nice, but if I want to deal with it, I'll go to the corresponding forums. Same for Mondrian ..

And I definitly do not want the blogs to appear on my new-posts search. If I'm interested in them, I'll point my newsreader to them ... (what I already did. I hate double posts .. :))


1) It would be cool (if possible) to also offer a limited search for new post per forum category.

2) Same for RSS feeds. OK, according to the FAQ this is possible, but I cant see the links so I cant test it. So I'm blindly throwing out requirements:

A) Give me a complete list of new posts for at least two days. 10 posts is not enough! 100 posts is much better (bandwidth is cheap, and if the US hosters are too expensive for that I can offer you a german hoster with english support with unlimited bandwidth instead :))

B) Dont use sticky posts, use the well-known RSS-feed icons instead. Thats what people are looking for. (Maybe it is wise to create one page for all forums, so that I can simply click on the RSS-links to import them to my news-reader.