View Full Version : Posting XML in the Forums

06-06-2006, 06:15 AM
Hey all,

This weekend we made some forum changes to better accommodate posting XML. Before these changes, our community would be frustrated by their XML being stripped out of their posts.

To properly post XML, you need to use the code tag ( [code] ) before the xml, and after the XML, you simply need to close the code tag ( [/code] ). When the XML in your forum post is submitted, text within the code tags will have their spacing preserved, and all the brackets preserved - just as typed (or pasted).

The following is an example of how you would post XML to the forums:

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<anotherTag>Some Text</anotherTag>

And here is what it would look like when you view it:

<anotherTag>Some Text</anotherTag>