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04-05-2006, 04:05 PM

I downloaded the SDK that was just released for 1.4 and the PDF titled ..."Pentaho_SDK_HowTo_1.1.pdf" followed along I am stuck on page 10 (Deploying and Updating the Platform Web Application):

"The pentaho project and the preconfigured-install project are intended to work together for development
purposes. These projects are meant to provide an easy way to take code that is written as part of the
platform (in the pentaho project) and place it in the right structure as part of a deployed web application in
a JBoss server (the preconfigured-install project)."

I had the latest PCI for 114 installed but it never stated how to make sure the process will map to where you have the latest PCI installed. So when I built mine it dropped all under my "workspace" that I defined in Eclipse in a dir named "preconfigured-install". I figured I must have missed where it stated how to configure that property so I re-read very carefuly and can't find it.

Next I started up the PCI outside of Eclipse JBOSS IDE Plugin, once running I figured I could copy the .ear and .war files from "C:\\_ECLIPSE\\WORKSPACE\\pentaho\\dist\\jboss4" and hot deploy them by dropping into my PCI "C:\\pentaho-demo_1114\\pentaho-demo\\jboss\\server\\default\\deploy" dir. but the process hung and threw errors I am incl. the zipped version of my "server.log" in hopes you can help me out.

If I did miss where it stated to set the property so Building via Eclipse using the Pentaho SDK would deploy to my PCI ... I apologize fo my ignorance. If it didn't could that process be fleshed out more in the PDF that tells the process.


All your Hard Work is worth it!

~kent http://forums.pentaho.org/archived_att/files/server.zip

04-11-2006, 10:01 AM
Hi Kent,

You can re-route the output of the dev-setup and dev-update tasks by creating a build.properties file and overriding the server.dir property to point to your installed PCI root - something like this:


The build.properties file should live in the root of the pentaho project.

Good luck,