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05-20-2006, 11:47 AM

I run a small web development company, and have lots of first-hand experience of the desperate need for BI solutions for small businesses.

I have 12+ years of web coding and open source implementation experience (mostly Joomla CMS and other PHP scripts), but no experience in Java and BI.

My broad survey of the pentaho forums suggests a rather steep learning curve for someone in my position.

So, my request is simply some pointers to resources that will fast-track my understanding. Specifically:

1. A document that explains key BI terms and concepts, particularly those used in Pentaho.

2. A learning roadmap. For example, I need someone to say "Right, Brendon. Learn these aspects of Java first. Then move on to look at [insert next piece of Pentaho]. Then take a look at this tutorial/example" etc. In other words, a phased approach to implementing BI, starting from first principles.

3. Some examples of BI implementations for small business.

So, if anyone is able to assist, please jump right in. If other people indicate that they are also in need of assistance at this level, I'll journal my learning and resources either within this site or elsewhere.

Looking forward to understanding and implementing BI.


05-20-2006, 01:40 PM
yes your right it's a pretty steep learning curve for sure.

first I would start checking out the documentation there.
namely the whitepaper and the quck start. that will get you and understanding quickly of what terms and concepts.


the way that pentaho is currently setup you don't need alot of java experience and you just need to understand xml concepts. you will how ever depending on what you are wanting to use it for is to understand mondrian which will let you do the powerfull features with MDX and demensional cubes. the report wizard helps greatly getting reports going.

and example that a small web dev business could use bi for a number of things all depending on what your tracking or what to track it's pretty much end less. Such as tracking return on projects, trending commits to CVS or SVN, trending manpower hours and another example is tracking revenue per client. But it greatly depends on what you are tracking.

I'm still working on getting through the learning curve my self I got most of it figured out. except the last few peice like permissions and dashboard customization and they fit together.. but I'm working on it. it's a lot of fun.

Hop it helps and may the force be with you,


06-01-2006, 05:33 AM
Hi There,

I feel the best way to learn after studing available documentation is studing existing examples. Though it may be time consuming and tough, that is the way I can think of.