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12-16-2005, 12:53 AM
I receive this message when trying to deploy the war file to JBOSS. I have tried following the Advanced Install documentation:

distribute: C:\\Work\\dist\\jboss4\\pentaho.war
[TIMEOUT: 'ProgressObject' never started running.]

!!! Operation Incomplete [NotRunning] !!!

[Completed (time=3.7sec, status=12)]

Another question: I also saw in the correspondence to this forum that a requirement to set up the Pentaho is to have JBOSS Portal installed can anyone please confirm that?


Eric S

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12-16-2005, 06:47 AM
JBoss Portal is not required. We provide it in the Pre-Configured Installation so you you can try our Portlets.

Can you post (attach) a Jboss log that shows the all the messages as JBoss starts up.


12-18-2005, 11:57 PM
Thanks James for your respons.

I have attached my logfile to this post: http://forums.pentaho.org/archived_att/files/server.txt

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12-19-2005, 09:09 AM
The errors in your log file lead me to believe that the Sun Application Server does not permit context-param values to be empty in the web.xml file. Note that I do not have first hand experience with the app server you are using, but the error is pretty straight forward.

So I suggest that you either remove or comment out the context-param entries in the pentaho.war's web.xml and see if that solves your problem. The parameters that have no values in the web.xml have static values in the application code, so you dont need to worry about the parameters not being set. I tested removing these entries under JBoss and the Pentaho platform did not complain about them being missing, so lets hope this resolves your problem.

Stop your app server. Navigate to the web.xml file under pentaho.war/WEB-INF/. Search the web.xml for any xml nodes named context-param. You will see that each context-param has two child nodes - param-name and param-value. If the value node has no embedded text, then comment out the entire context-param node, or delete it, whichever you prefer. Note that if you comment out the node, then there can be no embedded comments or the xml parser will complain. If you choose to delete the nodes all together, I suggest you backup the web.xml file first. Restart your app server.

The param-names in the context-params that I commented out were solution-path, locale-language and locale-country. Ntoe that the nodes you find with empty values may be different, depending on how you are running your install.

Let me know if this helps get you going. We are very interested to hear when you have success running on the Sun App Server - we haven't had any posting members try it yet.


12-20-2005, 05:12 AM
I was trying to install the J2EE Deployment Distribution, the only place I find the web.xml is in the preconfigured demo? Could there be a misunderstanding regarding this?

I have in short installed and started the Pentaho database, installed and started JBOSS server, unzipped the file pentaho_j2ee_deployments-1.0.0.RC2.zip to a work directory and then created a build (Pentaho.war) by using Ant and copied the file to the JBOSS Auto deploy directory. I was a bit unsure where to put the Pentaho-Solutions directory though, I may need clarification on this issue as well.

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12-21-2005, 05:50 AM
The web.xml should be in the /web-inf directory, packed into the pentaho.war that you generated from the J2EE distribution package. If there is no web.xml file there, that would indeed be a problem, since the Ant script is written to include it. Find the web.xml in your .war file by following these steps:

Using your favorite zip utility, unpack the pentaho.war file that you built from the J2EE distribution, preferably into a clean working directory. under [workdir]/web-inf, you should find the web.xml file. Make the changes that I suggested for you in my previous post. Using your zip utility, repackage the .war file, naming it once again pentaho.war.

Hopefully this resolves the web.xml problem for you.

Placement of the solution directory is outlined in our Advanced Install Guide. In short, if you do not hard code the absolute path to the root level of the solution directory in the same web.xml file we were just tweaking, then the directory should exist as a sibling to the root of your appserver - then the platform can traverse backwards up the directory tree and automagically find the solution. For more details, download the Advanced Install Guide from http://www.pentaho.org/downloads/doc.

let me know how you make out -

12-21-2005, 06:23 AM
Thanks Gretchen for your efforts. I think that I have got a bit further now, but the error I get in the JBOSS log is now the following:

Log Entry Detail

DetailsTimestamp: 2005-dec-21 15:15:58.184
Log Level: SEVERE
Logger: javax.enterprise.system.container.web
Name-Value Pairs: _ThreadID=10;
Record Number: 582
Message ID: WEB0123
Complete Message
WebModule [pentaho] failed to deploy and has been disabled: [javax.naming.InvalidNameException: Real JNDI name cannot be empty for jdbc/SampleData].

Diagnostic Causes

Diagnostic Checks

What to do?


12-21-2005, 06:39 AM
The error leads me to believe that the files necessary for setting up the JNDI datasources in JBoss are missing. They are the -ds.xml files found in the J2EE deployment distribution, and need to be placed in your [jboss]/server/default/deploy directory.

From the unpacked j2ee deployments distribution, navigate to the pentaho-res/jboss/datasources directory. There you will find four -ds.xml files. Copy the *-ds.xml files into your JBoss server/default/deploy directory. Restart the app server.

There are several files that need to be tweaked in a JBoss distribution to get JBoss and Pentaho up and running. Your best bet is going to be to get the Advanced Install Guide; there are step by step install instructions for deployng a war into JBoss - everything is outlined in detail there. The guide can be found at http://www.pentaho.org/downloads/doc.