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04-01-2006, 06:15 AM
Hi All,

I have generated new report using ReportWizard with my own JNDI for oracle database. i have exported report using File -> Publish -> To Location in the wizard.

After that, i have got following file
1. JFreeReport-WizardReport.properties.
2. JFreeReport-WizardReport.xaction
3. JFreeReport-WizardReport.xml
4. JFreeReport-WizardReport.xreportspec

I have installed pentaho sample application with JBoss. i created new JNDI with oracle based on installation steps. i have copied those four files into pentaho-solutions\\\\samples\\\\reporting. i have generated report from their JBoss application without any problem.

In the same way, how to integrate this report into my own JBoss application. What are the neccesary files, i need to copy from this sample application ?.

Coule you please tell me what i have to do ?

Thanks in Advance

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