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12-08-2005, 10:46 AM
I atempted to instal the PentahoWorkbench to my eclipse using the doc and steps that were provided, I was unsuccessful. I have added a few steps to the doc to make sure no one else has the same issue. Below is the doc

The Action Sequence plug-in installs like most Eclipse plug-ins.
• Extract the zip file to the root eclipse folder, usually /eclipse.
• Copy all the files under/eclipse/PentahoWorkbench/plugins
• Paste all the files under/eclipse/Plugins
• Restart Eclipse.
• Verify that the “New Action Sequence Wizard??? is available.
o Ensure you ave a project created in eclipse
o Select File->New->Other…
o Select the Pentaho Wizards group.
o Select the New Actions Wizard

You should also have a BI Platform menu item on your workbench

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