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02-05-2006, 11:42 AM
It loooks like I may soon be starting to "kick the tires" on the Pentaho BI Platform (BIP), so I'm trying to gather some preliminary information. (I actually did look around for this stuff, but I'd be happy to be pointed to relevant docs!)

My impression is that the BIP is largely based on Java. At least, the framework and most of the major components are written in Java. Is this correct?

It also appears that Eclipse is the IDE of choice for some of the Java components (e.g., BIRT). Is it the case that the entire BIP can be built under Eclipse? If not, which major components must be built in other ways?

Finally, I'd love to hear about any integration of JRuby into the BIP (eg, as a means for exploration and experimentation).

02-05-2006, 12:08 PM
Hi there!

We do use Eclipse as our IDE, and use ANT to do the release builds.

As for integration with JRuby, we currently support Javascript (Rhino version) components for business rules (and general problem solving). Adding additional components is a fairly simple matter. Just implement the IComponent interface (it has very few methods) and then your ruby scripts would be able to be used in solutions.

We accept contributions from the community. If you are planning to implement a JRuby component, we'd definitely accept the contribution to the project.

Thanks for your interest in the Pentaho BI Platform.