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02-17-2006, 07:09 AM
Hi there

We have an existing mysql database, and i need to make a connection to this
through pentaho/mondrian for users that is clueless to anything else than information in the database and excel.

I am a bit confused concerning how to go about this. Maybe i should load the hypersonic database with some star schema, and use the mondrian command runner to make a cube out of this. Then i would need to make the analysis module point to this cube somehow. Or maybe there is a better way. I have browsed the documentation but cannot seem to find any information regarding this. There are some references to a "white paper" which seem to indicate that maybe there is some information there, that may be usefull. Unfortunately i do not seem to be able to find this white paper anywhere on the site. By the way the database i will loading will have a fact table of about 20.000.000 rows and 50 fields.

I have the demo running both in tomcat and jboss, and it looks very nice.

Could you please help me with a bit of directions here?


03-09-2006, 06:19 PM
The download pages available at http://www.pentaho.org/downloads/ have been updated to make the link to the Technical White Paper easier to find.

I think you will find the information you need from the thread http://www.pentaho.org/index.php?option=com_simpleboard&Itemid=6&func=view&id=1355&catid=15. Instead of the Postgres or Oracle driver names, you would use com.mysql.jdbc.Driver for MySQL. You will need to download the driver from www.mysql.org, and copy the JAR file to the jboss/server/default/lib of the Pentaho demo.

Thanks for the interest.