View Full Version : How to display reports faster in pentaho

01-24-2006, 04:31 AM
We trying to display a birt report in pentaho which contains around 50,000 records.
The report takes huge amount of time to get displayed in pentaho.

Is there any way by which we can speed up the display time in pentaho.

01-24-2006, 08:14 AM
Are you creating PDF or HTML output? BIRT 1.0 uses a component from Apache called FOP to generate PDFs that will not easily scale to this size report. BIRT 2.0 contains some performance improvements.

We recommend using JFreeReport instead of BIRT for this reports of this size. JasperReports will also be better than BIRT for large reports.

Can I ask what your report is intended for? There certainly are legitimate reasons for creating large reports such as this however in many cases generating a report of this size means that a content generation problem has been converted into a content delivery and comprehension problem. Let me describe a real case study:

Problem: A company must monitor all applicants for all open job positions to ensure that no department has a bias of race, sex, age etc.

Solution 1: Generate a single report that lists, by location / department / job, the properties of all applicants and successful candidates. This report is over 1000 pages. This report is delivered to each department and they must manually examine the data to look for problems. This report is also given to the company auditor.

Solution 2: Use bursting / business rules / exception tracking. First, determine company wide thresholds that must not be crossed, e.g. the difference between the demographics of the successful candidates and the applicant pools must not be more than a certain %. Second, create busienss rules that implement the threshold check for a single department. Third, create a report burst that executes the rule for each department and delivers the summary information to the department manager and their manager. Using this approach you have automated your best practices, reduced information overload for users, and focused attention on the problem areas. The company auditor needs to be told the rules used and the exceptions. The auditor might still require the full data set, but they might prefer a different format (e.g. spreadsheet) anyway.