View Full Version : steps to deploy pentaho.war in orion server

09-20-2005, 12:10 AM
how can i deploy pentaho.war file in Orion2.0.2 server for web development

Please reply .


Kannan U :)

09-27-2005, 10:09 AM
Sorry for the delay in responding - we were working on the latest release, and didn't get an opportunity to try deployment in Orion until today.

I was able to deploy the Pentaho BI Platform in Orion, but I had to make a few fixes to some JSPs and a Servlet so that they work well in the Orion environment, and also added a web.xml to the pentaho-style war. You can get these updates from CVS tomorrow after the CVS update has finished (somewhere around 3am Eastern time).

Those fixes will be in the next release.

But briefly, you'll need to build an ear file containing the pentaho.war and pentaho-style.war (and the MANIFEST.MF and application.xml), modify the configuration files in Orion so that it knows about the context (server.xml and default-web-site.xml), and add the required datasources to data-sources.xml.

You'll need to copy the hsqldb.jar into the orion/lib directory so that it can use the sample database. Finally, you'll have to modify the pentaho web.xml so that it can find the sample solution, and knows what port it can find itself on (see the advanced install guide for more details on these two points).

Hope this helps,

Marc Batchelor