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11-30-2005, 11:07 AM
Hi to all,
First I would like to congratulate this project, it is something really amazing.
I have discovery pentaho very recentily, actualy yesterday, in a search for a open source B.I.
I work as a developer in a internal B.I. solution and I have recentily worked with Shark and Quartz. Our needs are primaly of a B.I. that can be used as a internal engine, with forms and persistence being created and controlled by us.
Reading the Pentaho documentation and running the demo seeamed to me that Pentaho might be a little to much or to complex for our needs. At least for now.
My question is:
There is a more complete documentation of how to use Pentaho as a engine? I know that the example can show a lot of info, but I is really hard to discover somethings...

Our main application, in whose Pentaho would be used, uses object oriented database and we have created our own report tool.

12-09-2005, 06:50 AM

We are writing documentation at the moment and it should be available very soon (next week hopefully).

The Pentaho BI Platform is easy to embed. You can use as much functionality as you need to start with and grow into other features at your own pace. The unused features won't get in your way or complicate things.

It is easy to integrate with other report tools so you could integrate Pentaho with your report tool if you wanted to.

James Dixon