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01-06-2006, 04:57 AM

I have created my first data sets and BIRT reports based on one of my SQL Server sample databases, I am planning to set up database connections to a Microsoft Analysis Services cube for testing next week (which I am already familiar with), things seem to work fairly well. I am also planning to continue with tests on MYSQL and Mondrian in a week or so, that will be come really interesting.

I included my sample reports in Action sequences, then I tested the sequences with launching my reports by using the url:s launching reports in the Pentaho Sample, and I adjusting those url:s accordingly to use my actions.

So now I have url:s launching my reports. If I for a potential customer would build a BI Portal, how would you recommend me to proceed? How do you recommend a solution built on Pentaho to be designed? Should I build a portal for the customer with for example a reporting section were I include the Url:s so that users can launch reports? Can I use the Pentaho Samples web pages templates, In that case which html templates can I redesign to create a customized solution meeting my customers need? WHat is the name of the files to redesign?

Is it OK to include the Pentaho logo in web pages of the customized solution, so that the customer can see that it is a solution built on Pentaho technology?

When designing a solution mentioned, do you have any recommendations for streamlining the portal for minimizing maintenance concerning user rights, specific user requirements?

Is there anyway to fill a parameter list dynamically so that you do not need to make the list members fixed?

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Anthony de Shazor
01-12-2006, 10:11 AM
Sorry for the delayed response. The layout of the portal for your solution and the appearance of the Pentaho logo should be governed by the requirements of your client. For example, it may be more appropriate to organize the portal by business process, department, region, etc. Our samples are organized largely by feature and functionality; the layout and design of the demo are governed by template.html, filesToTreeView.xsl, and solutionsToTreeView.xsl. These files can be found in the system/custom folder of the demo solution.

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