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05-24-2006, 09:57 AM
I deployed a Jasper report using the instructions in the Creating Solutions document. Upon running the report I get the following stacktrace. I validated the jrxml document, so I do not understand why I am getting this parse error. I have attached the jasper report.

12:21:12,947 ERROR [JasperReportsComponent] 50cf5ef0-eb41-11da-81ba-152edfddfff9:COMPONENT:context-13347041-1148487672203:WorkloadReport.xaction JasperReport.ERROR_0010 - Unable to compile report /db_01/pentaho-demo/pentaho-solutions/samples/reporting/WorkloadReport.jrxml to file /db_01/pentaho-demo/pentaho-solutions/samples/reporting/WorkloadReport.jasper
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Element type "subDataset" must be declared.
at org.apache.xerces.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.createSAXParseException(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.error(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLErrorReporter.reportError(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLErrorReporter.reportError(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.impl.dtd.XMLDTDValidator.handleStartElement(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.impl.dtd.XMLDTDValidator.startElement(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.scanStartElement(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl$FragmentContentDispatcher.dispatch(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.scanDocument(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.parsers.XML11Configuration.parse(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.parsers.XML11Configuration.parse(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.parsers.XMLParser.parse(Unknown Source)

05-26-2006, 09:31 AM
Hi there...

It doesn't look like the .jrxml was attached. Can you please re-post and attach the .jrxml and the .xaction?

Also, what tool did you use to create the report (ie. iReport)? What version of Pentaho and Jasper are you using?


05-30-2006, 05:11 AM
iReport was used to create the file, and we are using the PCI of Pentaho, version 1.0.0 and Jasper version 1.2.1. http://forums.pentaho.org/archived_att/files/report.zip

05-31-2006, 09:40 AM
The Pentaho platform is currently using version 1.0.0 of Jasper, which doesn't support SubDataset. To upgrade Pentaho to use the latest version you will need to do the following (steps assume you are using the Pentaho demo PCI):

1. Navigate to [JasperSoft]\\iReport-1.2.x\\lib and copy the following two .jar files -

2. Navigate to [PCI_home]\\pentaho-demo\\jboss\\server\\default\\deploy\\pentaho.war\\WEB-INF\\lib and REMOVE jasperreport-1.0.0.jar

3. Paste the two jar files from step 1 into ...\\pentaho.war\\WEB-INF\\lib

4. Seach the entire PCI directory for any previously compiled Jasper reports (*.jasper) and DELETE them. These will need to be re-compilied by the platform using the new jasperreports.jar.

5. Restart the Pentaho PCI

That should fix it! Please note: I did find that upgrading the PCI to the latest version of Jasper breaks the "JasperReports Parameterized PDF Example" in the samples. We believe this is due to a backwards compatitbility issue with Jasper v1.2.x and 1.0.0 (which that sample was built with). Kind regards,

- Jared

12-11-2006, 08:23 PM

i followed jcon's suggestion and my report works fine except for the pie chart it has. The url of the image is really weird


and i only see a broken link image.

Does anybody know how to correct this?