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05-22-2006, 09:30 PM
I am trying to accomplish merging templates
ie to explain say I have a set of form fields
in one file
and another set in another file.
I want to now merge them on the fly and create a template which has the combined fields as inputs and also change the xaction.
The idea behind this is that I dont want to change 100 reports but just change a couple of templates that the report reads....
At this point I dont find anything to do this so we are manually doing this..Any ideas on how we should go about such a requirement


05-23-2006, 07:28 AM

I'm not completely sure what you are trying to do. When you refer to "templates" do you mean the template component?

What report engine are you using? jFree, BIRT or Jasper?

if you have an example action sequence - please attach it too.


05-23-2006, 03:29 PM
Hi Doug

Thanks for the reply no I am not talking about the template compoinent.I havent used that one yet....
Let me explain the scenario.For our reporting module we want to be able to merge input files(parameter templates) ie we have a set of inputs say on how the user wants the output displayed on one page
ie say he wants a logo he doesnt,he wants pdf or xls or what ever

and another set of inputs on user parameters.
ie say I want a query parameter say color and the user can choose color=blue green red etc...something like that

Now when I create the report I want it to read both of these seperate sets of forms and merge them to create a parameter template and update the xaction .the idea being say tommorrow If i want to add another param say a query param sort where we have color =blue and stripes=vertical or something then I will just change this one parameter file as opposed to changing all the reports that use these as inputs

I hope that made sense..We have a lot of reports so its not feasible for us to go one by one to each of them nad change them..Do you have any suggestions


Its basically the same xaction for one parameter except I just modify the xaction to add tehse input parameters as well.
I hope that made sense.

05-23-2006, 03:47 PM
Have you checked out the Advanced Reporting Guide? In there, you can find information about the Parser Configuration (parser-config). I think that, between the include function, and the parser-config, you can achieve what you want more simply than template merging.


I hope this helps,


05-23-2006, 05:16 PM
hmmm I did read that

A bit of googling yielded that the parser config looks like this

but how do I set up things that are user input dependent.
Also if the user wants to display file in a pdf I will have to chang the xaction to enable it.
Any ideas...