View Full Version : JBoss Portal Pentaho Implementation

03-03-2006, 11:44 AM
I am trying to setup Pentaho in a JBoss-4.0.3sp1 environment with JBoss-Portal 2.2.1RC2. In the Advanced Implementaion instructions that come with Pentaho, there is a list of jar files that need to be deleted or replaced in the JBoss-4.0.2 environment. I notice you have upgraded your demo to JBoss-4.0.3sp1, with JBoss-Portal 2.2.1RC2. Please tell me which jar files need to be changed in the 4.0.3sp1 environment.

Also, I am trying to implement without the sample data provided, and entirely within JBoss-portal. Please tell me what pieces of the Pentaho environment need to be placed in the jboss enviromment, for this setup.