View Full Version : ChartComponent I can create a .png and .map BUT ..

03-30-2006, 04:56 PM
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Please help ...
I can hook an action sequence to my Oracle db, pull the resultset, next using the latest BI WrkBnch I am allowed to add in a chart, a Pie Chart in this case. Next I can execute it and low behold a "tmp_chart_41294.png" & "tmp_chart_41295.map" end up in my system/tmp dir which I can then double-click and it opens up and looks sweet! Now I have seen other posts stating that the chart engine requires a jsp hookup of sorts but also that it appeared you could get around it by using a javascript component and doing a "show" on it. I cannot get that show() JS function to work ... I really looked for a mis map in my var's etc. but can't find any. I am getting a Error: RuntimeContext.ERROR_0018 - The requested parameter in_chart could not be fulfilled (org.pentaho.runtime.RuntimeContext) obviously "in_chart" is my var that I am passing into the js func and it is mapped to my chart component output of .. just like in the example. Any ideas or help MUCH APPRECIATED! Oh yeah is there going to be bad blood if I try and set up a USA Google Group for Pentaho ? I'm asking first.
Also if I have the the .png and .map dropping system/tmp is there a way to alter where they are delivered ? Also is there a way to trap what the name of both of those will be after they are craeted so I could hook them up maybe in another way?